unidentified sea creature

UFOs, Unidentified Flying Object: potential aliens, cool, mystery, can beam me tf up 10/10

USCs, Unidentified Sea Creatures: less fun, lots of weird blubber and nightmares, Too Big, will pay to not abduct me, 6/10


Monster creature fished(by fished I mean, shot with an arrow) out of New Jersey’s waters.

This unidentified creature is thought to be a sea lamprey. It has thick bloody lips that sorround jagged sharp teeth. Sea Lamprey usually tend to up around 3ft long, so either this creature is a very large specimen or something different all together.

No matter what it is, nothing good comes from New Jersey.


Strange Sea-Creature with Horns

The decomposed remains of a strange sea-creature washed up on shoreline of Luis Siret Beach in Villaricos, Spain. A woman first discovered the head of the creature and later found the rest of its body. All together it Stretched to about 13 feet. There was wide-spread speculation among people as to what it could be. People speculated everything from sea dragons, to water dinosaurs and the lochness monster.

Early speculations by experts led them to believe that it was the remains of an oarfish, but they were later debunked. One scientist from FSU states that it is a shark skeleton. [X]

Some think its a species that is unknown to man. The decomposed body just happened to wash up on shore.