School Dances - Richie Tozier

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word count: 4311
warnings: swearing
a/n: yes i know it’s mileven but they’re my babies and it was a good gif so politely fuck off.  also i’m sorry this is a lame title,  and it’s been so long since i’ve posted

[ love is arguing, but not attacking ]

You had your feet up on the couch, using your legs as a makeshift table as you sketched away in your notebook.  Everyone was at Bill’s for a sleepover, and you and him were currently sketching while the others were playing Atari.  You were never one much for video games.

“What do you think?” You asked quietly, leaning over to show Bill your pencil sketch of the quarry you’d all been to countless times.  Bill smiled and nodded.

“I-I like it” He told you, and you went back to your sketching again.


“You should draw me sometime sweetheart” You jumped slightly as you spun around, eyes narrowing at the boy leaning over the back of the couch.

“Damnit Richie you almost made me mess it up!” You scolded, but he just grinned before hopping onto the rug between Eddie and Ben.  You rolled your eyes and shook your head.

Yeah, you and Richie were friends.  You were both in the Loser’s Club, and always shared good times and awesome adventures.  Not including the whole Pennywise fiasco last summer.  It was just that he was such a trashmouth, and you were so introverted, that the connection was hard.  So most of the both of your time spent together was either arguing, or really great and fun.

It was 90% arguing.

“y/n? Earth to y/n” You blinked to see Eddie was snapping his fingers in front of your face.

“Sorry what’d you say?” You asked again.

“I asked if you were going to homecoming” He repeated, eyes flicking to the screen momentarily to see Bev’s character dominating over Richie’s.  Richie yelling and whining about how he ‘was the professional here’.

“Thanks Ed but you’re just a friend… I’d rather be asked by someone interested-”

“Oh no no no no no no I didn’t mean it like that y/n I wasn’t asking you ou-”

“You’re asking y/n out?” Richie abandoned his game to glare over at Eddie, but you missed it after being too focused by her drawing.

“Fuck no!” Eddie screeched, now gaining your attention again.  Eddie went on this rant about your friendship and all that, but you just sat there quietly.

Were you really that unideal of a homecoming date? Maybe you didn’t have the body of a senior, maybe you weren’t perfect, but you thought you’d at least suffice.

“I’m gonna get a drink” You muttered, tossing your sketchbook carelessly to the side of the couch.  You stood up without another word, walking to the kitchen and blinking hard so you wouldn’t cry.

“Fuck Tozier” Eddie grumbled.  “You made your girl sad”

“She’s not my girl” Richie replied in a quieter tone, paranoid you could still hear him from the kitchen.

“Ri-Richie you should t-talk to her” Bill said, but Richie shook his head, pushing his glasses up his nose.

“I can’t” He said, feeling as pathetic as he sounded.  Bev rolled her eyes, standing up and going after you.

“You’re a pussy” She called back to him before consoling you quietly in the kitchen.

It was late,even for you, and you had quite the night owl tendencies.  But you didn’t care, preferring to lean over the kitchen counter with your second cup of cocoa as you worked on a sketch.  A different one from before, this one you’ve been adding to for months, and still, it just doesn’t seem perfect.  You didn’t like to share them until they were perfect.

You groaned softly, rubbing your eyes with the palms of your hands.  Your eyes briefly flicking to the little candle you had on the counter, wondering briefly if you should just scrap the whole page.  Then shook your head, not liking the destructive thought.

“y/n?” Your head snapped up, hands propping you at your chin.  “What’re you doing up it’s like… two in the morning” Richie spoke, voice tired and a mumble.

“Was I loud?” You whispered, and he shook his head, messy hair flopping in front of his face.  You watched him pull his glasses from where they were folded to slide into the neck of his shirt, fitting them onto his face and pushing them up his nose.  You found yourself smiling at this, even though it was a simple action.

“No I just… couldn’t sleep” He said lamely with a shrug.  He wandered over to where you stood, peeking down at your notebook.  You pulled it towards you anxiously, flipping the pages so he couldn’t see what you’d been working on.

“Me too” You finally responded, drawing his attention away from the book.  But it didn’t work.

“What’re you drawing?” He asked, and you felt the nervous butterflies fluttering relentlessly in your chest..  Your fingers curled tighter around the pages.  “What? Scared I’m not gonna like my sexy portrait?” He smirked at his own comment and your eyes narrowed.

“Why would I want to show you anyways, you’re just gonna make fun of it” You said, holding it against your chest.  Richie’s smirk pulled into a frown instantly.

“I won’t” He said quickly.

“I don’t believe you” You mumbled back.  His frown deepened.  You set your book back down on the counter, keeping it closed as you reached to drink from your mug.

“y/n… come on… what do you think I’m gonna do?” He tried to keep his voice quiet, soft.

“I dunno…” You murmured out again.  “Make fun of it?”

“I promise I won’t” He responded fast, truly trying to persuade you to show him.  You bit down on your lip, glancing anxiously around before picking up the book again, sliding it over to him.  Richie grinned, his cheek a pink hue illuminated in the candle light.

You wanted to draw that.

He opened up the cover carefully, seeing your name and information printed neatly on the inside cover of it.  He turned the page, and you awaited his reaction to your first sketch.  It was simple, just a night sky.  You remembered how you spent forever shading in the different patches of the sky, and perfecting each point of the little stars you added.  Richie almost reached out to brush his fingers over the perfected crescent moon you’d drawn, but pulled away at the last moment, not wanted to ruin your masterpiece.

“It’s not… it isn’t perfect it was when I was first starting to draw-”

“It’s beautiful” He cut you off.  “And this was when you were an amateur?” Your teeth sunk into your lip again.  “y/n you’re so fucking talented!” He smiled up at you before flipping the page, seeing an arrangement of flower sketches all over it.

“That was uh.. That was practice for something else” You said, fingers wringing together.  Bill was the only one you shared your work with, the both of you critiquing and admiring each other’s pieces.  But this was… this was different.

“They’re nice” He commented quietly, then moved on to another page.  This one was the one he’d briefly saw earlier, of the quarry and it’s sparkling waters, the morning sun giving it this effect.  He smiled, being reminded of countless memories spent there with the Losers.  Another page turn, and this time he paused.

His eyes scanned over your most secreted drawing, the one that’s seemed to take you an eternity, every detail needing to be at absolute perfection.  A slow grinned tugged his lips open, a pearly white smile being flashed your way before back to the notebook.

Inside was a sketch of the whole gang, arms linked over everyone’s shoulder.  Mike, then Stan, Ben, then Eddie, then Richie, Bill, Beverly, and you.  There wasn’t any scenery yet, so far just the basics of each person.  Facial features, clothing, hair.  Richie looked at his own character, his grin in the sketch lopsided, glasses crooked and eyes large.  His hair was even messier than usual and his tee shirt read Loser.  All the shirts had the same logo on it.

“y/n this is so…” He breathed out heavily, for once, not having anything to say.  “It’s fucking amazing, it’s perfect” You blushed deeply and darted your eyes away from his.

“I was going to give it to Bill for Christmas… I mean it’ll probably take me that long anyways and I thought after… last summer it’d be kinda… you know?” You trailed off, not wanting to say the words.  Richie nodded, glancing once more at the page before closing the book.

“I’m really glad you showed me” He said, and you only nodded your head in response, taking the last drink of your cocoa and setting the mug in the sink.

“I should go back to bed” You said, taking the notebook in your arms once more.  Richie opened his mouth, maybe to protest and ask you to stay, or to say he wasn’t tired yet, he wasn’t even sure.  So he sighed inwardly and gave up on finding the right words.

“Yeah, it’s late” He said, and you both trudged on your tiptoes back to the living room where the arrangement of sleeping bags were strewn all over the place.  You looked back at him as you sat down in yours, holding onto your pillow as he settled in again for the night.

“Goodnight” You whispered, and he looked over at you as he took off his glasses and folded them up.

“Night y/n” He replied, and you smiled gently before laying down and getting comfortable.  Richie smiled to himself as well while he laid down and went to sleep.

The next day at school you were all groggy from staying up so late, especially you and Richie.  Which the others commented about numerous times.  But you brushed it off and ignored their ongoings as you put in your locker combination.

“I’m too tired for this” You hummed to Richie, who nodded, eyes shut as his side leaned against the locker next to you.  Only hearing pieces of Eddie yelling at Beverly for her smoking habits.  Not that she cared, but it was funny to get him riled up.

“Oh look! It’s my favorite girl!” Suddenly your locker was slammed shut, and you jumped to see Henry Bowers had wedged himself between your now closed locker and yourself.  You backed up immediately, finding his aroma to be absolutely ghastly.

“Take a shower fuck-bag” Richie groaned

“Fuck off loser, I’m only here for y/n” Henry stroked an oddly gentle hand down your cheek, and you winced with disgust.  “How are ya y/n? I missed school yesterday… did you miss me?” You gagged aloud.

“No Henry, I didn’t miss you” You uttered, yanking your face away from his hand.  “Don’t touch me” You added, hiking the strap of your backpack higher on your shoulder.  Henry smirked, an eyebrow arching tauntingly.

“Come on sweetheart, don’t be that way” He leaned forward to meet your eye level.  “I know all I gotta do is ask you to lift your skirt a little, isn’t that right boys?” Your face fell at the horrible and untrue accusation.  “But that’s alright, it’s nice when they’re easy” His hand was back on you again, toying with the collar of your shirt and trailing over your throat.

“Hey!” Henry was shoved away, toppling to the ground.  “She said not to touch her you fucking pervert!” Your eyes widened at Richie, and your fear only increased as Henry stood up, grabbing the boy by his shoulders and pinning him to the row of lockers.

“You better fucking watch it four eyes!” Henry yelled in his face.  “I’ll fucking gut you-!”

“Mr Bowers?” Richie fell to the floor as Henry dropped him as soon as the scolding voice of a teacher rang in the air, silencing the hall.  “You wouldn’t want a call home would you?”

Henry took off, leaving the Losers alone in the hallway.  Whoever the teacher was, simply turned and walked away as well, not saying another word.

“y/n are you-”

“What the fuck?” You cut off Ben’s almost question as you whipped around to look at RIchie.  “What was that!?” Richie, confused by your sudden burst of anger stood up and scrunched up his eyebrows.

“I’m sorry?” He said sarcastically.  “That asshole had his hands all over you, the disgusting mullet wearing-”

“Well I didn’t need your saving” You said, adjusting your bag, your face fallen as you turned to head away.

“y/n-!” He called but you didn’t even so much as glance over your shoulder.  Just kept on going.  His lips fell to a frown as he looked at his friends, who all seemed confused.

Except Bev, who frowned herself as she shook her head.

“”What’s going on what happened? She.. she’s actually mad at me?”

“No Rich, she’s just embarrassed” The girl said, but his expression didn’t change.

“But she… but I’m…” he sighed, defeated.  His shoulders slumped as he began to walk away as well, wanting to follow after you, but instead heading to class.

He hadn’t meant to hurt you, or offend you.  He was only trying to keep you safe.

Three days passed and you’d done everything you could to avoid Richie, even though you still saw him everywhere.  Walking past your classes, which you were sure was on purpose, in the lunchroom, in your gym class, and you swore that every time you turned your head, he was darting away somewhere.

“n/n? You gonna show me your dresses or not?” Beverly asked you.  You blinked, looking up from where you were sat on the floor against your bed.

“Bev I don’t really wanna go to the dance… do I have to?”

“Of course! Come on it’ll be fun” She said, already opening up your closet to look through your things.

“But… Richie’s gonna be there” You said weakly.  Beverly just laughed, and pulled a dress from your closet.

“This one” She said, and laid a dress off the side of the mattress.  You looked at it for a moment, not remembering having worn it except for your aunt’s wedding.  That seemed so long ago.

Ever since the events last summer, a time before that just seemed like another era altogether.

“Beverly just… no thanks” You mumbled, looking back at her.  She only crossed her arms.

“Come on.  It’s in one hour y/n” She pleaded softly.  “You and I will hang out, and if you want….” She sighed deeply.  “I’ll even make Richie to swear to stay away from you”Your eyes widened a little bit, but she still noticed.  “Even though I don’t even understand why you two are so… I don’t even have the word for it.  Being stupid?”

“I’m ashamed Bev, someone else had to come and save me.  Again.  I’m so sick and-and tired of needing to be rescued!” Your friend frowned.

“Sweetheart, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It’s what good friends do, we help each other out.  And quite frankly, Richie was right.  Henry was being a creep, even more than usual.  Of course he was in a jealous and protective rage”

“Jealous?” You repeated in a whisper.

“Well duh, the boy digs you” Beverley brushed it off like it was obvious.  “He was just trying to keep you safe is all.  He wasn’t trying to make you feel like a damsel in distress”

You chewed on your lip, now staring at the dress she’d picked out for you as your thoughts ran wild with this new information.

“Fine” You huffed out after a long period of silence, standing up and snatching the outfit aggressively.

Richie did what he usually did at school events.  Or most events for that matter.  He found a seat, and began counting down the minutes until he could go home.

Did he want to be at the school dance? Not really.  Had his friends pretty much persuaded him to come anyways? Yep.  But there he was, sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair at a black and white (and pink? What was this fucking valentine’s day?) themed school dance.  His friends all gathered on the gym floor and dancing obnoxiously to some song he hadn’t heard of before.  All the while he just sat and watched.

All Richie could think about was how maybe if he hadn’t been a dumbass, he’d at least be sitting here with your company.  Knowing that you weren’t one much for getting up and dancing in front of your peers.  His night could’ve been filled with fun conversation and the stupid game of pointing out the best and worst outfits of the night.  But he hadn’t even seen you arrive.

And he was pretty sure that you wouldn’t be.

He’d watched the clock till it was ten minutes into the dance. The boredom was weighing down heavier and heavier and soon he was slumped over his seat, his elbow propping his chin up and his glasses sliding down every now and then from slouching.  Eleven minutes.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourt-

Richie nearly jumped out of his seat when the gym doors swung open, this time not revealing one of the chaperones coming in, but you and Beverly.

And wow, you looked perfect.  And Richie thought you looked like an angel on a normal day.  But this was… this was a fucking occasion he should’ve planned for.

She walked in looking nervous, like she felt out of place.  And to him, she was, she blew away any of the other girl’s who even tried tonight.  Her hair was in curls, some of it pinned back behind her head.  Her dress was a pale pink color that fell to her ankles, sleeves that came almost all the way down her arms, and something in him wanted to touch it to see if it felt as soft as it looked.

Richie blinked, eyes growing even wider behind the thick frames.  He wasn’t even sure if she was real.  He watched as Bev pushed on your arm gently, then nodded towards him.  He almost didn’t redirect his gaze before you’d looked to where she pointed.  Luckily, you hadn’t caught him openly staring.

“Damn it” You whispered, hoping to have gone the night without an interaction.  But it was already too late for that.  “Bev let’s go-”

“No way! You promised me you’d at least try” She reminded, and you winced, glancing back over to Richie secretly.

He was staring straight at you, and was completely obvious about it.  He must not have been able to tell that you were looking out of the corner of your eye.  Because he was still staring at you.

Well, you were staring at him too but that was different.  You couldn’t help it.

“He looks beautiful” Was the first thing you said, and Beverly made a weird sound as she turned to see where your eyeline had fallen.  Her brows rose when her sights landed on Richie Tozier.  Moping like a four year old but staring at you like an old lover.

“Beautiful?” She questioned, her surprised face scrunching up with confusion.  You nodded, turning back to face her, a gentle smile on your lips.  He was in a suit, sort of.  It was a dark grey, but the collared shirt underneath it was white, and his tie was black.

You were pretty sure he’d worn it to Georgie’s funeral, minus the tie.

“Yeah” You answered Beverly, who was now grinning ear to ear whilst you blushed at the sight of Richie all dressed up.  “Nice, he looks nice” You stammered out, and Beverly rolled her eyes good naturedly.

“He does.  You should go tell him”

“I don’t think he’d like to speak to me” You whispered, scared he’d hear, even from thirty feet away.  Your fingers began to twirl and intertwine with themselves out of nervousness.

He still hadn’t looked away.

“I beg to differ” Your friend told you.  But before you could ask her why, Bill and Eddie had walked up to the both of you.

“Hey what the hell’s up with mopey McMoperson over there?” Eddie asked, nodding off towards the glasses wearing boy who was now looking fascinated by the floor.  Bev glared at the short boy, a sigh falling from her lips.

“Could we be anymore discreet?” She muttered sarcastically.

“What? I was just wondering if he’s still all hung up over y/n”

Bill smacked his hand against his forehead, and Bev glanced over at you.  Your face had fallen, lips parted, eyes saddened and staring down at your hands, still locked together in a knot.

“n/n I didn’t mean it like tha-”

“I’m just gonna go sit and drink some punch” You cut off Eddie’s apology with a small mumble, and headed off towards the beverage table.  You swiftly poured a plastic cup of punch then made your way to the empty seats along the side of the gym.  Opposite of where Richie had sat himself.

You passed the time watching the girls twirl around in their pretty dresses and fancy hairdos.  Some wearing makeup you were sure they stole from their mothers vanities.  You picked out the dress you liked best, something blue and frilly.  Pretty, but not over the top like some of the others.  After all, it was just a school dance.

“Why aren’t you dancing out there with them?” You looked up to see Richie standing in front of you.  Your mouth opened, but you were in such a shock that no words came out.

“I-I… I don’t know” You said pathetically, mentally slapping yourself for saying something so lame.

“Well do you want to dance with me?” Again, your brows rose as you were thrown for another loop.  What!?  “I know I’m not ideal” Richie continued.  “But pretty girls shouldn’t sit through an entire dance and watch everyone else” A small smile pulled on your lips at the compliment, and you nodded your head slowly, and he reached his hand out to you.  You took it, ducking your head down so that your blush wouldn’t be seen.

“Thanks” Was all you managed to say.  Your eyes still glued to the gym floors, not realizing he was staring directly at you, with a soft intensity.

“I’ve missed you” He blurted, without thinking, as he always did.  But this was different.  You looked up at him, eyes round as a doe’s, a look of pure innocence and curiosity held in them.  “I’ve missed you a lot” He continued.  “I’ve missed talking to you and messing with you and seeing you draw and even just seeing you in the hallway”

While what he was saying was true, he couldn’t stop speaking.  And he began to freak that this would lead him somewhere ugly, telling you all this.  But at the same time… he didn’t care.

“And after… after all that shit with Pennywise and you and I… we… we got closer and I really fucking loved that because let’s face it! You’re great!” Your lips felt sewn shut, though they had dropped open just slightly.  “ANd you get shit and I don’t… I don’t get it! You get shit from your parents because they think you aren’t good enough but y/n you’re fucking perfect and if you ever believe otherwise I’ll… well I’ll off myself! It’d be the end of the world!”

“Rich…” You said softly, hoping he’d quiet down seeing that other dancing students were now watching this scene unfold.

“No I-! I don’t care! Let them watch I don’t care!” He looked around at all the prying eyes, most of them shooting to look away before being caught.  “And y/n I’m sorry, I’m sorry for what I did, and I swear I only did it because I… well I wanted to protect you” He sighed, defeated, and finally quieting down a little bit.  “And I know you don’t need my protection… hell you barely even need me but dammit I need you

Your eyes widened impossibly further, surprised by this confession.  You sniffled, your hands around his neck tightening a little, pulling yourselves closer together.

“Look I… I’ve never done this before, I’ve never even felt this way before but you… you just make it seem natural.  Like I’ve been doing this for ages” Your eyes, wet with tears, crinkled up as a smile tugged your lips upwards.

“Richie you-” Your quiet voice was cut off again.

“y/n I think I’m in love with you” He said, head ducking down so it was ensured only your ears would hear it.  Your noses nearly touched, your head tilted back to properly meet his eyes.  You sniffled again, quickly rubbing your fist under your eyes to stop the tears from falling before holding onto him again.

“Richie” You said, voice weak with a wet laughter.  Cheeks rosy pink with a bashful blush.  “You’re the sweetest trashmouth I know” You whispered.  He smiled lopsidedly, one of his hands on your waist raising to tuck a loose strand of  hair out of your eyes and behind your ear.

“And you are a beautiful stubborn angel” He replied.  You blinked, licking over your lips and biting your cheek to keep from smiling too much.  WIth that, he leaned into you, you barely standing onto the tips of your toes to meet his lips in a soft kiss.

You’d been kissed before, by your parents, a fleeting boyfriend once a long time ago, but this felt so, so different.

Perfect, right.

And when you parted, eyes wide for a moment out of the shock it left you in, Richie smiled at you, leaning his forehead down against yours.

“I think I’m falling in love with you too, Richie Tozier” You mumbled, eyes fluttering shut as you swayed softly to the music with him.

He just smiled with delight, staying silent.

It was comfortable to be silent with you there.

k but in real life he’d be runnin’ his mouth about how hot you are and how much he wants to shove his tongue down your throat, but let’s be real, he’d still be a sweetie

xoxo ~ jordie

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What were the main differences between university and high school? Did you find it hard/easy transitioning?

Hi there! Interesting topic, thanks for asking :)

Transition between University and High School

  • I wasn’t someone who found the academic transition between university and high school particularly difficult as I had already been going to a competitive high school. 
  • On top of that, I’d been someone who had more of a consistent work ethic, so I was pretty used to studying a little everyday to deal with high workloads. Dealing with university studies is about self-accountability and making sure you turn up to lectures and finish tutorial questions on time!!
  • Uni was just one step above that because it’s a little easier to find yourself falling behind just because you get really tired on long commutes. One thing I had trouble with at first was finishing maths tutorial sets on time, as I had to sleep an hour or so later everyday to get things done for all 4 subjects. Coupled with waking up 1.5 hours earlier, I was pretty exhausted the first semester and often slept on the train to and from uni. Protip make the best use of your time: get as many tutorial questions done in between classes and on the train home as you can, because you’ll be physically exhausted from commuting, which makes you mentally exhausted doing tutorial questions, which can end up cutting into your sleep and exacerbating the whole cycle. 
  • The first semester is always the hardest because you also need to balance social commitments - making new friends does take time because you share lunch regularly with other people, occasionally you’ll want to go out and explore the restaurants around your university, particularly if your campus is further away from where you usually live. 
  • Added bonus is that there’s no trouble with just hanging out with someone else if you don’t click with someone. Degrees where there’s no set subjects are good because things don’t get clique-y, and you don’t have to see people after one semester if you’re lucky. Conversely, keeping in touch with and making strong friendships is tricky because of a lack of contact. 
  • Furthermore, it’s also the time where everyone encourages you to join clubs. I went to a lot of club meetings but didn’t really end up finding one for me in first year that suited my hobbies. I wrote a post about Extra-Curricular Activities, but main point is: you either join to make a few friends or you join to make a nice notch on your career ladder, but don’t worry about it otherwise. 
  • You’ll also be trying to keep in touch with high school friends as well, and I would advise that you do, as it can be hard to make as deep a connection with others when you don’t see a particular person as often as you did in high school.
  • On top of that, a lot of people want to find a part time job to help with university expenses. I was tutoring after high school because I did okay academically, so I worked a little during weekends the first year. I did a post about finding a Part Time Job as part of my University Series below, so have a read of that if you’re interested, though I feel like I need to update it because it covers so little. 

So yeah, add all that up and it can really take time out of your day!

Differences Between High School and University

I ~kind of~ have a whole series on that LOL, but let me know if there was anything that I didn’t cover below! Main differences are basically more flexible timetable, friendship circles, workload and study topics, but more commitments, greater difficulty in study, and added stress of applying for jobs and internships. 


Hope that helps! ^__^

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when kim proposes to max he does it through his running map like that one guy

however max is oblivious at first and instead criticizes him for how this route slowed down his time and it was unideal for training to stop and start so many times

“it took you 9 minutes to run not even an entire mile, we’ll have to increase your training regimen if you are to be at peak condition for your upcoming meet”


14.11.17 Library Adventures! 📚

So I found out the past week that one of the local libraries actually open until 10pm if you’re a library member, so I’ve been hitting the books everyday since then and getting at least 8 hours of study done every day! :D If you’re hitting the library make sure you pack the essentials: water, your studying resources, and a snack, something like a banana to keep your brain going! and take regular breaks to keep refreshed! I personally recommend 40 minute study sessions followed by a 10 minute break! And take a longer break for lunch and afternoon tea. That works really well with my brain and I’m always refreshed and focused!


My study tips directory (web only) for the full list (over 60+ original posts/guides!)


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the situation on bts’ colorism in the japanese magazine

this is a long post, however i believe theres lots to understand on this subject that cannot be dismissed. i have two disclaimers: first, please read until the end before criticizing because when i say i made an effort to include all views i mean it. second, there will be hetero references in this since the interview was about their ideal girl.. i apologize n i dont mean to assume their sexuality or anything.

there are three main parts to this; 1) lets understand the whole picture, 2) be fair and 3) for those who were hurt by the “interview” and to those who want to dismiss them (this is not patronizing, i really fucking sympathize here)

lets understand the whole picture

to begin, I’m pretty much positive they didn’t actually interview bts for the magazine… rather, they drew on old interviews for the magazine… i don’t think the members were actually involved in any way with this magazine specifically. there a few posts about this and i’ll like them, but the best was by @jkguks. they showed how each exact response was recycled from an old interview. the post can be found here. comments have also been made that this magazine is known for such moves in the past and that their credibility isn’t so great. @allforbts pointed out here that the magazine didnt have a photoshoot – they reused pictures from other sources – which probably indicates they didn’t have an actual interview; however this isn’t real evidence. in my own personal opinion i dont trust the person who posted the translations on twitter. yes the translations are correct as far as we all know, but what i mean is… i think she knew the interview was old/reused. everyone that asked about the interview’s date received no response from her. she even made a comment about how many followers shes gained. if she cleared up that the interview was old or reused then this whole thing would die out n she’d stop getting followers. anyway i find it suspicious but i could also just be reading too far into it. the whole point of this is that at this point we can pretty much conclusively say that the interview is recycled n this is not something they said recently. this is not to devalue the weight of their words because it still hurt a lot of people. old or new, getting told your skin color is “unideal” is painful. however we do wanna look at this because we at least now know that their status of “since educated on colorism and racism and now pretty pc/sensitive” is not going to be revoked! they’ve since educated themselves, that is still the truth. this is just the ugly past come to rear its head.

on the other end of understanding the whole picture, i’m going to make a sorta controversial statement. hopefully in fully explaining it, you all will get the full idea… but for the sake of k-armys who are getting attacked by intl fans constantly and also for the sake of perspective – which may lessen the blow of their words for those hurt by them – i need to say this. the concept of colorism is alive and well in korea… it just isn’t the same as it is in the west. in the west – for the most part – we are more ethnically/racially diverse while korea is almost entirely racially/ethnically homogeneous. so how does this effect the meaning of colorism? well because one of the largest identifiable traits when looking at the differences between the world’s races n ethnicities is skin color, race/ethnicity will always be tied to skin color, especially in really diverse areas. in the west where we are consistently exposed to different races/ethnicities as part of our daily lives, a preference of skin color holds not only colorist implications but also racist implications. if some mayo dude said “i think darker skin is ugly on girls” we can safely assume hes a racist fuck on top of being colorist. however, since korea is homogenous, there isnt any real racist implications. let me elaborate: korea has issues with being racist against other poc, however in an interview discussing ideal types where the ideal type is already assumed to be at the very basis korean (or maybe another east asian ethnicity if you’re stretching it), the statement on skin color is directed at people of their shared race. so how is this less problematic? it is still problematic definitely – i’d like to make this clear – but in korea, the concept of skin color amongst koreans as a beauty standard isnt racially or ethnically motivated and therefore its more akin to saying “i prefer blue eyes over brown eyes on white girls” because they’re discussing a physical variance within their own race. in the end, it’s still colorist, but please try to understand that in korea the remarks arent as horrible. they still shouldn’t say that, and really, any discussion of skin color preferences is ugly, but it’s extremely important to be considerate of korean culture. intl fans forget constantly that we are guests to korean culture. if you were invited to someones house you wouldnt bust in there feeling entitled n doing whatever the fuck you want. you’d try and respect their rules and how they run their home. if you had a problem with something there, you’d politely ask them to accommodate you, explaining why that accommodation was necessary. you wouldnt fucking trash them for not having their house already equipped to your preference. thats incredibly selfish. this is the same way. you are guests to this culture, and while you shouldnt allow colorism to continue, this theme of entitlement amongst intl fans – especially when we have done very little to respect their culture; we demand they understand ours while continually paying theirs no regard – is really shamefully. i ask that people reading this do their best to be more considerate in the future. not everything is black n white… lots of things have grey area and we can afford to be more socially conscious. im pretty sure most k-fans have it about up to here dealing with koreaboos criticizing their culture… 

be fair

this is a short statement but i need to remind you all that most of the members were problematic in that interview and if you are only trashing namjoon you need to fucking stop. you are allowed to offended, of course – i was pretty bothered too seeing how im the opposite to namjoons ideal in every way, my bias who i’d fucking die for – but if your whole focus is “namjoon this and namjoon that” than youre being a biased ass and im gonna need you to sit down. if youre going to be mad, by all means, be mad, but dont fucking pretend the other members said nothing wrong. im sick of people pretending every member but namjoon is perfect and unproblematic. present day he’s probably the most un-problematic member since educating himself on racial issues, feminism, n lgbtq rights, making himself an advocate for them all while idols remain silent…. hmm…. but keeping pushing that “problematic member” agenda sure. yeah lets pretend the facts dont exist ok

for those who were hurt by the “interview” and to those who want to dismiss them

fans who read through the interview n realized they kinda fit their bias’ ideal type – esp in terms of skin color – please don’t make comments on how people need to “get over this”. for many fans, especially non light skinned poc, this really hurt. not only as a “i don’t fit my bias’ ideal type” but also as a betrayal of trust. many non light skinned poc have experienced some type of discrimination for their skin color and many had their sense of self confidence fucked over for it. its not just a “you dont think darker skin is beautiful, aw :(” its more of a, “you are someone i love and support and the fact that you’d call my skin color less attractive – the skin color for which i’ve had to struggle to find my own confidence in – just like so many others, feels like betrayal”. its really hurtful. so don’t be dismissive. you don’t understand. this isnt your discussion, im sorry.

and lastly, to the fans who were hurt by the interview. im sorry boo. im sorry that the industry you support continues to hurt you. im sorry someone you decided to love and support made you feel like that. please remember that the ideal type is such a flimsy concept. they really dont mean anything. those questions were grossly specific n they were so unnecessary, but at the end of the day, they are still made up preferences. the boys wouldn’t find you unattractive for not meeting the bits on their checklist – fuck no. attraction just doesnt work like that. no one falls in love with the person that hit everything on their little “ideal type” checklist. honestly, if you asked me to describe my ideal type n i just listed shit off the top of my head, it probably wouldnt add up to namjoon…. but in every way namjoon perfect to me. im fucking whipped. this is the same. dont take their ideals to heart, dont feel like anything on you needs to change. you are exactly the way you need to be, and dont ever let some guys “ideal type” make you feel any less. n if anyone every tries to tell you that you’re failing to meet their beauty standards… fucking kick them. fcuk them seriously. dont let this shit effect your self confidence. gross comments like that dont deserve a thought in your head

13.11.17 Crunch Time!

I took this photo a while ago but it’s a waste not to post it! I think I’ve amassed a shocking amount of gudetama goods. In other news, studies are going better, I’ve got a few days to exams and I’m feeling pretty good about what I know now. Just want to study up on the scientific evidence so that I can do well! 

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•Abacate meia unidade 200g = 324 calorias
•Abacaxi uma fatia 100g = 49 calorias
•Abacaxi em calda uma taça 150g = 184 calorias
•Açaí l00g = 247 calorias
•Acerola l00g = 32 calorias
•Ameixa preta 50g = 22 calorias
•Ameixa vermelha 50g = 27 calorias
•Avelã 3g = 19 calorias
•Banana maçã unidade 70g = 80 calorias
•Banana nanica unidade 120g = 80 calorias
•Banana prata unidade 70g = 62 calorias
•Banana a milanesa unidade 100g = 251 calorias
•Caqui unidade 120g = 89 calorias
•Damasco fresco unidade 35g = 19 calorias
•Damasco seco unidade 15g = 18 calorias
•Figo fresco unidade 100g = 68 calorias
•Goiaba unidade 100g = 57 calorias, uma fatia = 83 calorias
•Laranja unidade l00g = 43 calorias
•Limão unidade 60g = 22 calorias
•Maçã 100g = 59 calorias, unidade = 64 calorias
•Mamão formosa uma fatia média 100g = 58 calorias
•Mamão papaya meio 130g = 88 calorias
•Manga meia 130g = 91 calorias
•Maracujá unidade 100g = 90 calorias
•Melancia uma fatia 100g = 31 calorias
•Melão uma fatia 100g = 30 calorias
•Morango 100g = 39 calorias
•Pera unidade 100g = 63 calorias
•Pêssego unidade 100g = 52 calorias
•Pêssego em calda unidade 40g = 67 calorias
•Salada de frutas uma taça 150g = 230 calorias
•Suco de laranja 200ml = 128 calorias
•Suco de tomate 200ml = 22 calorias
•Suco de mamão 240ml = 91 calorias
•Tangerina unidade 100g = 50 calorias
•Tomate 100g = 20 calorias
•Uva 100g = 63 calorias, um cacho pequeno 150g = 118 calorias
•Uva passa uma xícara de chá 100g = 298 calorias⁠⁠⁠⁠


Abóbora 4 c. sopa (100g) 16 cal
Abóbora cozida 4 c. sopa (100g) 40 cal
Abóbora-moranga 4 c. sopa (100g) 19 cal
Abobrinha verde 1xíc. de chá (130g) 20 cal
Abobrinha verde cozida 1 xíc. de chá (180g) 30 cal
Acelga cozida 1 xíc. de chá (180g) 30 cal
Agrião 1 pires de chá (100g) 13 cal
Agrião cozido 1 xíc. de chá (180g) 20 cal
Aipim cozido 1 pires de chá (100g) 119 cal
Aipim frito 1 pires de chá (100g) 353 cal
Aipo cozido 1 xíc. de chá (150g) 30 cal
Alcachofra cozida unidade (120g) 60 cal
ALface 2 folhas (20g) 4 cal
Alfafa 1 xíc. de chá (50g) 38 cal 
Algas marinhas 1 pires de chá (100g) 96 cal 
Alho-poró 1 xíc. de chá (100g) 30 cal
Almeirão 1 pires de chá (50g) 14 cal
Amendoim 1 xíc. de chá (100g) 576 cal
Amendoim cozido 1 ½ xíc. de chá (100g) 235 cal 
Arroz branco cozido 1 c. de sopa (20g) 26 cal
Arroz integral cozido 1 c. de sopa (20g) 22 cal
Arroz Integral Ráris cru 1 c. de sopa (20g) 68 cal
Arroz selvagem ou preto 1 c. de sopa (20g) 22 cal
Arroz Tio João 1 c. de sopa (20g) 34 cal
Arroz Uncle Ben’s Integral 1 c. de sopa (20g) 68 cal
Aspargo cozido 2 talos (20g) 4 cal
Aspargo em conserva 2 talos (20g) 4 cal
Azedinha cozida 1 xíc. chá (130g) 20 cal
Azeitona preta unidade (3g) 4 cal
Azeitona verde unidade (4g) 4 cal
Bardana 1 pires de chá (100g) 90cal 
Batata baroa 1 pires de chá (100g) 126 cal
Batata-doce assada unidade (100g) 143 cal
Batata-doce frita unidade (100g) 368 cal
Batata-doce roxa assada unidade (100g) 95 cal
Batata Inglesa unidade (100g) 86 cal
Batata inglesa frita 1 pires de chá (100g) 274 cal
Batata palha frita 1 porção (70g) 220 cal
Berinjela unidade (250g) 49 cal
Berinjela em conserva c/ azeite 1 c. sopa (20g) 46 cal
Beterraba 1 pequena (100g) 49 cal
Beterraba cozida 1 pequena (100g) 45 cal
Bredo/caruru cozido ½ xíc. chá (65g) 10 cal
Brócolis 1 pires de chá (80g) 23 cal
Broto de abóbora 1 pires de chá (60g) 19 cal
Broto de bambu 1 xíc. chá (70g) 17 cal
Broto de chuchu 1 xíc. chá (60g) 33 cal
Broto de feijão 1 xíc. chá (70g) 44 cal
Broto de feijão refogado 1 xíc. chá (120g) 20 cal
Broto de trigo cru 1 xíc. chá (110g) 110 cal
Cambuquira 1 pires de chá (100g) 36 cal
Cará cozido 2 unidades (100g) 120 cal
Carne de soja 1c. de sopa (20g) 22 cal
Cfebola unidade (100g) 32 cal
Cebola cozida unidade (100g) 41 cal
Cenoura unidade (150g) 75 cal
Cenoura cozida unidade (100g) 43 cal
Cenoura em coserva 1 c. de sopa (20g) 8 cal
Chicória 1 pires de chá (100g) 21 cal
Chuchu maduro ½ unidade (100g) 91 cal
Cogumelo em conserva 1 c. sopa (20g) 3 cal
Cogumelos cozidos 1 xíc. chá (80g) 20 cal
Cogumelo fresco médio 1 c. sopa (20g) 4 cal
Cogumelos Shiitake cozidos unidade (50g) 30 cal
Coração de Alcachofra unidade (15g) 3 cal
Couve-chinesa cozida 1 xíc. chá (170g) 20 cal 
Couve-de-bruxelas 1 pires de chá (100g) 19 cal
Couve-flor cozida 3 flores (100g) 40 cal
Couve-manteiga 1 pires de chá (100g) 55 cal
Couve rábano cozida 1 xíc. chá (85g) 20 cal
Couve-tronchuda 1 maço (100g) 20 cal
Ervilha em conserva 1 c. sopa (20g) 19 cal 
Ervilha em Lata Cica 1 c. sopa (20g) 22 cal
Ervilha seca 1 c. sopa (20g) 72 cal
Ervilha vagem verde 1 pires chá (100g) 39 cal
Escarola 2 folhas (20g) 7 cal
Espinafre 1 pires de chá 38 cal
Espinafre enlatado 1 pires de chá (50g) 10 cal
Fava cozida 1 xíc chá (80g) 100 cal
Feijão branco graúdo cru 1 c. sopa (20g) 69 cal
Feijão branco Miúdo 1 c. sopa (20g) 72 cal
Feijão cozido e desidratado 1 c. sopa (20g) 78 cal
Feijão fradinho 1 c. sopa (25g) 82 cal
Feijão jalo 1 c. sopa (25g) 88 cal
Feijão mulatinho 1 c. sopa (25g) 88 cal
Feijão preto cozido 1 c. sopa (25g) 83 cal
Feijão rosinha 1 c. sopa (20g) 69 cal
Feijão roxinho 1 c. sopa (20g) 70 cal
Folhas de batata-doce cozidas 1 xíc. chá (180g) 90 cal
Folhas de beterraba cozidas 1 xíc. chá (140g) 40 cal
folhas de nabo cozidas 1 xíc. chá (140g) 20 cal
Folhas de mostarda cozidas 1 xíc. chá (140g) 20 cal
Gengibre 1 fatia (6g) 2 cal
Grão-de-bico 1 c. sopa (20g) 69 cal
Grão-de-bico cozido 1 c. sopa (15g) 46 cal
Inhame unidade (150g) 170 cal
Inhame cozido unidade (130g) 190 cal
Jiló 5 unidades (100g) 38 cal
Lentilha cozida 1 c. sopa (20g) 39 cal
mandioca cozida 1 pires de chá (100g) 119 cal
Mandioca frita 1 pires de chá (100g) 352 cal
Mandioquinha Unidade (100g) 125 cal
Milho de canjica 1 c. sopa (15g) 55 cal
Milho em lata Cica 1 c. sopa (15g) 17 cal
Milho em lata Swift 1 c. sopa (15g) 15 cal
Milho de pipoca Yoki 1 xíc chá (150g) 233cal 
Milho verde 1 c. sopa (15g) 49 cal
Milho verde cozido unidade média 320 cal
Missô/massa de soja 1 c. sopa (18g) 40 cal
Mostarda chinesa (folha) 1 pires de chá (50g) 15 cal
Mostarda crespa (folha cozida) 1 pires de chá (50g) 14 cal
Nabo 1 pires de chá (100g) 35 cal
Nabo cozido ½ xíc.chá (70g) 10 cal
Nabo Daikon ½ xíc. chá (50g) 9 cal
Palmito cru 1 pires de chá (100g) 26cal 
Palmito em conserva 1 pires de chá (100g) 27 cal
Pepino cru c/ casca unidade (150g) 21 cal
Pepino cru s/ casca unidade (150g) 5 cal
Pepino em salmoura ½ unidade (100g) 12 cal
Pimentão verde  2 unidades (100g) 29 cal
Pimentão verde cozido 2 unidades (100g) 31 cal
Pinhão cozido unidade 10 cal
Quiabo 1 pires de chá (100g) 39 cal
Quiabo cozido 10 unidades (100g) 30 cal
Rabanete 1 pires de chá (100g) 16 cal
Raiz de lótus 5 fatias (50g) 30 cal
Repolho 1 pires de chá (100g) 25cal 
Repolho cozido 1 xíc. chá (100g) 20cal 
Seleta de legumes Cica 1 c. sopa (20g) 16 cal
Soja cozida ½ xíc. chá (85g) 160 cal
Tomate cozido unidade (100g) 18 cal
Tomate francês unidade (100g) 29 cal
Tomate maduro unidade (100g) 20 cal
Tomate morango unidade (100g) 61 cal
Tomate verde unidade (100g) 25 cal
Vagem comum 1 pires de chá (100g) 42 cal
Vagem cozida 1 pires de chá (100g) 40⁠⁠⁠⁠cal


Missoshiru 250 ml 71,90 CAL
Yakimeshi 170 g 318,28 cal
Gohan 170 g 248,20 cal
Harumaki de carne 1 unid 132,50 cal
Saladinha oriental 250 g 74,90 cal
Kaki ague camarão 1 unid 153,58 cal
Guioza 5 unid 338,66 cal
niguiri peixe estação 2 unid 71,68 cal
niguiri kani 2 unid 92,22 cal
niguiri salmão 2 unid 97,70 cal
niguiri camarão 2 unid 79,61 cal
niguri atum 2 unid 85,96 cal
niguiri skin 2 unid 74,19 cal
sashimi kani 5 unid 76,60 cal
sashimi salmão 5 unid 90,85 cal
sashimi atum 5 unid 73,00 cal
temaki kani 1 unid 145,39 cal
temaki califórnia 1 unid 155,52 cal
temaki salmão 1 unid 166,01 cal
temaki skin 1 unid 176,58 cal
temaki atum 1 unid 164,49 cal
temaki camarão 1 unid 107,54cal 
kappamaki 8 unid 150,89 cal
kanimaki 8 unid 161,25 cal
Tekamaki 8 unid 172,60 cal
sakemaki 8 unid 168,51 cal
skin uramaki 8 unid 239,76 cal
califórnia uramaki 8 unid 214,14 cal
tuna uramaki 8 unid 301,82 cal
sake uramaki 8 unid 266,24cal
hot roll tataki 6 unid 304,86 cal
califórnia roll 8 unid 452,43 cal
yasai maki 8 unid 229,75 cal
sushi domburi executivo 10 unid 315,56 cal
sushi domburi especial 16 unid 480,68 cal
enrolados domburi simples 12 unid 338,96cal 
enrolados domburi especial 16 unid 479,88 cal
sashimi domburi 12 unid 162,89 cal
combinado domburi 15 unid 409,26cal 
boat domburi 2P 36 unid 1016,06 cal
boat salmão 2P 38 unid 1127,03 cal
Sushi jyo 16 unid 522,82 cal
Sashimi Jyo 14 unid 171,24 cal
Combinado Salmão Jyo 18 unid 648,52 cal
Combinado Jyo 19 unid 629,38 cal
Boat Especial 2 36 unid 1043,30 cal
Boat Especial Salmão 36 unid 1232,34cal
Boat Especial 3 50 unid 1393,24 192,74cal
Yakissoba   767,11 cal
Yakissoba vegetariano   671,80 cal
Yakissoba camarão   814,50 cal
Tempurá   1155,53 cal
Tempurá misto   1197,20 cal
Frango domburi   807,80 cal
Yasai itame domburi   632,60 cal
Frango Tempurá   712,90 cal
Yakituna   874,00 cal
Salmão   687,40 cal
Yakicostela   765,70cal 
Yaki Sushi   560,00 cal
Hot Sushi   387,10 cal
Tuna Sushi   359,00 cal
Temaki Sushi   311,90 cal
Harumaki de banana 1 unid 193,74⁠⁠⁠⁠ cal


Geléia de morango diet “Queensberry” 22cal 1 colher(es) sopa
Achocolatado diet  35cal  1 colher sopa
Suspiro 37cal  1 unidade média  
Gelatina de morango 39cal  1 taça (porção)
Ameixa em calda  44cal  3 unidades
Geléia de morango  49cal  1 colher sopa
Flan de baunilha  51cal   1 taça (porção)
Ambrosia 52cal  1 colher sopa  
Bolacha de chocolate 52cal  1 unidade
Açúcar mascavo 54cal  1 colher(es) sopa
Fondue de chocolate  55cal  1 colher sopa
Maria-mole  55cal  1 pedaço (porção)
Amendoa confeitada  56cal  1 colher sopa  
Chantily  56cal 1 colher(es) sopa
Calda de morango  59cal  1 e ½ colher sopa
Açúcar refinado 60cal  1 colher(es) sopa
Baba de moça 60cal  1 colher(es) sopa  
Olho-de-sogra 60cal  1 unidade
Picolé de uva  60cal  1 unidade
Xarope de milho  60cal  1 colher(es) sopa
Brigadeiro  61cal  1 colher sopa
Calda de chocolate  61cal  1 e ½ colher sopa
Calda de caramelo  61cal  1 e ½ colher sopa
Achocolatado light “Nescau” 64cal  2 colher(es) sopa
Beijinho  64cal  1 colher sopa
Mel de abelhas 64cal  1 colher(es) sopa
Leite condensado “Nestlé” 65cal  1 colher(es) sopa
Arroz-doce 66cal  1 colher(es) sopa
Cajuzinho “Nestlé” 69cal  1 colher(es) sopa
Mousse de maracujá 71cal  1 colher(es) sopa
Achocolatado “Ovomaltine” 74cal  2 colher sopa
Muffin “Oetker” 74cal  1 unidade
Achocolatado “Nescau” 75cal  2 colher(es)
Cereja em calda  76cal   1 colher(es) sopa  
Bolacha recheada 80cal  1 unidade
Cacau em pó “Garoto” 81cal  2 colher sopa
Torrone de amendoim  81cal  1 unidade peq.
Pé-de- moleque 87cal  1 unidade peq.
Picole de coco “Kibon” 88cal  1 unidade
Chantilly caseiro 89cal  1 colher(es) sopa  
Barra de biscoito com recheio de banana “Bauducco” 95cal  1 unidade
Bomba de chocolate 97cal  1 unidade média
Sorvete de morango “Kibon” 98cal 1 bola
Farofa doce 99cal  1/2 colher(es) sopa
Pêssego em calda  99cal  3 unidades
Algodão doce 100cal  1 unidade  
Brigadeiro 100cal  1 unidade
Fios de ovos  100cal  2 colher(es) sopa
Picolé  102cal  1 unidade
Sorvete de creme 102cal  1 bola
Marrom glacê  104cal  1 fatia
Creme de avelã  105cal  1 colher(es) sopa
Paçoca (de rolha)  107cal  1 unidade
Marzipã  109cal  1 unidade peq.
Bananada  112cal  1 unidade
Sorvete de chocolate  112cal  1 bola
Sagu de morango  114cal  2 colher sopa
Mil-folhas 117cal 100g 1 fatia

Creme de amendoim  121cal   1 colher(es) sopa 

Sorvete de flocos  121cal  1 bola
Torta de limão  126cal  1 fatia (porção)
Donuts de doce de leite  131cal  1 unidade
Goiabada 132cal  1 fatia
Pastel de Santa Clara 143cal  1 unidade
Torta mousse de chocolate  144cal  1 fatia (porção)
Doce de leite caseiro 145cal  1 colher sopa
Figo em calda  151cal  4 unidades
Pavê de chocolate 154cal  1 pedaço médio  
Creme de abacate 156cal  1 taça
Brownie  172cal  1 fatia (porção)
Doce de abóbora  172cal  1 pedaço médio
Manjar de coco c/ calda de ameixa  178cal  1 fatia
Torta de morango 184cal  1 fatia
Bolo de chocolate  189cal  1 fatia (porção)
Profiteroles  191cal  1 unidade
Brigadeirão 195cal  1 fatia  
Rapadura 204cal  1 pedaço médio
Canjica 205 cal 1 xíc. chá
Queijadinha caseira 206cal  1 unidade média
Bolo de fubá 207cal   1 fatia (porção)
Torta holandesa  214cal  1 fatia (porção)
Bolo de coco  215cal  1 fatia (porção)
Petit Gateau  216cal  1 unidade
Bolo de cenoura sem cobertura 227cal  1 fatia média
Torta de banana “McDonald?s” 228cal  1 unidade
Panettone com Frutas Light  231cal  1 fatia grande
Torta de maçã “McDonald?s” 237cal  1 unidade
Bolo de aipim com coco 243cal  1 fatia média
Quindim  243cal  1 fatia (porção)
Ovos nevados 245cal  2 colher sopa
Merengue de limão 255cal  1 fatia fina
Sundae morango “Mc Donald’s” 273cal  1 unidade
Panettone com Frutas 289cal  1 fatia grande
Bolo de milho 290cal  1 fatia
Panettone com Damasco e Uva Passa Village 292cal  1 fatia grande
Mousse chocolate 300cal 1 taça
Rabanada 300cal  1 fatia
Panetone 302cal  1 fatia grande
Sundae chocolate “Mc Donald’s” 302cal  1 unidade  
Chocotone 322cal  1 fatia grande  
Pudim de leite com calda de caramelo 323cal  1 fatia média
Chocotone Classic Nestlé 326cal  1 fatia grande
Salada de frutas com açúcar 329cal  1 taça
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Fantasy Tropes in ASOIAF: The Lord of the Rings, the Wars of the Roses, and ‘the Rightful King Returns’

Martin’s ASOIAF has been openly acknowledged to draw from the Wars of the Roses (among other historical events), which can be found especially clearly in Westeros’s War of the Five Kings. Martin’s debt to Tolkien and other high fantasy classics is also acknowledged and plain to see throughout the series. If we can comfortably draw this parallel from Westeros to England to Gondor, what does it say about the nature of Martin’s storytelling and the way he will ultimately conclude his tale? My thesis is that state collapse will be avoided and the Seven Kingdoms will, like England and Gondor before them, be once again united under a monarch who will come to be viewed by the people as the only rightful ruler.

The Wars of the Roses was the cap to an incredibly bloody couple centuries of warfare in England. The end of these wars is generally considered as the cut-off date for the end of the medieval period in England and the beginning of the English Renaissance, which culminated in the rule of Elizabeth I. Feudalism declined, the power of the nobility was weakened, and the power of the monarchy and the merchant classes grew, all of which were considered factors in England emerging from a ‘dark age’ of endless civil conflicts and into a new, more enlightened and (comparatively) peaceful era under the dynasty founded by the ‘rightful’ king Henry VII.

Historians can and do debate this assessment, but it’s essentially the story that our historical consciousness has decided on, and it’s a powerful one. You can see the resonance of this trope today in the number of fantasy stories that draw on the narrative of ‘the rightful king returns and brings peace to his warring realm.’ This is the overarching political plot of Lord of the Rings, which similarly sees Aragorn take the throne and, as part of the happy ending, guide his country towards a new, enlightened age of peace and plenty. The trope doesn’t seem to originate in the Wars of the Roses - the legend of King Arthur predates it, for example - but it’s telling that Martin chose as one of his primary historical sources an event that so closely maps onto this most classic of fantasy endings.

As I’ve said before, my basic reading of Martin’s work is that ASOIAF is a deconstruction of fantasy tropes that will be ultimately followed by a reconstruction. Martin isn’t writing in order to utterly disprove the foundations of all fantasy stories - he’s a realist, not a nihilist. What he’s doing, instead, is showing his readers ‘how the sausage gets made.’ He has taken the most classic tropes of high fantasy and demonstrated how they would really play out in a world where logic and consequences apply. In Tolkien’s work, we have the magical Elves and the lost glories of their ancient civilizations that our heroes look back on in wonder; in Martin’s work, we have the lost civilization of Old Valyria, which was similarly glorious and peopled by yet another magical, inhumanly beautiful noble class - but which was also a ruthless imperial power that ended countless innocent lives in its conquests and built its glories off the backs of slaves. Tolkien’s version is the bard’s romanticized telling; Martin’s version is the historical reality of empire.

I don’t compare the two authors to criticize Tolkien - who was creating something quite different from Martin and creating it very well - but rather because setting them up side by side can illuminate a lot of what Martin is trying to do with Tolkien’s legacy. In Martin’s world, Tolkien’s mystical, mythological stories still exist, but they exist in the songs of the poets’ that his characters are constantly contrasting with the grim reality of their actual lives. And the events that his poets sing these pretty songs about are likewise always revealed to be based on yet another grim reality. Stories romanticize by their very nature; this doesn’t necessarily make them false, but it does make them fatally incomplete as reliable sources on the past. This is why Martin constantly makes reference to the difference between the two, and why his books are so overpopulated with diverse, often conflicting songs and legends. The gap we see again and again between the truth and the telling of it isn’t a byproduct of his worldbuilding - it is very much the point.

These songs and legends serve the same purpose that Martin’s deliberately biased POV chapters serve - they function to make his readers question the narrative we are given, to teach us that the truth is a slippery concept and that, in Martin’s words, “every villain is the hero of their own story.” Martin doesn’t want trusting readers - he wants us suspicious and doubting. His strategy of inserting these constant small conflicts between one character’s version of events and another’s, or one song’s version of the past and another’s, is one of the ways he is training us to become so.

The in-universe Song of Ice and Fire, the Westerosi story of the War of the Five Kings and the events that followed, is going to be told and retold by poets and singers in the Seven Kingdoms for centuries to come. It will grow more romanticized and less accurate in every retelling, and the true motivations and actions of many characters will be lost or distorted, and the true ugliness and brutality of all the conflicts we’ve seen will be forgotten in favor of the glamor of beautiful queens and rightful kings, fantastical dragons and epic swordfights. These elements are not lies, of course - we do have beautiful queens and rightful kings and dragons and swordfights - but without the context of the surrounding people and events it is impossible to understand them properly. And history won’t understand them properly. But readers of ASOIAF will understand them, because we are the only ones who know the full story. The result is a sophisticated analysis on the nature of storytelling itself, particularly as it pertains to the construction of historical narratives and the cultural values that both inform and result from these efforts.

This is why Martin’s efforts at deconstructing fantasy tropes cannot be separated from his efforts to reconstruct them. He has to take them apart to show why they fail - to show why Robb was murdered despite his honorable intentions, or why Robert was a good rebel leader but a terrible king. But he also has to put them back together again if he wants to show the gritty reality of why tropes sometimes work - why a loving and loyal family unit like the Tyrells has an advantage over the constantly feuding Lannisters and Baratheons, or why Cersei’s clumsy efforts to rule by fear alone are an ultimately self-defeating political strategy.

This is why I believe that the ending of ASOIAF will follow the standard fantasy path of seeing the country peacefully reunited under the ‘rightful’ monarch: because if Martin doesn’t do this, he can’t spend his last book exploring all the ways in which this clean and pretty conclusion is neither clean nor pretty - but in which it is still, in the end, the best option available for the people of the Seven Kingdoms as a whole. State collapse is always a violent and destructive process, and the Seven Kingdoms reverting back to seven independent countries would necessarily involve economic devastation on a huge scale. One of the major ideas of this series is that the politics and wars of the nobility, no matter how exciting and dramatic and even at times honorable in intent, always hurt the smallfolk and result in the deaths and suffering of thousands. Another, subsequent major idea is that real heroes are the ones who try to stop this from happening. Thus, it seems unlikely that any of the more or less ‘heroic’ characters we’ve been following so far would deliberately contribute to state collapse, nor that they wouldn’t take steps to prevent it if given the opportunity.

State collapse would also fail to deliver on the major epic fantasy themes which the series has so far been faithfully following. Martin drew heavily from the Wars of the Roses in particular because he is explicity writing a fantasy-version of those events - a real, in-universe horrific conflict that later generations will come to view in romanticized terms as the end of an era and a turning point for their own country’s future. The new-and-improved dynasty will most likely involve increased centralization of the state and the monarchy, a diminishment of the nobility’s power, and the first step in the evolution from feudalism to a more advanced economic and political system. This is the practical, unidealized reality of Tolkien’s ending, and the answer Martin wrote to his own question: “what is Aragorn’s tax policy?” ASOIAF is about what happens when an author takes that question seriously - and it’s a question that can’t be definitively answered until you have an Aragorn-style monarch on the throne.

09.11.17 New Washi Tapes!

I absolutely love these new washi tapes that I got! I can’t wait to use them for a new spread :D On another note, study has been getting better ever since I dragged my lazy self to the library! I’ve got one and a half weeks to go, so i’m going to try my best! I will try and prepare a queue of posts during the week prior to the exams. 

🎼 Playing with Fire - Blackpink (I have found this strangely good for studying)


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07/11 APUSH Masterpost
06/11 How Your ATAR is Calculated Infographic
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[SCENARIO] GardenFairy!Wonwoo

Just because I toooOoOoOtally don’t have 104398234 other works in progress……… :) I’m sorry this ended up way longer than I’d intended for it to be AHH the idea stemmed from a small talk between Hoshit and I, what the hell happened??

((((Also heavily featuring Mingyu because Meanie is life))))


Originally posted by jihanmeanietrash

  • okay so lets just say
  • Wonwoo’s a garden fairy that’s only five inches tall
  • With wings
  • He can shapeshift himself into a human-sized entity, but that kind of drains his powers a lot, so he tries his best to stay fairy-sized for as long as necessary
  • This tiny winged boi has been guarding this patch of grass at the back of a small single-story terrace house for the longest time. 
  • His calling is to care for the gardens of the one that lives in the house
  • But the house has been left uninhabited for almost a dozen years
  • Wonwoo’s just left to wander about the fields
  • Yunno, just to make sure they stay healthy and green
  • He can’t really leave too, since it’s basically the sole purpose of his existence
  • Eventually gets too lazy and/or tired to tend to the weeds that are overwhelming the plot
  • Potential tenants enter the house with the landlord, but most of the time they leave without any promise to return
  • He even gets disdainful glares from the women when they glance out at the untended garden
  • But it’s not his fault…
  • It gets really lonely sometime and he gets unmotivated to carry out his job especially since there’s no one there to help him
  • Anyway

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A commentator who relentlessly assaults the entire status quo of a society, but does not offer a clear and specific alternative is not a thinker but a vandal.

Tearing down a building because its design is unideal does not somehow   spontaneously lead to the erection of a new building with a better design; it leads to a pile of rubble.

Labyrinth Fanfiction Recs/Send me recs!!!!

I haven’t made a rec post in awhile (sorry!), but I recently read a long and really amazing fic and I wanted to share it. Also, as shocking as this may sound, there comes a point where you’ve read so much fic in a fandom, that you have trouble picking new things to read, so please send me recs, including your own work! I would love to read what you’re reading/writing. So, I’m going to recommend some fics here and I hope that I receive some recs in return. Also, these are all stories that I think deserve wayyyyy more love than they’re currently getting, so please thank me for these recs by leaving reviews for the authors!

The Once and Future Queen by Snm100

Status: Complete

Rating: T

Okay, this is the story that was the impetus for this post if I’m being completely honest. The premise is that on the day of each Fae’s birth, their name and their future titles appear in a magical, heavily guarded book, and when Jareth is born, the name Sarah appears next to his. The first few chapters function as a semi-prequel, but then the rest of the story is a continuation of the moive. I really, really loved this fic. I found the concept to be super original, the world-building was superb, and Jareth was the perfect blend of snarky, flirty, and kind (not a common trait for him, but it worked really well).  She’s writing a sequel right now, so I’m definitely really interested to see how she expands on the world from here on out.

Of Goblins and Kings by Storms in my Coffee

Status: In progress

Rating: M

This is a rare Labyrinth AU fic. The author placed the story in an ambiguous time/place period that feels vaguely industrial era to me, though I couldn’t for the life of me explain why, however it’s quite clearly not modern. So far, the story has been a re-telling of Labyrinth BUT at the same time, it’s kind of like a prequel because we learn how the Labyrinth was created and how different creatures came about through this story. Unlike the movie, this story takes a much darker take on Labyrinth, which says a lot. Also Sarah’s older, which means, you guessed it, far more explicit romance. It’s basically the Labyrinth everyone wanted when they grew up.

Impossible Key by PhantomBove

Status: In progress

Rating: M

This is actually another Labyrinth AU, which probably belies my earlier point of Labyrinth AU fics being rare, but whatever. We all know it’s true. Anyway, this story is a sequel but it takes place in late 1700s, England, which is a really fascinating decision that I have never seen before in this fandom. In this fic, Sarah is a lower class working woman, and due to her financial situation she is stuck in a economically beneficial yet romnatically unideal engagement to a wealthy man. Cue strange, somewhat sexual dreams about a pair of eyes belonging to a man she doesn’t quite recognize and some #confusion. Just… read it. You’ll thank me later. Content warnings: abusive fathers, alcoholism, and sexual assault (Jareth is not the assailant, just to be clear. I’m not into dubcon/rape fics)

i promise ☆ zelo scenario

word count: 1,991

skydive au series: yongguk - himchan - daehyun - youngjae - jongup - zelo

Originally posted by bydinh

It was the last thing you’d ever thought you’d be doing; working as a bartender at a club owned by one of Seoul’s most prominent gangs; serving some of the most powerful men in the entire country.

Associating yourself with these types of people, working late into the night. You knew it was bad. You knew it was dangerous.

But you didn’t have a choice. In your mind, being able to get a college education was something worth the risk. And if you had to work in unideal conditions in order to make tuition money, then so be it.

“____, refill this for me will ya?” your boss’ gruff voice boomed as cigarette smoke filled the air.

“Yes sir,” you approached him, never able to look him in the eyes as you took the glass from his hand.

It was 4 AM, the club long past closing time. It was merely you, your boss, and two of his right-hand men. They always stayed late, and you were forced to stay as long as they were there.

You walked over to the bar, taking a bottle of scotch of the shelf and pouring the glass half-full before you hearing a bang on the door.

“Who the hell his that?” you heard your boss yell, commanding one of his men to answer the door.

Mere seconds later, you heard gunshots. Several of them, coming one after another.

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Exhale Desire

Summary: Logan doesn’t hate Roman as much as he should // Inspired by Car Radio by TOP

Warnings- vague descriptions of rough sex but no actual sex, brief mention of blood, fighting, unrequited love

WC: 866

Read on AO3

At the very core, Logan is a dreamer, just as Roman is. All his passion for learning and drive to understand, demolish, and rebuild come from his own distinct creativity that Roman simply doesn’t have. It’s raw and unpolished, unpublished, and built from the ground up by an innate desire for knowledge. One could say his private dreams are more realistic than Roman’s; they almost always come to fruition, while Roman’s are a fifty-fifty chance. Sometimes, Logan thinks that Roman knows it, and that causes some of their less than necessary fights.

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I’ve missed posting a few of these milestones, but thank you so much for following me! Please continue to send in lots of questions! It’s always great answering them :) Look forward to many more in the future ^_^


My study tips directory (web only) for the full list (over 60+ original posts/guides!)


07/11 APUSH Masterpost
06/11 How Your ATAR is Calculated Infographic
04/11 Reading a Scientific Journal Article 📜
02/11 Tips: Tackling Assignments while Sick 🤒
30/10 Tips for Writing Faster 🖊️
29/10 Self Study Tips 📔
26/10 Staying Productive No Matter How Much Time You Have 🕖

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There are several things unideal in my life right now - but the view from my room is not one of them. Thank you all for your good wishes and encouragement regarding the move! Bad news as far as this blog is concerned is that I could only take my laptop to the new place and that I don’t have proper internet. So I may not be very active on here for the next few months.

Let's talk about insecurity for a moment

If your approach to a girl is something along the lines of

“I haven’t gotten anywhere with sexy hot fit girls so I figured I’d try going for someone more like you”

“Hot girls make me nervous, I can feel more comfortable around someone like you” and etc..

Then I’m not surprised that your dick is still dry, Since I and many other women know what it’s like to be truly admired, respected, and adored by someone, Then.. wouldn't we also be settling as much as yourself in this situation?

So let’s talk about insecurity for a moment, we’ve all heard the sentence ~you have to love yourself first before you can love someone else~ (or anything alike to that), And I believe people are often hearing it wrong, Most people hear it as a statement saying “I come first, I must mend my own wounds before I give myself away, I deserve better, to be whole before I try to strain myself by giving so much to another” But I say It’s not a sentence to keep in mind for just yourself.. But rather it’s for the other person just as equally, You can NOT be in a healthy relationship that is fueled by insecurity and un-fulfillment, Simply accepting that you will be throwing your darkness onto another person who does truly care for you just because you crave love and body warmth is absolutely selfish and inconsiderate.

Now to bring it back to my first example, Yes sure it’s pretty rude, we all get that, and we all feel that when someone has approached us this way, if there was a sentence that could turn a person off at a speed so incredibly fast that it would confuse science itself, Then this is it. Now it’s not bothersome because someone said they don’t find you to be the most attractive, I honestly couldn’t care less about that since it’s very unideal that any 1 person would be everyone’s universal type, That’s just not how life or people work and it’s perfectly natural, Lust and attraction is a shape shifter depending on the individual,

But what is wrong is that someone’s wants are not being fullfiled do to insecurity so they go for what they can feel unchallenged to approach, aka someone they are not attracted to, This is not a being who seeks growth or improvement in their lives to get what they desire. For everyone’s sake be with those who you adore, be with those who satisfy, find passion and stop wasting everyones time