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scenario where donghyuck likes a classmate but she's really shy around him and gets really flustered by his teasing because she likes him back and sort of runs away/hides whenever she sees him, but then something happens where she can't run from him?

Hi there!! Sorry for the long wait, it turned out slightly cliche, but I hope you still like it & I hope this is what you were looking for! 📝✨

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You sat at your desk with an upright posture, keeping your head down as your eyes skimmed through the notes from the class earlier. It was homeroom, the last class before school ended, which was usually just a time to do your homework or chat with your friends.

You weren’t the smartest student in class, you weren’t even sure if you were in the top half. However, you were hardworking and got along with most of your classmates due to your shy but kind nature.

“___________, can you help me on this question? It’s too hard.”

You looked to your side and saw your classmate with short hair that stopped just above her shoulders crouched next to you, peeking over your desk, slowly lifting her math notebook until it had made its way on top of your desk.

She was petite and small, with large eyes and small lips. Many boys in your class liked her and girls thought she was cute like a doll. You wondered what she did in her past life to be born that cute.

Now, you weren’t necessarily unattractive or anything but ever since last summer, you had grown a lot, and you still weren’t sure how to look natural with your tall build and long limbs. Everything about you just seemed so awkward and because of that, you had become even more soft-spoken than the year before.

“Sure I can help you. Which question?”

She smiled at you sweetly as she excitedly turned the page and pointed to the question that troubled her.

“Oh this one. It is quite hard but as long as you carry this over-”

“Hey _________, studying again?”

You felt your grip on your pencil tighten when you heard his voice.

He had a very peculiar voice; to the point that if he was talking from one end of the hall, you could probably hear it on the other side.

Your throat ran dry and you could feel your face grow hot as he took a seat on the desk connected to yours and peeked over your shoulder to see the question you were working on.

“Oh this question. Mind if I stay and watch? This one’s hard for me too.”

Your classmate nodded obliviously.

“Sure Donghyuck! ___________ is so nice and smart right? She’s willing to teach us.”

As you turned to glance at him, you thought your heart would burst as he stared back at you with his rounded pupils and teasing smile that lingered on his face.

Everyone knew that despite his humorous nature and talkative personality, his grades were pretty high up there. There was no way he would need help on this question.

You wanted so bad to escape this situation right now but since you promised your classmate to teach her, you gave him a small smile and turned back to her, speaking in a soft volume while demonstrating how to solve the math equation.

“And that’s it.”

You sighed quietly, glad that it was over as she thanked you.

“Thanks so much! You’re seriously so kind. By the way, I really couldn’t help but notice how pretty your long hair is! It’s so silky and shiny, don’t you think so Donghyuck?”

Donghyuck leaned closer to you as he held a piece of your long hair lightly, admiring the silkiness of it.

“Her hair is really nice. It’s so long and silky, really suits you __________.”

He stared at you once again. However, this time you managed to escape his gaze when the bell rang signalling the end of the day. You grabbed your backpack and ran out of the classroom as fast as you could as you squeaked out a quick “See the two of you tomorrow!”  

During the bus ride home, you couldn’t get the image of Donghyuck out of your head.

“Her hair is really nice.”

“It’s so long and silky.”

“It really suits you, ___________.”

The words he said earlier repeated over and over in your head. You didn’t know why it bothered you so much, but you knew what to do to get it to stop.

You got off at the next stop just a couple stops before your home and walked into the salon that you usually frequent.

“Hi ______! What can I do for you today?”

You glanced at your reflection in the mirror as the hairstylist gently placed the cape around you.

“I want a haircut, just a blunt cut that falls under my shoulders slightly.”

The hairstylist looked at you, with shock written on her face.

“You want to cut all of that hair off? Are you sure? That’s going to be a lot of inches.”

You took a deep breath and nodded your head. A change is all you need. Besides, you wanted to try a new hairstyle for a long time now.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

The hairstylist nodded obediently and got to work right away.

The next day at school, you realized your haircut must have garnered quite some attention.

You quickly headed into your classroom and took a seat at your desk.

Just when you were about to check over your homework, you heard a high-pitched squeal.

“___________! Why did you cut your hair?!? I loved how long and silky it was!”

The classmate you taught yesterday had a pout on her face as she talked about how she missed your long hair.

You touched the ends of your hair lightly as you smiled at her.

“It was getting too long and heavy for the summer, my hair feels nice and light now.”

She nodded her head although she still looked glum.

“I suppose it would grow out for the winter.”

You were about to go back to your homework when his familiar silhouette entered the classroom with his backpack swung over one shoulder. Before heading to his desk near the back, he turned towards you and took a long gaze at your new hairstyle.

“I think it looks nice. You look more refreshing and bright this way.”

He flashed a smile at you and you felt your cheeks flush pink right away.

Without another word, you quickly pushed your seat back and headed to the washroom.

Even after the bell rang, you stayed looking at your reflection in the mirror, water dripping down your face from washing it a moment ago.

Ever since that day, you tried to avoid him… to avoid your feelings. You knew since year one that you were attracted to him… but then again, everyone was. He had an outgoing and friendly personality. Although he enjoys teasing classmates and joking around, he knew where the limit was. He was so popular in your school that there probably wasn’t a student who didn’t know his name.

The day you found yourself avoiding him was the day he admitted that he had feelings for you.

It was just a typical day during homeroom; a few students including you were studying or doing homework at their desks while the others were socializing.

You were sitting alone near the front of the classroom while Donghyuck and his friends were near the back of the classroom. You still remembered how he was leaning on the side of his desk casually, while some of his close friends crowded around him.

The volume of the room wasn’t too loud, just the usual bustling here and there. However, the room became silent when there was a quiet knock on the door and the most popular freshman from year one entered with a confident smile on her face.

She bravely walked up to Donghyuck as his friends cleared some space to give them room to talk as Donghyuck remained leaning on the side of his desk.

Although everyone pretended to get back to what they were doing to give them some privacy, it was obvious what took place when she angrily huffed out of the classroom, claiming that he would regret his decision.  

His friends hurried to his side to ask what was going on but Donghyuck seemed unphased and shrugged nonchalantly.

“She asked me out and I said no.”

High pitched squeals erupted in the room but quickly simmered down; pretending they weren’t interested in the situation at all.

Donghyuck’s friends exchanged confused stares with one another.

“You said no? Already? Shouldn’t you think about it? I mean she is quite pretty…”

Donghyuck just shrugged as his closest friend chuckled loudly.

“Why do you guys think Donghyuck rejected her so quickly?”

He was met back with confusion once again as he whispered albeit a bit too loud.

“‘Cause he has someone he’s interested in already.”

Once more the classroom was filled with squeals again before eventually fizzing out. You weren’t sure if you were hearing things, but you swore it seemed that more classmates had shuffled closer to listen in. You weren’t usually one who listened in on gossip, but even you couldn’t escape the urge to find out which girl Donghyuck held feelings for.

“Seriously?!? Donghyuck! You like someone? Who?”

His friends nudged him as he answered them in a calm tone.


This time the classroom became completely silent, probably out of utter shock.

You pushed your chair back so loudly that it scraped across the floor. With wide eyes, you turned to look around as he stared at you with the same nonchalance he had this entire time.

Too flustered by his answer, you immediately ran out of the room and started to avoid him from that day onwards. You were the target of gossip and attention for about two weeks from that day, but since nothing really happened between you and Donghyuck after that, the talk about the two of you had died down.

Those two weeks for you felt longer than two years. Never did you have that much spotlight on you. Perhaps the reason why you kept avoiding Donghyuck wasn’t because you didn’t like him, but because you were scared to admit that you did like him. You knew that the two of you were too different. A wallflower like you couldn’t possibly go with a sociable guy like him. Besides, you weren’t going to be able to put up with all the attention and gossip that would circle around the school if you dated him.

You eventually made it back into the classroom although you were scolded by your teacher for being late.

Once class was finally over, the P.E. teacher came in.

“We’re having joint gym class outside today.”

He glanced at you as you were sitting right in front of him.

“________, please go to the equipment room and grab the carton of soccer balls that will be used during class. The equipment room should be open already.”

You nodded your head and stood up, then proceeded to tuck in your chair.

However, before you could leave you heard another chair pull back.

“Mr. Kim, isn’t it hard for ________ to bring it on her own? I could go help her.”

The teacher knitted his eyebrows together, thinking for a few seconds before he nodding in agreement.

“I guess it’s a bit difficult, yes. You could go with her, but no loitering around.”

Donghyuck nodded his head as your cheeks tinted red and you hurried out of the room.

Stay calm, just be polite… there’s nothing to be nervous about.

All the way to the gym, you had walked hurriedly, maintaining your quick pace so that you would be a couple steps in front of Donghyuck.

He walked casually behind you with his hands in his pockets as he whistled a simple tune.

The two of you eventually arrived at the gym and walked to the back, where the equipment room was located. The door was propped open and the two of you walked in with ease.

You spotted the carton of soccer balls at the far end of the room.

Oh great.

Donghyuck probably saw you roll your eyes as he chuckled.

“I’ll go grab it.”

He moved the other cartons towards the door where you were standing.

“Put them at the side so I can roll the carton of soccer balls out.”

You nodded obediently and did as you were told.

This isn’t so bad.

However, you must have spoke too soon because one of the cartons you were moving hit the door stub and the heavy equipment door creaked slightly, before shutting tightly on its own.

You panicked as you looked up to see Donghyuck staring back at you, his mouth slightly open.

An “oops” escaped his mouth as you ran over to the door, trying to pull it open again.

Who the hell designed this equipment door to lock on its own?!


You were cursing in your head now but eventually gave up, turning back around to face Donghyuck.

He was already seated on the stacked blue mats in the room.


You nodded your head slowly as he smiled and patted the spot next to his.

You walked over grudgingly, unsure of how you got yourself in this situation, making sure to keep at least a metre away from him.

Donghyuck swung his legs back and forth as he tucked his hands under his thighs lightly.

“You know… this might not be so bad after all. At least I get to spend time with you now.”

Your eyes widened as you turned to look at him, answering him in a small voice.

“Why would you want to do that…”

Without hesitation, he stopped swinging his feet and turned to you.

“'Cause I like you.”

You gulped and diverted your gaze to the ceiling, feeling slightly taken aback by his direct answer.

“You can stop joking around now. I know you’re probably saying that so the other girls won’t bother you, right?”

He moved a seat closer to you.

“Now why would you think that?”

You laughed awkwardly.

“Well it’s obvious, isn’t it? There’s no reason for you to like me really…I’m boring, I only study, I’m lanky-”

“Trust me. Besides, I don’t need a reason to like you… I just do.”

This time you were frustrated. It didn’t seem like he understood where you were coming from.

You stood up and took a step towards the door.
“But it just doesn’t make sense! How could you who’s popular, fun and easygoing even look at someone who’s awkward and quiet like me? Besides, you don’t even really know me and it would look so weird if we were seen together-”

Donghyuck stood up and pulled you close to him this time as he gazed at you with a mischievous smile.

“_______, just let yourself go. Not everything has to be equivalent to math equations or logical answers. You never know, we may be worth a try. Besides, I am quite popular with the ladies.” He wiggled his eyebrows and placed his index finger and thumb on his chin, forming a cute ‘checkmark’ gesture.

You couldn’t help but crack a smile at his teasing ways. Were you really giving too much thought to this? Maybe you should really give yourself a chance to let go.

Before you could answer, you heard an abrupt sound at the door.


You heard his friend knock on the door loudly as he turned to shout towards the door.

“Go ask Mr. Kim for the key! We’re locked in.”

“ALRIGHT! Are you sure it wasn’t on purpose?”

You heard his friend sigh and grumble while walking away as he turned his attention back to you.

“Want to grab lunch together after class?”

He looked at you expectantly while rubbing the back of his neck. It was cute how he tried to look casual, but now that you were face to face with him you could see he was anticipating your answer.

“Sounds good.”

He nodded his head excitedly as the two of you shared a demure smile.

You weren’t sure what would happen in the future between the two of you but this would be different…in a good way.

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I leave for France for 3 months in 4 days
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I have not told anyone exactly when I’m leaving
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I have no euros
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My laptop is broken
My room is a disaster and I have cosplay spread around my house
The family I’m supposed to live with probably hates me
I d e k what to do anymore
I don’t know anything about my travel plans because my mom is withholding it from me to avoid giving me stress but ??

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