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12x19 Deconstruction: Part I - The Reunion Exchange

Hello, you lovelies! Man, what a day. What a rush. What a high! All of Friday I was smiling like a damn fool, I was, literally, giddy, barely able to sit still, much less concentrate on anything that did not have to do with the glory of The Future. (See what I did there?) (I know you did, you clever minxes.)

I would love to do a scene-by-scene deconstruction of this entire episode, and I will continue to dip into it because it’s just too good not to do so, but for now I’ll talk about Those Two Exchanges: the Reunion and the Mixtape. 

Before I begin, I just have to give an honourable mention to the recap sequence of the episode, ending on Dean saying “Welcome back, sweetheart.” What an incredible way to set the tone for the underlying sentiments of what we are about to see. Kudos to whoever edited that together.

The Reunion Exchange

So, Sam and Dean are in the War Room, discussing Kelly Kline. Here, the scene action and the brothers’ dialogue provides us, the audience, with exposition pertaining to…

a) Sam - as the Lord of Research
b) the brothers are still looking for Kelly Kline
c) time is becoming an issue, as in it’s running out
d) they don’t know how they’ll handle the situation if they do find her

Enter - Cas. And they have the following exchange:

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The above pictures are the tattered sweatshirt, torn up paper and cherry tattoo belonging to a possible victim of the “long island serial killer”.

On March 3rd 2007 a suitcase containing the torso of a woman, with multiple stab wounds, washed up at Harbor Island Park.

The victim is estimated to be between the ages of 30-50, female, black or hispanic, of large build, with a tattoo of cherries above her right breast.

Torn pieces of paper were found in the lining of the suicase (which was exclusive to Walmart stores). When put together, the torn pieces were identified as a piece of a calender with the word “cinco” and the phrase “begin to live”.

Three weeks later, a severed leg washed up at Cold Spring Harbor. The next day, another leg washed up at a cove, near Nassau County’s Gold Coast. Both toes of each foot were painted with pink nail polish and eventually identified as belonging to the unidentified torso.

Wow, that was the laziest drama ending I have ever seen.

First, let’s talk about Kang So Young.  She wasn’t a better person at the end.  She wasn’t a worse person at the end.  She didn’t change or develop at all.  Also, how coincidental it is that Eun Byul destroyed her phone and erased the video?  “I’m so thankful to Eun Byul.”  No.  Eun Byul didn’t destroy your phone to fix you.  It’s all coincidence.  You’re not thankful.  You’re relieved.  You’re de-stressed.  But you’re not thankful.  And I’m really sad you didn’t try standing up to your dad, or that you didn’t consult with someone about him.  

Next, what the heck Eun Byul?  Exactly why are you studying abroad? You just came back after your mom and sister thought you were dead. Obviously the time you spent reflecting on yourself didn’t do a damn thing.

Eun Bi, part of your charm is that you were so soft spoken yet determined.  In episode 16, I feel like you’ve lost your memories again and that you’re acting as Eun Byul.  Your lines weren’t like your character at all.  When you told Han Yi Ahn you liked him, it was so upfront and nonchalant.  That’s not the Eun Bi we’re used to, at all.  I feel like the writers tried to squeeze too much too quickly into this episode.

Saem, I thought you were going to take a break from teaching.  You should’ve clarified that you were just taking a break from teaching class 3, not from teaching in general.  Also, did anyone ever tell you Eun Bi was playing Eun Byul all this time?  I don’t think so. 

Eomma, do you make so much money that you can close down shop, move in a week and transfer both of your daughters after recently enrolling one in an academy?  I call BS on that one. 

“It’s okay, you can be hurt at 18″ or whatever that crap was: is that supposed to be encouraging?  Eun Bi, you were literally bullied to the point that you attempted s u i c i d e.  But now you’re saying it’s okay to be hurt?  No.  No.  Bullying, depression, etc. don’t care about how old you are.  Sure, several people have the attitude that you can move on if you’re young.  But the way you said it… Ugh.  It’s like you lost all sympathy for others struggling.  Like you’re on so happy la-la planet and you’ve never experienced pain before (which we know is not true at all.)

And finally, let’s talk about the male leads. Gong Tae Kwang.  You were really cool letting Eun Bi go.  Really, really cool.  And then for some stupid reason, the writers decided to keep beating you with a stick and make you cry in front of Eun Bi, telling her you lied and that your feelings wouldn’t stop.  That was the last we saw of you, until the end of the episode where you were glad to see her back at school.

Han Yi Ahn.  Oh, geez.  Where do I begin.  No one in their right mind would’ve let you swim that competition. No one.  You are seriously just a burden to everyone.  And what the heck was that grabbing of Eun Bi’s wrist and trying to take her away from Tae Kwang?  Rude. (To be fair, Tae Kwang is guilty of this too.  But Yi Ahn, it’s the last episode and you’re just further proving that you haven’t changed at all.  I don’t blame Tae Kwang from trying to stop you and grabbing her other wrist; you don’t deserve to walk her home.)  

Congratulations to the people that wanted Yi Ahn and Eun Bi together.  To all of my fellow TaeBi shippers, my heart aches with you.  Don’t lie to yourself and say that it was open ended.  She told Taekwang she didn’t like him.  She told Yi Ahn she liked him.  She gave Yi Ahn the gold medal back.  She was coupled with Yi Ahn, and the PD’s tried to make it as soft as possible.  Why?  Because they knew that the TaeBi shippers were the real fuel behind the success of this drama.  

In summary, this drama was actually pretty bad.  Sure, it probably made lots of money off of us kdrama lovers and had high ratings, but let’s reflect on it some.  

-Let’s not ignore the fact that there is an unidentified dead person with “Eun Bi” on their gravestone.

-Eun Bi never went back to the Love House like she promised Ra Jin. 

-Soo In was nearly non-existent in the last episode. 

-We haven’t seen the ahjumma who runs Love House since Eun Bi’s mom went to visit.

-Forget about Taekwang’s mom actually being important to the story.

-The drama over the jewelry thievery wasn’t important either 

-So Young’s threat to release the video was pointless; literally everyone hates her and that wouldn’t have made her image any better.  She wouldn’t have released it, because her dad would probably disown her.

-Why did they even cast a father for Yi Ahn; to once again beat up Taekwang and make him envy a healthy father-son relationship?  Cheap. 

-The “School” series is known for being relatable to high school students.  What was relatable about this series? 

-Why introduce a 6 month time skip if literally nothing changes?  Just have Eun Bi go to Sekang right away.  It’s not like So Young’s parents will do anything about it.  They disappeared quickly in the last episode. 

-I don’t understand the point of Eun Byul asking Tae Kwang if he liked Eun Bi if she was  going to tell her to date Yi Ahn.  In her conversation with Eun Bi, she could’ve said “You like Tae Kwang” and it would’ve just as easily swayed the love triangle in that direction  Once again, the writers milked the love triangle for everything they possibly could, and lazily paired her off with Yi Ahn.  I’m not even that mad about it being Yi Ahn; I’m mad that it was done so poorly.

I’m sure I could rant more, but I’ll just leave these thoughts here. School 2015 will be remembered as the most underdeveloped kdrama of the summer. 

Courage in Unlikely Places - OllyJay - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Archive of Our Own]
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An unidentified dead man, one who had been badly beaten and now two missing children… he wondered if she was really worth all this trouble. The smile, that he didn’t bother to hide this time, made it clear that the answer was definitely - yes.


Ahhhh…. I’m drowning in a freezing ocean of beautiful angst! Quick ‘Knitting Mother’ give me your hand - there’s clearly room on this large piece of floating debris for two!!!

Disclaimer: The following fic has been certified 100% angst-free by Hopeless Romantics Inc (a division of Why Can’t Everyone Always Be Happy International), therefore any feelings of angst produced during it’s consumption are entirely the responsibility of the reader and in no way reflect the intentions of the writer.”


Well looky who loves me - and I love her too @ollyjayonline.


How many days left in this month’s trope?

Boy in the Box

In 1957, an unidentifiable boy was found dead in a cardboard box in Philadelphia. He was naked, malnourished, and beaten, though his body was clean. His footprints, which were cross-checked to local hospitals, brought up no matches. He quickly became known as “The Boy in The Box.” He was eventually buried, as no leads to his murder were found, and has remained unidentified to this day.

Bucky Barnes Short Story; Manipulated.

Thanks to everyone who are sending the requests! Trying to do everyone’s.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: Violence, Angst, Fluff.

Word Count: Lots. 

Request: Hello :) May I send you a Bucky request where you were his first love after his Winter Soldier time and now lived with him in Bucharest. Then he gets manipulated again and doesn’t recognize you anymore. Sometime later you get hurt during an attack really bad and when Bucky sees you laying bleeding and unconscious on the Asphalt, it clicks in his head and he gets back to “normal” again. He stays then at your bedside, caring for you & promising to become a better Person for you :) <3 Thank you :) Your name: submit What is this?

Originally posted by unlucky--bucky

“Buck, are you done with the dishes?” you asked while turning on the Tv, lifting your feet on the couch while you waited for your fiancé to answer. 

“All done, doll.” he replied, sitting besides you and placing your legs over his lap, his arms pulling you closer and wrapping around your waist. “I love these moments, just watching Tv and holding you close. I love you.” 

You smiled and kissed his lips softly, you knew what he meant. He has told you everything, when he lived back in the forties, about the Winter Soldier times, everything. You still accepted him, you loved him with all of your heart, he was your future. 

“I know, baby. It is good to just have time for us, and you know I love you too.” you kissed his lips once more, leaning your head on his shoulder and taking a deep breath, you didn’t know what would you do without him. 

“What do you think about the wedding arrangements?” you asked him, you’ve hired a new wedding planner cause the last one was just unbearable, you wanted a simple yet gorgeous wedding but she wanted to overdo it.

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a Colver 3x05 fast coda - (ao3)

“Wait! Laurel—What? What happened!?” Michaela yelled in his ear.

Oliver rubbed a hand over his eyes. How had the night come to this? “Something—I don’t know but something happened at Annalise’s. The house is…it’s…” Gone.

He’d seen the flames from blocks away, the smoke billowing up and away in dark and twisted curls. He’d—wait…had he driven in tonight or walked? Where had he left his car? 

“I got there,” he continued telling Michaela into the phone. “And the place is a zoo. Cops. Firemen. Lights blazing.” 

“Where was Laurel?” Michaela demanded. Over the line, Oliver heard her whispering, soft and fast, to her mother, giving her the quick and dirty version. 

“Inside, I think.” He couldn’t remember. It’d only been an hour ago, maybe more, probably more, but still it’d hadn’t been that long and yet he couldn’t get the details right. Couldn’t remember what had come first. “People were gathered outside. Talking about a body. They’d found her alive.” 

That had been her, right? The crowd had been talking about Laurel when he’d first gotten there, how a body had already been found. But…but wait. That had been before the phone…and he’d just finished with the phone they found they rushed out with— 

“But they got her?” Through the phone, Oliver heard a door slam and Michaela’s feet pounding down stairs. “And she’s okay?”

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Tamám Shud Case

One of the most interesting/mysterious/creepy cases I’ve read about so far!
December 1, 1948 was the date an unidentified man was found dead on Somerton Beach located in South Australia. Nearly 70 years later and this case still remains unsolved and one of the weirdest cases to ever exist.

The spookiness of the case begins when the investigators noticed his clothing’s identification marks had been removed. (no tags, labels, etc.) Without these, the investigators had no lead as to figuring out who this man was or who knew anything about his death. 

When the man was sent to the coroner, the medical examiner discovered two more suspicious things that only further complicates the case. His official cause of death could not be determined, he was in perfect health. The only theory the medical examiner could string together was a possible poisoning since the congestion in his brain and stomach was consistent with that of a poisoning. His spleen was also three times too big which is too consistent with poisoning or infection.

The second thing the medical examiner found was a secret pocket in the man’s trousers. Inside of the pocket had a note which read, “tamám shud” which roughly translates to “ending” or “finished.” The note looked like something that was ripped out of a book, this gave the investigators a lead. They had figured out the torn note belonged to a collection of poems called The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. This wasn’t any Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam book, it was a rare version that was specifically translated. The investigators publicized the version of the book and the note, at first it seemed unpropitious due to the lack of responses, but eventually a man came forward and handed over the book. To no surprise, it was missing a single page. Investigators once again had a hopeful lead.

Things hit a dead end when the back of the book contained 5 sets of seemingly random letters with the second set crossed off. The ciphers still haven’t been solved.

The case went cold until January 14, 1949. Staff at the Adelaide railway station discovered an ominous brown suitcase that was believed to belong to the man. The label on the suitcase was removed and was checked into the station cloakroom on November 30th, 1948. A day before the man was found dead. Inside the suitcase were various articles of clothing, all which identification marks were removed, hygiene products, tools, pencils, and unused letter forms. The name “T. Keane” was found on some of the clothing items, unfortunately it led to nothing when investigators realized the name couldn’t be removed without ruining the clothes. The case went cold once more.

In March 2009, a team of students at University of Adelaide was assembled by Derek Abbott to attempt to solve the case. Abbott requested the body be exhumed to be reexamined now that forensic science has advanced. The examiner found small details that could once again open the case.
“Professor of Anatomy at the University of Adelaide, examined images of the Somerton man’s ears and found that the cymba (upper ear hollow) is larger than his cavum (lower ear hollow), a feature possessed by only 1–2% of the Caucasian population. In May 2009, Derek Abbott consulted with dental experts who concluded that the Somerton Man had hypodontia (a rare genetic disorder) of both lateral incisors, a feature present in only 2% of the general population.”

Because of such profound oddities, they had thought identifying him would be much easier. Much to their dismay, no finger prints or dental records had matched his, it was like he never existed. The case once again went cold, and has yet to be opened again.