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Working in the hospital during a Full Moon

So this scenario is dedicated to three lovely people; @anniecrow , @knbaes-n-bakas and @oi-aokaga ft, their favourite knb guys, (And Kasamatsu because I originally intended this to be for him xD) The prompt is helping your boyfriend get dressed because they’re either slow/sloppy with their clothing. Basically, just fluff xD

Aomine: Although Aomine was a rather.. lazy guy.. you hadn’t expected him to be THIS bad. Shaking your head in amusement, you helped him stand on the roof, fixing his shirt and jacket, starting with his tie. Although his hair was in disarray from napping, you didn’t worry too much about that. Everything else was more important.

“Tch. ____, it’s just a tie. I can do it myself.”

You rolled your eyes at his words, giving him a small frown.

“Then what’s your excuse for not doing it?”

He shrugged, picking at his ear as he yawned

“I’m just too lazy.” 

A sigh left your lips before you rested your head on his shirt.

“Why do I ask?”

He smirked, grabbing your ass, causing you to yelp as he nibbles on your ear, 

“Because you can’t get enough of me.”

You knocked him flat on his ass, stomping away at his perverse thoughts. Stupid Ahomine!

Hyuuga: “O-Oi! ___! I know how to tie a tie!”

You laughed, helping him with the jacket before patting his sides. 

“I just want to make sure it’s done right. Don’t want a repeat of what happened in cooking, do we?”

He blushed, scratching his head at the memory. Okay.. so MAYBE his tie wasn’t done right and it MAY have caught on fire.. But he had a match the night before! He was exhausted! Although you kept a straight face, he knew you were laughing on the inside. Shaking his head, he grabbed his bag, his other hand lacing with yours as you left his place.

“D..D’aho..” he replied, his blush darkening as you laughed at him. Were you always going to laugh every time? He really hoped not.

Kasamatsu: “_-___! W-What are you-?”

“Shh.. It’ll only take a second!”

He tried, dear god he tried really hard, not to look down at your half-dressed state, looking at the ceiling instead. Why were you half naked and dressing HIM before yourself? 

He jumped when he felt your hands on his legs, making the mistake of looking down to see your breasts sticking out of your bra. He covered his lips after making an awkward squawk of sorts, cheeks tinted a dark red. Raising an eyebrow, you continued on finishing dressing him before lightly hitting his ass.

“There! All done! No need to be shy Yukio!”

He’d just managed to leave the room as you finished changing, his head smacking the wall several times with his fists clenched. Just then, you walked out, a happy smile on your lips as you took in your very flustered boyfriend. Peeking around, you held in a giggle, giving him a sly look before walking past.

“Tell your friend I say ‘hi’, Yu-chan~

Startled at the nickname, he was about to reprimand you when he noticed the bulge in his pants, making him groan in frustration. Great. He somehow got turned on by you dressing him. You would never stop teasing him after this.

Kise: “____-cchi!! I need help!”

Looking up from your magazine, you raised an eyebrow, closing it and standing up.

“What’s wrong Ryouta?”

He points at the tie, a whine escaping his lips. “I.. I can’t seem to tie this!”

Shaking your head, you approached him, swatting his hands away before taking over, a soft smile on your lips.

“So, you can do your school uniform no problem, but when it comes to tying a tie for work, you’re clueless?” you paused, gauging his reaction, “Are you sure you’re just making up excuses so I touch you?”

He grinned sheepishly, scratching his head. “Eheh.. Was it that obvious?”

You sighed, smiling after finishing it. “No, just really silly.” Upon seeing his pout, you quickly kissed his mouth, rubbing his sides before giving him a hug.

“Have a nice day sweetie. I’ll be here, waiting for you.”