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2/100 Days of productivity

8.10.2016 || Some random pages from my bullet journal ^^

Not ft: this weeks spread which has a huge coffee stain on it u_u

What’s better than waking up on a Monday morning and realizing that you have reached 500+ followers? ✺◟( • ω • )◞✺

Omg yes, I just reached this wonderful millstone this weekend!! I decided to do a follow forever for this wonderful community and my friends out there ^^

Also, sorry for the really poor graphic, I officially declare myself the worst graphic maker. >.>

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Jennifer “I can’t stop talking about Josh Hutcherson” Lawrence is one of my favorite things


Jukebox and Milk hanging out

they like to dance together and sometimes they make dance covers of kpop choreos and post online. their channel name is milkbox ahahah… asdfghjk amazing. I’m so proud of myself.

made for the OC meme: Milk, 12. I had a lot of fun drawing this! [stereo ref]

EXO Reaction To Coming Home to You Asleep At Your Desk From Studying For Exams

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Xiumin: “Everyone be quiet! My Jagi is sleeping! I’m taking her to bed!

Luhan: *picks you up trying not to wake you and then carries you to bed. He failed at not waking you up, too*

You: Luhan, I have an exam! I have to study!

Luhan: No. You have to sleep.

Kris: What do I do…Do I pick her up and take her to bed? Do I leave her there? What to do…

Suho: Wouldn’t she rather sleep in the bed with me??

Lay: “Come on baby, wake up and we can sleep in the bed…”

Baekhyun: “Jagiya, wake up and come to bed with me. It’s so late. Please. Let’s just go to sleep… It’s been a long day.” *proceeds to nuzzle and cuddle against you until you wake up and give in.*

Chen: This girl exists to make my life complicated. I come home, expecting just to crawl into bed with my girlfriend and now I have to wake her up and convince to go to sleep. Aish…

Chanyeol: *when you wake up after he moves the books*

Chanyeol: Hey! Now that I have your books and you can’t reach them, you should go to bed and go to sleep properly. Am I right or am I right?

DO: This girl. Hopefully her immediate reaction when I wake her up won’t be to slap me.

Tao: Oh look at my girl, studying away…Wait! She’s sleeping?? Aya…

Kai: How can that girl even sleep in that position? What angle is that?? 

Sehun: *pouting* Jagiya! Come to bed with me! Don’t want to sleep with your handsome boyfriend? Come to bed!

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we are currently at 390 but I got this done early and was really excited to show you guys so imma post it early. Thank you to all of you wonderful people for following me! I greatly appreciate it.

Signs Aesthetics
  • Aries: that one little splotch of blood on your backpack
  • Taurus: stripper glitter
  • Gemini: dudes who wear basketball shorts dresses
  • Cancer: tea thats half sugar
  • Leo: square
  • Virgo: dead rat in mountain dew
  • Libra: a hand stuck in a bus
  • Scorpio: zombie unicorns
  • Sagittarius: yay cupcakes yay death
  • Capricorn: fragile babies
  • Aquarius: dying
  • Pieces: artsy tears

I needed Mary on my dash because I miss my Ellie & Shelley, and I’m having Mary withdrawals, and there hasn’t been nearly enough Mary in the tags?!?

That first photo is from a 1994 Saks Fifth Avenue ad in Vogue. Are her eyes sparkling or WHAT??? The rest are from respective actor’s public twitter accounts :) Enjoy!!!