Tord : Eh, I find it cool than adorable but thanks anyways ㅡ I wanted it to look like an army suit but I guess it didn’t work?

Tord : Also no bad puns allowed here. Get out. *loads gun*

((It might look like it says UNIFORN but it’s actually UNIFORM. Check the font “Eastwood” ((the font they used for Eddsworld logo)) and the M would look like what I wrote there. Wanted to make things clear so nobody can get confused :D - Car))

  • What she says: I am fine
  • What she means: What about Yamamoto's mother? Kokuyo gang wears a school uniforn but do they attend classes? Why did Varia not get enough screen time? Will Haru find her own love and happiness since Tsuna loves Kyoko? What does M.M stand for? What is Fran's back story? Why does Hibari hate crowds? Who is Aria's father and who is Yuni's? Too much to ask.