unicycle guy

Fic: Misinterpretation

Josh has some feelings. Donna is way off the mark. For the prompt “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” as requested a horribly long time ago by pillnerforpawnee. Rated G.

Also on AO3.

‘It’s not like there are many women just wandering around the office that you’d want to date.’

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King of the Hill was a good show because it made you care about the most mundane of things. Like the episode when Hank found out the local used car salesmen had been lying to him and giving him the “best deal” (Sticker value) since his first car. Who would care about that stuff in a show? It’s boring, but when they showed Hank as a teenager, scared of the biggest purchase he’d ever made up to that point, and the dealer comes over with comforting words and promises that he wasn’t lying you feel really bad. Because of that moment Hank trusted him so much that for the next 20 or so years he’d buy all his cars from him at the over priced sticker value and he’s broken when he finds out the truth. That’s not right. Who’d care about this though? That’s why KoH is good, this is a relatable, completely normal story. We could all see ourselves being fooled like this. KoH was always grounded, unlike the “Hitler juggling fish while riding a unicycle” Family Guy. KoH focused on real small town life (most of the time). Walmart moved in and is putting local businesses in tight times, disagreements with co-workers, struggling to get promotions, underage drinking and smoking, VETERAN SUICIDE. I hated at first, but after watching it as background for almost a year my roommate and I became invested in the lives of these characters. It’s a one of a kind show that gave a unique experienced that was dry and jumped the spectrum from hilarious, to cringe worthy stupidity/depression/realism (Mostly Bill moments, damn his life was sad, but probably the most complex of the characters)