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imagine the clone wars snapchat stories tho

I….tried?? But then I got distracted???



[Camera zooms in on a faraway figure in the middle of a rainforest who wears the distinctive blue trim that marks them as part of the 501st Battalion. The figure is writhing on the ground in either pain or discomfort as at least a dozen small, furry, unidentifiable animals run up, down, and across their body.]

Unknown brother, from behind the camera: “This is our newest recruit, our little brother Dogma. Best quality? His wiggles.”



[Camera on selfie-mode shows Fives, Echo, Hardcase, Jesse, and Kix all crowded together, clearly trying not to laugh and failing miserably.]

Caption: @Battalion212 Send help, we’re D Y I NG!!

[Camera angle reverses to peer around a doorframe at Captain Rex, who stands in front of a mirror, pulling nervously at the long brown cloak he wears. The rest of his outfit is obscured, but his silhouette shows he isn’t wearing armor.]




[Captain Rex of the 501st, on the bridge of the Resolute, stands at parade rest next to the holo-projector. Generals Kenobi and Skywalker are deep in discussion in the foreground but the camera is clearly focused on the Captain, who wears the distinctive beige tunic, pants, and boots of a Jedi, as well as a long brown cloak. The hilt of a lightsaber hangs from a belt around his waist. He is visibly uncomfortable.

The wheezing and choking sounds of several brothers laughing so hard they can no longer breathe properly comes from behind the camera.]




[A zoomed-in shot of General Anakin Skywalker leading Captain Rex of the 501st, dressed as a Jedi, through a lightsaber kata. Captain Rex’s blade is emerald in color.
Several men behind the camera are audibly snickering.]

Caption: I think the General is having a little too much fun with his new “Commander”



[Captain Rex, now alone, moves quickly and confidently through the kata General Skywalker had been demonstrating in the last video.

Camera pans slightly to the right and zooms in further to show General Kenobi watching from near the doorway on the opposite side of the training room, looking very red in the face as he watches Captain Rex.

Camera zooms out so that both men are in the shot, right as Captain Rex finishes the kata and leans down to grab a bottle of water and dump it over his own head. General Kenobi immediately about-faces and quickly leaves the room.]

Unknown brother, from behind the camera: “… What. The fuck.”



[Sitting in the armory, General Skywalker is seen quietly explaining to Captain Rex how to care for “his” lightsaber. General Kenobi sits slightly apart from them, occasionally chiming in.

General Kenobi’s face turns very red once again when General Skywalker starts demonstrating the proper way to polish the hilt and Captain Rex begins to vigorously copy him.]

Unknown brother, from behind the camera: [Inhales very sharply.]

[Camera switches to selfie-mode to reveal Fives. He stares into the camera for several seconds with a very wide grin and pointedly raised eyebrows.]

Caption: Brings a whole new meaning to “equipment maintenance” eh??

Animated stereoview portrait of a group of African Americans posing in front of a house on a plantation on Fort George Island, Florida, c. 1800’s.

Source: New York Public Library.

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I'm here to talk about autistic head canons for DGHDA

Okay SO.

I headcanon a bunch of DGHDA characters as autistic so I’m just gonna babble about them for a bit.

Autistic Dirk:

He’s very verbal, but not always very good at following social “rules” of conversations. A lot of times he will respond to people with completely unrelated information. He gets very anxious about what he says in social situations, and then he ends up babbling way too much (as opposed to Todd, who shuts down and doesn’t want to talk when he gets anxious). He also uses really obscure metaphors and gets idioms mixed up (like bringing a knife to a gun fight).

He dedicates a lot of executive functioning to appearing okay even when he isn’t. That’s part of the reason he dresses so specifically. It helps him appear a certain way and it makes it a little easier to do when he wouldn’t have executive functioning to pick out a completely different outfit every day.

But sometimes all of that means he doesn’t have executive function to do things like remembering when to eat and sleep and generally take care of himself.

He doesn’t really know how to whisper.

He used to stim all the time, but he was never allowed in Blackwing. Now he’s learning that it’s okay to stim.

Autistic Farah:

Part of the reason she is so dedicated to the Spring family was because Patrick and Catherine were really influential in giving her the resources to get diagnosed.

She stims by loading and unloading her gun.

She talks (mostly to herself) in Morse code when nonverbal. It always surprises her when someone understands what she’s saying/responds.

She loves to pressure stim.

Autistic Bart:

A lot of her stims are verbal. She loves to yell/scream/laugh/whatever. She talks to herself constantly. Having Ken around is nice because someone finally talks back.

She has to be moving constantly in order to take in any information whatsoever. If she’s sitting still she can’t focus.

She isn’t good at executive functioning and that’s okay!

She doesn’t really pay attention to the people around her who aren’t her targets. She’s a little bit face blind and also has trouble reading expressions. Eventually Ken learns to be more straightforward in talking about his feelings to her and it helps her a lot.

Autistic Rowdy Three:

They are the best at helping each other through meltdowns.

Gripps goes nonverbal a lot. No one ever asks him to speak when he can’t.

Sometimes Martin and Cross stim in self-injurious ways when upset. Vogle and Gripps help them by finding other ways to stim that are safer.

Vogle is very sensitive to textures. He is very tactile and loves to touch everything. He will also stop what he is doing at literally any time to pet a dog or a cat. He has accidentally been the subject of four separate viral internet photos of an unidentified punk petting small animals.

Cross loves to take things apart and put them back together. Usually the things he puts back together work better than they did before.

Cross and Gripps are both somewhat alexithymic.

Mysterious Marine Threat Neutralized By Silly Name

Submarine crews in the Arctic and Atlantic have reported hearing strange noises similar to the sound a frog makes while submerged. Nicknamed the “Quacker” by Soviet crews, these sounds manifested only when the submarines would pass certain areas. It was discovered during the Cold War thanks to new technology made to pick up suspicious signals emerging from the depths of the ocean. Since the Americans and Russians took great pains to hide their submarines from each other, it was assumed the noise was coming from some type of hidden submarine detection technology. However, the evidence showed otherwise.

The truly bizarre thing about the quacker was that the sound would actually react to the submarines. It would avoid the submarines, move and circle around them, and elude sonar. It was concluded that the origin of the quacker couldn’t be another vessel as the speed of the quacker was around 200 km/h. These sounds faded in the 1980s, and while theories ranging from unidentified marine animals to aliens to secret military technology have been proposed, none have offered a solid explanation.


The International Cryptozoology Museum

The International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine preserves and presents a collection of unique cryptids to the public. Cryptozoology is the study of hidden or unknown animals. These are usually larger zoological species that, to-date, remain unverified by science, such as Yetis, Bigfoot, lake monsters, and sea serpents, as well as hundreds of other yet-to-be-found animals (cryptids) worldwide.

Koga: “Apparently there is a creature called ‘girlfriend’ in this world, have you ever seen one?”
Teshima: “Nice try lolol, it’s already been established long ago that something like that doesn’t exist lololol.”
Aoyagi: “Kimitaka… you lack information.”
Imaizumi: “Are you guys talking about Unidentified Mysterious Animals?”

Articles: Yeti

The following is an article by BBC News about the potential true identity of the Yeti.

Research by a British scientist has concluded that the legendary Himalayan yeti may in fact be a sub-species of brown bear.

Keep reading