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The Mystery Fish postcard

New eyes sometimes see new things. Despite speculations, theories, thoughts, rumors, ideas, hypotheses, and claims, this longest standing mystery at Loren Coleman’s Cryptomundo.com has never been fully solved.

The Mystery Fish postcard, first noted on November 29, 2005 at Cryptomundo has never been identified as to exact location or species. New people sometimes have new ideas. Lots of new readers may not be familiar with this Cryptomundo mystery.

Is there a Cryptid Chronicles reader out there that can help?

The men in the picture look like military servicemen. They have been tentatively identified (from their belt buckets and hats) as US Marines in pre-1920s uniforms. Are they pre-World War I?

The surroundings appear as if this photograph was taken on a beach or island. The location has been tentatively identified as the Pacific, maybe the Philippines.

The fish seems to be over six feet long (notice the standard military stretcher lying under the cryptid). How long is a WWI-era stretcher?

Where are the fins on this cryptid, if it is a fish? If it is a giant salamander, then is this Japan or China? If it is a constructed fake, doesn’t it look rather too unbelievable to be taken seriously? What is it?

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There is nothing on the back of this postcard, except it should be noted that the “Place Stamp Here” box is formed by the letters AZO, which according to the comments below date this card. All the AZO triangles are pointing upward, thus indicating a date for this postcard of 1904-18. It was contributed by a reader (Ms. Phyllis Mancz of Ohio) of Loren’s Cryptozoo News blog at Cryptomundo.
Source is here cryptomundo.com/cryptozoo-news/mystery-fish11/

Send in a comment if you can enhance the knowledge of the surroundings, help solve the mystery, or know what this cryptid might be.

External image

I’ve heard it being called a shark, specifically a skinned or rotted shark… Some people have gone so far to identify it as a skinned Tiger Shark.. It doesn’t look like a shark to me, though.

Here is a photo of a dead Tiger Shark for your comparison:

External image

Cryptid Chronicles readers, what do YOU think??

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White River Monster

The White River Monster is an aquatic cryptid known from the White River in Newport, Arkansas. The first recorded sightings of “Whitey” are from 1915, but the creature has allegedly been seen since the American Civil War. On July 1st, 1915, a plantation owner spotted Whitey, stating that it had gray skin and was “as wide as a car and three cars long.” Sightings didn’t happen again until 1971, when a variety of descriptions emerged. One witness said that the creature was gray and had a horn protruding from its forehead, while another description made note of a spiny back. Other features, such as three-toed footprints measuring fourteen inches long and unidentified sounds had been reported as well.

According to cryptozoologist Roy P. Mackal, the creature is nothing more than an elephant seal that entered the White River via the Mississippi River. Another possibility is that Whitey is simply a large unidentified fish.

~Creature From the Dark Lagoon~
Young ichthyologist Belle French finds herself and a team of peers deep in the amazon, looking to study the region where a fossilized skeleton of an unidentified species of fish-yet overall man like was discovered.

However, the species is far from extinct as Belle suspects, though little does she know the strange keening cries she mimics back at night in hopes of finding the odd creature making them are more than just calls.

Deep in the dark waters of the lagoon he awaits, looking for the one who calls back to his cries and feeling overjoyed now after years alone that he has finally found a mate.

What's that? Fishermen catch mystery mutant fish in Kama River, Russia
This bizarre beast was pulled from the Kama River in central Russia's Udmurt Republic by two fishermen and while the fishermen believe it to be a mutilated freshwater fish, others think it's a piranha.

All I can think of – well besides the obvious “it’s an as yet unidentified fish with really horrible camera angles that make identification almost impossible” - is …

fucking hell…. it’s a Slaughterfish from Morrowind 

katwylder replied to your post: I was working on PB stuff in public an…

Yep. Nothing sexier than a man with a puzzled look on his face and a mouthful of unidentified fish-creature.

Something I’ve noticed in my years drawing all manner of beefy dudes;

Draw a character who is handsome in a pretty way, or an elegant way, a cute way, anything that falls outside of the kind of “rugged power fantasy” realm but is still clearly meant to be attractive, count on guys making fun of it.

Draw a character handsome in a rugged macho way, doing ostensibly rugged macho things, no comment

Draw a character handsome in a rugged macho way, striking an objectifying pose or doing something clearly meant to make him gaze-worthy, endless commentary on how you made him “gay” or “acting like a woman”.