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Hiya... i don't know why but i think v and mc relationship like brother and sister.. if they have conversation...

I agree ^^ My personal take on what a ‘V route’ would look like in Mystic Messenger:

- He would probably avoid answering 90% of your questions until later days

- Most of the hearts you’d get with him would be from discussing him with the other RFA members, not by actually having chats with him since he rarely logs in (though if he was a route I expect he’d log in at least once a day or so)

- When he starts to open up to you, it would only be in very vague terms, like him saying “there’s something difficult I have to do right now” instead of being specific

- You’d get a good end by being extremely supportive towards him and letting him know you care and are willing to help

- Ultimately is a relationship based on mutual support and trust (but not romance)

(Secret end spoilers below)

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I started this labor of pain and love when Heart of Thorns was released, and made Vanaliel here FOR the Bifrost.  I stopped along the way to make and level a bunch of new characters, and make a full set of ascended gear for her too, so it took way longer than it should have, but it’s well worth it!

*runs off to prance about like a magical rainbow unicorn*

*runs into a wall and leaves behind a rainbow splat*

Midnight Thoughts

Why is life messed up? What happened with all the rainbows and unicorns and dragons and magical creatures and dreams? Where are the CRUSHED DREAMS OF PEOPLE? In a hole 8 ft under that’s where they are. But dreams are broken not because life does it, but because people decide to let them shatter. Don’t shatter your dreams, keep them alive. Fight for them, like you fight to stay alive, with a furious angry fire that we all have deep within; don’t let that flame go out. Don’t lose that happy inner child. Hope that one day your faith in humanity will be restored. Hope is what helps us all keep going.

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It's a bit strange but how can i get the last two photos of zen? I already have the after ending ones but i dont know how to get that two ;;

A general summary on getting all of the CGs in Mystic Messenger (something I’m also doing, as well):

For Each Character:

- Play through their Good End

- Play through their Normal End (same as Good End, just invite under 14 or so guests to the party) (the fewer the better)

- Play through their Bad Ends (there are 3 ‘regular’ Bad Ends, one for each of the branching points during their route. @foxyotomelady has her Bad Ending guide here) (there are also ‘Bad Relationship Ends’ that you can get by missing a lot of the chats, but so far I haven’t gotten any CGs from them)

- Play through their After End

Other ways to get CGs:

- Play through the Secret Ends

- Try picking different options every time you go through a chat – occasionally RFA members will only post a picture if you answer a certain way

- Make sure you have all of the chats from Day 1 - they start at midnight, and there’s an early photo of Zen and Seven, for example, that you can miss if you start the game later in the day

For your answer specifically – I have all of Zen’s CGs except for the second last one. The last one was from getting his Normal End. I assume the second last CG is from one of his Bad Ends.


Stills from Cash From Chaos Unicorns & Rainbows, the Manhattan cable TV show produced by Alex Bag and Patterson Beckwith from 1994 to 1997. You can see excerpts from their weekly thirty-minute program—which include corporate prank phone calls, Melrose Place edits, strange reportage, an acid-fueled BMW test drive at a James Bond press junket, and the requisite cooking and cat videos—at Sex Magazine.

Tomorrow we premiere an exclusive interview with Alex Bag about the three-year collaboration, and its spot-on prescience of contemporary video culture.

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Lol I have such a hard time being indifferent/mean to zen that I've lost count of how many times I've accidentally gotten his route while trying to get Jaehee. He's just too sweet and romantic I can't ;; anyways I hope you have a good day!!!

I feel you on a spiritual level~ I keep calling Zen even on other people’s routes because I’m a sucker for his voice. I love that he still calls you nicknames like babe even if you’re not on his route. He’s just so damn sweet >//<

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I finsihed Zens route with good end twice lol just love this boy hes so cute haha. I am now playing Jumins route in deep story and wow like a new game cause chats are not the same at all haha.

I know! I really like how it’s different almost right off the bat for Deep Story; feels fresh again ^^ I’m going through Jumin’s route myself, trying to get his other endings (and trying to mentally prepare myself for the Bad Ends, omg)

I am so weak for Zen’s route, he’s such a cutie pie >_< I melt every time I talk to him on the phone ^^

(Also I’m so bad for continuing to flirt with Zen and Seven even when I’m not on their routes, omg)