unified pride

the Ace Tumblr Method
  • step 1: do things to deliberately make gay people angry (eg. taking the "the moon is a lesbian" meme that lesbians have had forever and saying "no the moon's [insert five mogai terms here]"
  • step 2: deliberately miss the point of why gay people get angry at these things (hint: it's not the "stealing memes" in itself, it's that gay people literally cannot have any sort of in-joke or sense of community or safe space or coping mechanism or unifying symbol like pride flags without you making it about yourselves)
  • step 3: use this as "proof" that gay people are petty and ridiculous

darcydent  asked:

Intwing disguising himself as a mouse droid in ch 8 has me wondering. Does space!Halloween exist? What costume would Intwing wear to crash Senator Ren's space!Halloween party? What would Ren dress up as? Would Hux go? I need to know abt my bat son.

Space!Halloween certainly exists, or at least some sort of holiday wherein people dress up in costumes. 

Intwing would be dressed as a Huttlet. 

Ren, of course, goes as abstract concepts and has fashion designers compete to design his outfit. Last year, Ren was “fear,” and before that, “pride.” The unifying theory behind them is giving him a tit window. 

Hux goes as Emperor Palpatine. He’s very good at imitating his voice.