Portrait of Ulysses S. Grant (sitting at table wearing a top hat) posing with officers on the deck of an unidentified ship, c. 1860’s. By the Littleton View Company. Animated stereoview.


The International Cryptozoology Museum

The International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine preserves and presents a collection of unique cryptids to the public. Cryptozoology is the study of hidden or unknown animals. These are usually larger zoological species that, to-date, remain unverified by science, such as Yetis, Bigfoot, lake monsters, and sea serpents, as well as hundreds of other yet-to-be-found animals (cryptids) worldwide.

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Registro Secreto – OVNIS Dublado HD

Registro Secreto - OVNIs ou (Secret Access: UFO’s On The Record), exibido no History Channel, este documentário é um importante registro, dando o que falar e jogando os fatos bem na cara daqueles que alegam a não veracidade das visitações OVNIs no mundo.