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Review: Not Quite Narwhal by Jessie Sima

Okay, so there are still no bisexual children’s picture books.  I’m not reviewing this because it is a bisexual children’s picture book.  

But Not a Narwhal, is a book about breaking down binaries.  And frankly is just awesome.  In a world with no bisexual picture books, it can at least thematically give bisexual parents a way to talk to their kids about how life is more than a choice between opposites.  

Kelp is a little unicorn raised by narwhals.  Even though he is clearly different and not always good at narwhal tasks like swimming, his community loves him.  One day he goes to the surface and sees an animals that looks like him on the shore.  He finds a community of unicorns and finds out he is one of them, but still goes back to his loving community in the sea.  Only he is not happy there.  

What I like about this book (and why it functions as a good metaphor for bisexuality) is that the answer isn’t for him to live only with the unicorns or only with the narwhals.  The answer for Kelp is to throw a big party on the beach so narwhals and unicorns can all play together.  The answer isn’t a choice between a binary, it is about making space in the (literal) middle ground.  

Also the art is ungodly adorable, and full of rainbows:

So while we wait for a truly bisexual children’s picture book, this one is a boundary busting delight that can begin to open up bi-friendly conversations between parents and children.

- Sarah 

No swimsuit skin? No problem.

I don’t really consider this a “proper” cosplay. But I had the swimsuit lying around and with the new summer update I thought “ehhh might as well get a bit creative with this”. I’ve added some fabrics from my old unicorn cosplay to make it less revealing. <3
So here’s some Mercy in beach stuff!

(Yes, I’m wearing a bra underneath bc I still need to alter it - the fabric is a bit meh.. so before risking visible nipples & a boobloaf I wore a bra instead lol)

Season 9 Opener of Popular Show Steffon's Unicorn
  • Steven, playing frisbee with Blue Diamond on the beach: woohoo im having a great time with my big new mom
  • Amethyst: *dies and is never seen again*
  • Garnet: hey Steven are you sure this is a good idea? Someone told us that the diamonds are evil and horrible tyrants.. Wasn't her name like... Idk... Barney the dinosaur?
  • Steven: Now now Garnet we gotta give the diamonds a second chance! Reverse racism is real
  • Garnet: ...ok *walks away and is also never seen again* God I can't fuckin remember who she is? Becky, uh... Beelzebub... Shit.
  • Steven: Oh boy here we fucking go again what's wrong Pearl
  • Pearl: I jsuutt,,,,, *sniff, honk* murdered 50 huumaans because I miisds Rose so mcuh I'mm, so s;asdd
  • Steven: Aw Pearl it's okay we forgive you!
  • Blue Diamodn: wow that bitch needs therapy
  • Steven: We can't afford it
  • Blu: Isn't your dad a multimillionare or somethin tho
  • Steven: :)
  • Steven: Oh look here comes Peridot and Lapis!
  • Lapis: Crawling in my skin. These wounds they will not heal
  • Peridot: She says hey Steven! AND I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU ALSO *starts shrieking incoherently*
  • Lapis: How can you see into my eyes, like open doors?
  • Peridot: She says you need to come to the barn immediately, we found approximately 50 dead bodies in there and we were going to use them in our QUIRKY MEEPMORPS but they all really smell bad
  • Pearl: oh FUCK they're onto me *audible wink at the audience before she runs away*
  • Peridot: Quickly, AFTER THAT PEARL! *she strains to run, but her feet are stuck in the ground, unable to move* What the heck?
  • Lapis: *also straining against the ground and flapping her wings uselessly* These wounds, they will not heal
  • Steven: Oh, are you asking why this is happening? Well, in this show Pearl isn't allowed to have lasting consequences for her actions, or at least not ones she can't cry her way out of
  • Peridot: She was actually asking where you kept the weed
  • Steven: Oh
  • *The scene does that Star fade out thing over Lapis, who starts humming an MCR song, and then the credits roll*