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Doctor AU

He’s some headcanons for the characters in the AU

2p Germany:

  • He works in an ambulance.
  • He’s former military
  • while in the military he shot himself in the leg on accident while cleaning his gun, so he has a limp.
  • He has a really tight uniform, and people appreciate the view.
  • He carries teddy bears around in the ambulance and gives them to children he see’s while he is getting people into the ambulance.

2p Italy:

  • He’s a surgeon
  • He did a procedure on Gilen when he lost his arm.
  • When in surgery he will play opera or classical music to help him focus.
  • He does a lot of charity work, so he will travel to do surgeries in places where they can’t afford a surgery.
  • He’s very well known and respected in his field and publishes lots of articles.

2p Japan:

  • He is also a surgeon
  • He has nightmares about all the patients that he has lost on the table.
  • He will do art in the little garden area near where they work to relieve some stress.
  • He travels for very intense procedures
  • One time Flavio walked in on him crying in a closet because he lost a patient.

2p South Italy:

  • He’s the head nurse
  • He is always very calm and is making sure everyone is on top of their game.
  • He is amazing at working with older patients, he knows just what to say and will listen to them.
  • He’s always tries to be there if a patient dies, he doesn’t like them to die alone.
  • He looks amazing in scrubs after a shift and nobody knows how.

2p Prussia:

  • He’s an anesthesiologist
  • He was a military doctor and lost his arm while on his way to take care of his brother who shot himself in the leg.
  • He likes to be there when someone wakes up from surgery, so he can check on them and make sure they are okay.
  • He once took his arm off and waved it at a little kid with one leg to make the kid feel better
  • He will help in as much as he can when he’s not in the OR.

Can I trust a rebel spy?

I wanted to draw Hewlett in his new season 3 outfit from the trailer, but then i realized that I don’t really know what he’s wearing…so i just made something up haha (sorry im not very imaginative)


Do you remember the British army uniform appreciation post? Well, it was time for the British Navy to show their beautiful mix of navy (duh), gold, silver and white.

There’s no way to not love this.

Images from top:

  1. “Rear-Admiral Sir Horatio Nelson”, 1799, Lemuel Francis Abbott.
  2. “Captain James Cook”, 1175-6, Nathaniel Dance-Holland.
  3. Commodore the Honourable Augustus Keppel”, 1749, Sir Joshua Reynolds.
  4. Royal Navy Post Captain uniform coat.
  5. “Edward Knowles, captain of the HMS Peregrine”, Francis Cotes.
  6. Russell Crowe as Capt. Jack Aubrey in “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World”, 2003. Peter Weir (director), Wendy Stites (costume design).
  7. Ioan Gruffudd as Commander Horatio Hornblower in “Hornblower”, 2003. Andrew Grieve (director), John Mollo (costume design).
  8. “Augustus Keppel”, 1779, Sir Joshua Reynolds.

A little Jack Benjamin uniform appreciation for this lovely Saturday. Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Hi, thanks for drawing magnus in a sailor scout uniform. I really appreciate it's beauty. Could you try drawing one of the other magnus chase characters in a princess serenity dress?

yes, i can, but I’m going to redirect you here

could you send this to there instead? it’s my art blog