Moving to university who would of thought I’d find a person who will be for sure one of my closest friends …we have  some of the most ridiculous conversations … awkward times … some funny moments  that only we can laugh about or know … midnight landing chats … making the perfect future boyfriend (Im sure we will each find him ) sunday night drunken times… amazing sing a longs (especially Taylor Swift  … cinema dates… protection from all thing birds (thank you ) … essay marathons … making me even more of a TV addict than I already I’m … maybe thats not a good thing :P ahaha … allround craziness …

Heres to next 50 years or so (well you know ) 

P.S Swap emails for FB chat 

Last day of term, second year has gone so quickly! I hate having only two weeks of being back at lectures after easter break, even if the last deadlines are next week. I met two of best friends this year and I really hope to see them in the summer as I miss them already!! Love you guys, thank you for such a great academic year ❤️ #instax #polaroid #canterbury #cccu #canterburycathedral #bestfriends #unifriends