anonymous asked:

Hi! Your blog is one of my favourites! I was wondering if you had any resources to learn tagalog? Like, pdfs, or good apps?

awh thank you! and YES OFC

- Essential Tagalog Grammar (link)

- Tagalog Grammar (link)

- Memrise Courses | Anki Courses

- Unilang - Quick Reference Grammar (link)

- Beginning Tagalog Textbook (Google Books) - looks kind of old. idk if I would use this as my main resource; maybe as a reading resource on the side

- Living Language Tagalog (Scribd)

- Teach Yourself Tagalog (Scribd)

- Project Gutenberg Tagalog Books (link

- a bunch of Tagalog music playlists (1) (2) (3)

- the Elementary Tagalog textbook is pretty good too, but it’s pretty pricey and I can’t seem to find a pdf version online :( 

Good luck!