These and a few other goodies are on the way….I don’t have the patience to wait a few more weeks for the LC Venus palette…but I still will get it (if it ever gets restocked!) 💙💙💙

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Lime Crime Cosmetics

Here is the last review I’ll ever do on Lime Crime’s products.

Lime Crime is mostly known for the lipsticks. I don’t find them drying at all and I love the creamy consistency of them. I find they’re actually pretty opaque and I love the smell.
The things I don’t like about them is the pretty packaging tends to crack. Of the 19 I own (yes that’s all of them) 8 have cracked lids and that’s happened by them just being in storage. Some have cracked in my bag but one came cracked and the others have cracked just by taking the lid on and off the tube.
I also find Posionberry tends to bleed when applied without a lip liner but that’s the only one. The other issue with the lipsticks is the swatches, they’re much more accurate than they used to be but they’re still not good.

As for the glosses we have the same issue with the swatches. They started off terrible but have gotten better over time. However they’re still not a great representation of the actual product. They’re certainly not as opaque as the swatches. You need several layers to make them that opaque and that makes the product goopy and unwearable.
They stain and I like that but some people won’t. The fact that the glitter particles are so big can make it quite scratchy but that’s not a huge issue. I like the stubby brushes and the control that gives me but they do tend to fray.

I adored the uniliners. I find them super easy to apply and the brush makes it easy for me to make a sharp angled point. Now I used the past tense for a reason.
When I started using them I knew the brightly coloured ones were not as opaque as they could have been. It wasn’t too much of an issue I just went over it again. That’s not the problem. Neither was the fact the bristles on the brush tend to flare out and need to be clipped so they don’t cause stray marks. They’re also not smudge proof or waterproof despite claims to the contrary. Quill is simply awful when taking it off. I’ve never had panda eyes like it with any other product.
The serious issue I have is they start to make my eyes sore by the end of the day. It was only when I started using them on a regular basis I noticed how sore my eyes were. I stopped using them and it went away.  This could be a couple of ingredients that are used in the liners but I can’t be sure which ones.

The eye shadows have various issues. First off the swatches are terrible; really really don’t go by those on the site. You need to check out fan swatches.  The alchemy shadows are the worst for this. None of them looks like that in person. They’re not even close. Speaking of the alchemy shadows, they’re not duochome at all. They’re more like shimmer shadows. Video review here.
 The quality isn’t great for the huge price you pay. The lighter and matt shades are chalky and as a result when you put them on your eye then end up a lot darker than they are in the tin. I’ve also found mixing medium in them. Not a great show of quality.

The zodiac glitters are lovely. I have very little bad to say about them but they aren’t cut for use on the eyes. They’re very irregular shapes if you look closely. Don’t use them on the eye area.

The primer is amazing. It holds colours well and lasts all day. It now comes in a squeesy tube for ease of use. The original primer in the round pot contained beeswax (not a vegan ingredient). When they reformulated it they gave it a new tube. I find the current primer much better then the original. It’s slightly less sticky but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep eye shadow on all day.

The nail polish is no longer available in the UK but I did manage to get it before it vanished. I do like it. The colours are unusual and I can’t really find good dupes for them. They’re 3 free and in my experience they’re chip resistant. However they suffer awfully from separating issues and need a good mix before using. The only other issue with these is Pastelchio. I love this colour but it stains your nails. Even with a good base I was left with yellowy stained nails that made me look like a life long smoker.

Finally Velvetines. This is the product that turned me onto long stay matt lipsticks. While I like these it is overly expensive for what it is and it doesn’t even stay put properly. It might be touch proof but it’s not smudge proof. It’s also only touch proof as long as it’s not applied over lip liner or lip balm. There are much better versions out there for a whole lot less (Sleek, MUA, NYX).  
I am also not assured that it was vegan. The formula has recently changed and it removed the offending ingredient petrolatum. This also seems to have had a side effect of making it less opaque but does seem to make it more smudge proof.

So that’s my personal experience with Lime Crime products. I hope you found some of this useful.

Joint Family System

According to dictionary.com it is “a type of extended family composed of parents, their children, and the children’s spouses’ and offspring in one household.”

According to Cambridge dictionary it means “a family in which parents and their male children with theirfamilies live together and are considered as a single unit”

Encyclopedia Britannica defines joint family as a family in which members of a unilineal descent group (a group in which descent through either the female or the male line is emphasized) live together with their spouses and offspring in one homestead and under the authority of one of the members. The joint family is an extension of the nuclear family (parents and dependent children), and it typically grows when children of one sex do not leave their parents’ home at marriage but bring their spouses to live with them. Thus, a patrilineal joint family might consist of an older man and his wife, his sons and their off spring

Joint family system finds its roots in India. Other counties that are have this system happen to be only those that have some sort of Indian culture’s influence, countries like Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. India is the only country in the world that has given legal status to joint family system.

Whereas in Islam joint family system doesn’t exist. Islam is silent in the topic; it does not make it compulsory to live in a joint family or a nuclear family. The joint family system that is existent today in Pakistan many at times violates the jurisdictions of Islam.
If we look at the life of our beloved Prophet ﷺ, all his wives had a separate living, all the Sahabah lived independently after marriage. Even today in Arab world ‘joint family’ remains an alien term. Arabs live in nuclear family after marriage. In the western part of the world, you aren’t considered to have entered adulthood for as long as you are living in your parents’ house.

The first, foremost and biggest problem that has been witnessed in joint families is the interaction between namehram. Joking, chatting, giggling, passing comments and frankness are a norm is such families, which defies the laws of Islam. Concept of hijab seems to have no value in such families nor is it possible to wear hijab all the time thus incurring more sin without even realizing it.

The second thing that gets a big hit by this system is privacy. While talking of privacy, I think Pakistanis do not even know what privacy is, for them it remains an alien thing. Let me give you an example for that, I have seen that families in villages during the summer period sleep together in the courtyard. Men, women, children all sleeping together at one place. In joint families the most challenging thing is to find privacy, and if somehow you have found it, the next big challenge is to maintain it.

The third factor includes difference in personalities, mismatch of aura, difference in brain and body chemistry, clash of mentality and thinking pattern. All these things create friction between individuals thus leading to disputes, quarrels, dislikes etc.

Everybody has their own style of living and once you enter adulthood your life style may confront others and their dogmas can result in friction and disputes. These things will lead to further problems and family members may start disliking one another. A separate abode can prevent these problems and as a result relationships will remain strong and love between the relatives will thrive.

Some may claim that Quran says look after your parents, take care of them especially when they reach the old age. These people fail to realize that joint family means all the brothers, their wives and their children living under the same roof. At the same time living separately doesn’t mean that you should forsake your parents, if they have reached the age where they can’t look after themselves then you should move to their place or bring them to your place as people in other parts of the world do. But if they can take care of themselves then it’s not compulsory to share the same place. Another point that these people fail to realize is that their wives have also left the home of their parents. Same rules that apply to men with regards to their parents apply to women. If she has left the home of her parents does it mean she has abandoned her parents? Does it mean that she has no obligations towards her parents anymore? So if she can leave her parents home for the sake of this important relation then why can’t you? Living separately doesn’t mean severing ties, all it means is living happily on your own terms within the previews of Islam.

On the other hand bible says, a person should be more loyal to his wife than his parents, Islam hasn’t made this as a requirement. Bible says
‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife. Mark 10:7

Joint family has never been a requirement of any religion or civilization or culture. It is only an Indian culture, and anyone who follows it is actually following the Indian culture not Islam.

In order to avoid all such problems it’s better to live independently. Among the rights of wife one is that if she demands a separate living she should be provided. But in case the husband doesn’t have enough means to provide a separate abode, then at least she should be provided a separate room where nobody is allowed to enter without her permission and if possible a separate kitchen as well.



Fotos de Santiago Harker


Dentro de los estudios etnográficos en la cultura wayúu se ha considerado que el sistema de parentesco constituye la base para organizar la vida social. Esta etnia presenta divisiones sub-tribales importantes, las cuales son consideradas como clanes o casta (en la época colonial) de tipo matrilineal. El núcleo de este sistema de parentesco está conformado por el padre, la madre y los hermanos, en este sistema los hermanos tienen un vínculo consanguíneo ashá y comparten la misma carne eirruku (Ardila, 1990).

A partir de este vínculo de la carne de la madre con su descendencia se establece un linaje matrilineal, como un grupo de descendencia unilineal definido y que presentan como elemento común los nexos de consanguinidad. De este modo, los parientes uterinos son los que comparten el vínculo con la carne y se denominan  como apúshi. Dentro de estas relaciones, se designa por parte de los parientes uterinos menores a un hombre con el término de talaula el cual significa “mi viejo”, “mi tío materno” o “mi jefe”.

Este individuo tiene como responsabilidad  organizar equipos de trabajo para las diferentes tareas, servir como interlocutor entre los conflictos y representar a los parientes en los conflictos con diversos grupos familiares. En este sentido, el tío materno, es la figura más reconocida por su riqueza, prestigio, valor o sensatez como líder del grupo familiar o popularmente llamado “Cacique”. Sin embargo, esta posición está determinada por “la familia, la antigüedad dentro de ella, muchos hijos, alianzas matrimoniales, riquezas en ganado y el carácter” (Ardila, 1990).Por lo tanto, los jefes de familias nucleares o extensas se reconocen como la figura de poder de sus propias familias y no ejercen autoridad más allá de sus limites familiares.

Mientras tanto, el rol de la mujer, aunque no ejerce jefatura política, es también importante pues se reconocen como figuras influyentes dentro de los grupos familiares y pueden opinar abiertamente en asuntos de importancia, pues los patrones de respeto no generan incidencia  o limitan a la figura femenina. De manera que,  en los enfrentamientos inter-claniles, a la vez que son protegidas,  desempeñan el papel de interlocutoras en importantes procesos con los diversos grupos o sectores del país.

Así mismo, las mujeres wayúu, en especial las abuelas, además de su oficio de tejer cumplen con la función de transmitir a los niños y los jóvenes, las historia de las migraciones, guerras y alianzas wayúu, es decir que resguardan la memoria y procedencia de su cultura, al tiempo que bordan de manera detallada en su mente, todo el tejido social del parentesco uterino.


Harker, S. Introducción. In WAYUU, cultura del desierto Colombiano. (Villegas editores ed., pp. 5-10). Bogotá                    

Curvelo, W. G. (2002). La ley en la sociedad wayúu. La disputa y la palabra. Bogotá: Ministerio de Cultura.

Ardila, G. (1990). La Guajira. De la memoria al porvenir : una visión antropológica . Bogotá: Editorial U.N.

ISI spy working as factory engineer held in Gazipur, Dhaka!

Alarming! The Detective Branch of police on Sunday evening arrested a Pakistani spy from a garment factory in Gazipur industrial area named UniLine, reports NTVBD.COM. The agent named Khaled Mahmud has been working at the factory since 2014!!! Police will disclose details on Monday through a press conference. নাসির আহমেদ, গাজীপুর গাজীপুরের শ্রীপুর উপজেলার একটি পোশাক কারখানা থেকে আজ রোববার রাতে…

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Today’s #makeup is inspired by @makeupmouse. Face: @bourjois_uk Light Vanilla healthy mix serum foundation, @makeupgallery good to glow light matte bronzer, @muacosmetics pro base prime & conceal concealer and powder, @milanicosmetics Luminoso blush, @narsissist Orgasm illuminator, @urbandecaycosmetics Aura naked illuminated highlighter, @makeuprevolution Peach Lights highlighter. Brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills dip brow in Medium Brown. Eyes: @muacosmetics pro base prime & conceal powder, @maccosmetics Uninterrupted pro longwear eyeshadow, @thebalm_cosmetics Nude'Tude palette (Sassy), @urbandecaycosmetics Naked Basics palette (Venus, Foxy, Naked 2, Faint), @maybellinenyuk big eyes mascara, @limecrimemakeup Citreuse uniliner, @loraccosmetics fine liner, @makeupgallery pro liquid liner, @urbandecaycosmetics Zero and Junkie 24/7 glide-on pencils. As an experiment I applied @urbandecaycosmetics Electric palette (Fringe, Thrash and Chaos) to my left/your right eye and applied the dupe colors from the @makeuprevolution Ultimate Colour Chaos palette (On A Mission, Toxic Apple-Tini, Over-Bored) on my right/your left eye - this part was inspired by @vintageortacky as I wanted to see if they looked and performed similarly and they definitely do. Lips: @maccosmetics Entertain Me lip pencil and @maccosmetics So Chaud lipstick. #MakeupMouse #VintageOrTacky #WakeupAndMakeup #Kilprity #HudaBeauty #MakeupOfTheDay #MUOTD #MOTD #DesiMakeup #Chrisspy #QueenOfBlending #Batalash #DarlingIKnow #AnastasiaBeverlyHills #PatrickStarrr #Pixiwoo #MannyMUA733 #MUAShowcase #Selfie #NoFilter #Brunette #MakeupArtist #Norvina #LookAMillion #MyArtistCommunity #BeatThatFace #Brian_Champagne #MakeupArtistsWorldwide #MUA

Festival Estudantil - 2015

          Na noite do último sábado (16) aconteceu o retorno do Festival Estudantil de Lins organizado pelo Motirõ com o apoio da Prefeitura Municipal de Lins. O evento que já foi considerado um dos maiores festivais do estado no século passado, contou com inscrições de cantores(as), grupos de dança, grupos musicais e dançarinos.

         O FEEL, retorna com o desejo de fomentar a produção cultural da Cidade, sendo desenvolvido junto às escolas para que, tenhamos núcleos automáticos de formação cultural, tendo pólos de dança, teatro e música – disse Rogério Barros, Vice-Prefeito, o evento contou com a presença de coordenadores das escolas participantes e do chefe de gabinete, Nilton Nunes.

         Realizado na quadra do IAL, o evento ainda contou com um corpo de jurados composto por Alisson Mendes, Ricardo Harano, Lucas Seger, João Fernando Paluan e Zaira dos Santos elegeram no final o grupo de dança 4Move, com alunos do IAL, UNILINS e UNISALESIANO, e a cantora, estudante da E.E. Fernando Costa, Flávia Eufrasio Silva, que cantou Como nossos pais de Elis Regina. É desejado que o FEEL junto com o Motirõ se torne tradição no Município, crescendo para eventos individuais de teatro, dança e música, assim, fomentando e fortalecendo a cultura na nossa cidade.