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“The Last Unicorn” {Starter Sentences}
  • There are no happy endings because nothing ends. 
  • Why won’t you help me? Why must you always speak in riddles? 
  • It’s a very rare person who is taken for what he truly is. 
  • Where have you been? Where have you been? Damn you! Where have you been? 
  • I like to watch them. They fill me with joy. 
  • Your death sits in that cage, and she hears you.
  • There is nothing I can look at for very long, except the sea. 
  • Shut up, you pretentious kneecap! How’d you like a punch in the eye? 
  • You have let your doom in by the front door, but it will not depart that way! 
  • The last! I knew you were the last! 
  • I know you. If I were blind I’d know what you are. 
  • Look at your fellow legends and tell me what you see. 
  • I can never regret. I can feel sorrow, but it’s not the same thing. 
  • I can feel this body DYING all around me! 
  • That was the real stuff! That was wine! 
  • I give up. Why *is* a raven like a writing desk? 
  • He had me juggling teacups all night long. Teacups! With tea in them! 
  • I was innocent and wise, and full of pain. 
  • Never run from anything immortal; it only attracts their attention. 
  • I’ve never seen anyone like you. Not while I was awake, anyway. 
  • A clock isn’t time; it’s just numbers and springs. Pay it no mind. 
  • Am I truly the last? 
  • But I’m always dreaming, even when I’m awake; it is never finished. 
  • Who am I? Why am I here? What is it that I’m searching for in this strange place, day after day? 
  • You can’t come with us. We’re on a quest! 
  • Drown out my dreams! Keep me from remembering whatever wants me to remember it! 
  • My secrets guard themselves. Will yours do the same? 
  • You never could have freed yourselves alone. I held you.

It Doesn’t Feel Like a Win by Saori for strong

Word count: 21k


Louis just got back from tour, and doesn’t want to deal with people. Especially not noisy show hosts, who make him snap and come out on an impulse. It doesn’t help that his manager is an asshole, and he seems to bump into the certain show host everywhere. He just wants to drink a hot tea already.

or, Louis is a closeted ace celebrity, Harry is a TV show host, Liam is too sensible and Niall drinks too much.

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EXO Reaction To Coming Home to You Asleep At Your Desk From Studying For Exams

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Reaction Masterlist

Xiumin: “Everyone be quiet! My baby is sleeping! I’m taking them to bed!

Luhan: *picks you up trying not to wake you and then carries you to bed. He failed at not waking you up, too*

You: Luhan, I have an exam! I have to study!

Luhan: No. You have to sleep.

Kris: What do I do…Do I pick them up and take them to bed? Do I leave them there? What to do…

Suho: Wouldn’t they rather sleep in the bed with me??

Lay: “Come on baby, wake up and we can sleep in the bed…”

Baekhyun: “ wake up and come to bed with me. It’s so late. Please. Let’s just go to sleep… It’s been a long day.” *proceeds to nuzzle and cuddle against you until you wake up and give in.*

Chen: This person exists to make my life complicated. I come home, expecting just to crawl into bed with my s/o and now I have to wake them up and convince to go to sleep. Aish…

Chanyeol: *when you wake up after he moves the books*

Chanyeol: Hey! Now that I have your books and you can’t reach them, you should go to bed and go to sleep properly. Am I right or am I right?

DO: This girl. Hopefully their immediate reaction when I wake them up won’t be to slap me.

Tao: Oh look at my baby, studying away…Wait! They’re sleeping?? Aya…

Kai: How can they even sleep in that position? What angle is that?? 

Sehun: *pouting* Come to bed with me! Don’t want to sleep with your handsome boyfriend? Come to bed!


Jennifer “I can’t stop talking about Josh Hutcherson” Lawrence is one of my favorite things



2/100 Days of productivity

8.10.2016 || Some random pages from my bullet journal ^^

Not ft: this weeks spread which has a huge coffee stain on it u_u

My very 1st post here

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I needed Mary on my dash cause withdrawals, and there hasn’t been nearly enough Mary in the tags?!?

That first photo is from a 1994 Saks Fifth Avenue ad in Vogue. Are her eyes sparkling or WHAT??? The rest are from respective actor’s public twitter accounts :) Enjoy!!!