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Review: Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima

Okay, so there are still no bisexual children’s picture books.  I’m not reviewing this because it is a bisexual children’s picture book.  

But Not a Narwhal, is a book about breaking down binaries.  And frankly is just awesome.  In a world with no bisexual picture books, it can at least thematically give bisexual parents a way to talk to their kids about how life is more than a choice between opposites.  

Kelp is a little unicorn raised by narwhals.  Even though he is clearly different and not always good at narwhal tasks like swimming, his community loves him.  One day he goes to the surface and sees an animals that looks like him on the shore.  He finds a community of unicorns and finds out he is one of them, but still goes back to his loving community in the sea.  Only he is not happy there.  

What I like about this book (and why it functions as a good metaphor for bisexuality) is that the answer isn’t for him to live only with the unicorns or only with the narwhals.  The answer for Kelp is to throw a big party on the beach so narwhals and unicorns can all play together.  The answer isn’t a choice between a binary, it is about making space in the (literal) middle ground.  

Also the art is ungodly adorable, and full of rainbows:

So while we wait for a truly bisexual children’s picture book, this one is a boundary busting delight that can begin to open up bi-friendly conversations between parents and children.

- Sarah 

pc-the-unicorn  asked:

What do you thin of the Steven Universe filler episodes that focus on the citizens of Beach CIty? Honestly, I get that everyone want to know more about the gems related stuff, so do I, but I personally like getting to know all of the residents of Beach City, even Ronaldo (Kevin can die in a hole for I care though). There are some really great episodes that focuses on citizens like Sadie Song, Onion Friend, and Joy Ride.

I love the human episodes! They might not be as plot-related, but it’s so nice to see side character development. I love me the humans of Beach City, too, and that’s a nice plus! 

My personal favorites are Andy (old man who is Learning For Family), Onion (precious child who looks up to the alien hybrid boy down the street), any and all of the Pizza family, Sadie- pretty much everybody, tbh! They’re all such lovely characters!


Seriously though, what a rip off.

Okay, even for shark movie standards this movie is absolute garbage. Not because of the terrible acting. Not because of the ludicrous story. Not because of the awful effects. But because it dares to steal from “Tremors”, one of the best monster movies ever made!

Don’t even bother with this one, it’s absolute rubbish.

And now, if you excuse me, I’ll proceed to ignore this movie and root for the original. Spoiler alert, the Graboid’s going to win this one.