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reasons I like this place

This is really long and I don’t care, I wanted to say nice things today.

@my-name-is-fireheart was my first real tumblr friend and she is hella smart and I love how she can be that and sassy, and she can also take criticism in stride and tries to learn from that, even if people still insist on being jerks and acting like she is being unreasonable. Which she isn’t.

@illyriantremors is one of my fave fic writers and also one of the nicest people on tumblr dot com, not just because she is nice in general but we can say really petty shit to each other about different things and it’s A-OK, which is really great. Also she live-yells at me sometimes when reading my fics or listening to the podcast and it’s HILARIOUS. And she always notices when I seem to be having a hard time and we just are good at supporting each other, I think. Also, The Good Ship Moriel ftw.

@nightinsurgent is great because she loves animals (she basically owns them all at this point) and is really passionate about people being treated kindly in fic/books and in real life, and I can’t wait for her abuse post because it will be great seeing a different perspective on it.

@sarahviehmann is also hella smart and I can’t wait for everyone to hear our podcasts with her on fairy tale retellings, fanfiction, and her author talk. She is always really conscientious about how she interacts with people, which I appreciate.

@aelinsassryvergalathynius has been really sweet since the beginning of my moriel ranting days and sends me really interesting thoughts and posts and I really appreciate it.

@blxckbeak has also been around for a while (keeping in mind a while for me is a couple of months, I haven’t been in the fandom that long), and she makes awesome edits that go with my fics and leaves me lovely comments and she let’s me ask her questions about Nesta when I’m writing.

@acourtofstarsanddreams is awesome because she is Blunt af but in a hilarious, not mean way. We can also say petty shit to each other and laugh about it, and let’s be honest, we all need someone we can be petty with. Also she made my icon art of me and I will always love it.

@bkhrtn defended the hell out of me when that anon called me a bitch and that’s basically all anyone could ask for on this site, people to have your back when you need it.

@cass-ian always sends me my own posts when I seem the slightest bit upset and asks “ARE YOU OK???” which is so sweet and sorta makes me laugh bc I realize people are paying attention and maybe I’m being dramatic and ridiculous. She also has sent me and talked to me about the BEST fic ideas, and I really need to write just about all of them we have discussed.

Two of my “biggest fans” on this site (who are not included in this list already) are @study-read-repeat and @adiposesherlock and I always see you liking my posts and I really appreciate it. :)

@hollow-kingdom has been there for me, especially when I was going through the really bad part of my anxiety issues a couple of months ago, and I know my blog is “overwhelming” to her now :P but I really appreciate her caring (and also when you used to send me random anon stuff lol).

Also @kitashiwrites is an amazing writer and kind and one of the co-captains of The Good Ship Moriel, and maybe you should do a podcast with us sometime? :)

And finally, last but not least, and I saved her for last because I have ALL THE WORDS is @squaddreamcourt. I have so many brotp tags for her at this point it’s ridiculous, and tbh she combines all the things I mentioned above - she is kind and smart and a great writer and funny as hell. She likes to pretend that she is SatanTM but I know this to be objectively untrue because Satan cannot possibly have that much kindness and caring in them. If there is one person on this place I know will defend me (and people she cares about) in a second, it’s her, because she actually has a heart of gold (not like a whore), and maybe she says things to people sometimes that I told her IN CONFIDENCE but it’s totally fine bc her heart is always in the right place. Also she is incredibly insightful in ways I wouldn’t have thought of, and she has so much energy I don’t know how she does it, but this is also why I keep trying to save her from herself with these projects. I know everyone appreciates what she has done for the fandom in such a short amount of time. tl;dr she is an amazing person and I’m glad she started yelling at me on my fics on AO3.

First Born Unicorn

Summary: Something mysterious has returned to the preserve, but for once it’s not dangerous.

Notes: A long time ago, someone said something about Derek Hale and unicorns, and I just couldn’t resist. Written for day three of Sterek Week 2016: Myths and Fairytales. (On AO3)

They pull up to an abandoned trailhead at the edge of the preserve and hop out of the jeep, waiting. Sure enough, it’s not long before the Camaro comes rumbling up, pulling alongside them.

Derek climbs out, frowns at them both. “What’s going on?” he says.

“There’s something new in the woods,” Scott says seriously, striding forward. “Something big, something powerful. I wanted you help us do some recon, figure out what it is.”

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anonymous asked:

How exactly does unicorn magic function? Is it held in a reserviour in your body that depletes and then refills itself, or is it another form of physical stamina, etc.?

Just like any action, using magic requires energy, which comes from your body’s energy stores. Even just the thinking and concentrating involved of course requires energy.

However, it’s not just a matter of energy in equaling energy out. The work required to move the moon would take far more energy than your body could generate (equivalent to septillions of sandwiches worth).

Part of the energy, beyond that required by your brain to think and concentrate, does come from your body, but you also tap into the ambient magic around you, what the ancient unicorns called Textus Arcanum, the Hidden Fabric. In a sense your own power acts as a catalyst, though not only as a catalyst.

The more power you have, the more of the ambient magic you can tap into, so your spell casting ability is limited by your own energy level, and it’s important to get plenty of food and rest. Habitual magic users do end up eating a lot, particularly alicorns who often use far more demanding spells.

Some think it’s funny that Celestia eats so much cake, or that I eat so many hayburgers, and while it might seem excessive to the average pony, really it is necessary. Not cake and hayburgers specifically of course, but energy rich food.

squaddreamcourt  asked:

Your accent aesthetic: Mothers and teenage daughters walking close together down city block streets on drizzly, grey afternoons, the sneaking peeks of sunlight glimpsed through dense clouds, the smell of wet bark peels from trees, grass walked in on the bottom of shoes, hot coffee scalding the tip of your tongue, old books yellowing and falling apart but taking on that indescribable, oh so pleasing old book smell.

@squaddreamcourt i love all of these things? legit I love that weather and all those things how did you do that

here is yours: soft over-sized sweaters, the sound of a spoon clinking against china, the playful tilt of a head, the burnt color of parchment set on fire, shadows made by moonlight, fog in the woods, the fading purple of a bruise that’s healing, the burn of ice on your tongue, the stillness of an early morning when you’ve never gone to bed and the last stars in the sky before day.

@squaddreamcourt replied to your post “themes commonly found in international friendships

XD hahahaha no apparently Americans call trousers pants? What u call pants as in user wear I do not know

Um yeah maybe my grandmother calls them trousers??? That’s not even fancy, that’s like old people talk, sorry.

And what are you talking about user wear, is your app screwing something up again or??? LOL We might need to discuss this later.


Happy National Unicorn Day! Duncan and I met a unicorn, her name was Posy-seed. Posy-seed was very kind and playful, however I don’t think Duncan enjoyed having her on the roof of his cab. Then along came her two friends Morning-glory the pegasus and the alicorn was a male named Sunrise-rainfall. I hope I get to see them again some time. 

squaddreamcourt  asked:

6, 13, and 5 but more what do u do drunk, r u the mom drunk or??

5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you? Yes, this is the case all the time, I am always the drunk one, he is the responsible one. This is partly because I don’t drive, which is convenient for me. But I shall describe me drunk rn:

  • *laughter*
  • “maybe I should drink some water”
  • *more laughter*
  • “are you sure you’re ok to drive right now person?”
  • *laughing for no reason*
  • “I have had this many drinks, maybe I should stop”
  • *pulls out phone and gets on tumblr/texts*
  • *more laughter*
  • “I drank a glass of water, I am doing such a good job being responsibly drunk!”
  • “Let’s go dancing!”
  • *laughing*
  • “I love you guys”
  • *gets sick out the car window*
  • “Are you sure you’re ok to drive????”
  • *walks around living room in her underwear and realizes there are still people over*
  • *passes out*

6. What kind of people are you attracted to? Smart and kind people. Intelligence turns me on and kindness makes me melt.

12. What are your 5 favorite songs right now? Katie Kim “Day Is Coming”, Glass Animals “Cane Shuga”, Eisley “Snowfall”, Skott “Porcelain”, Banks “Drowning, and I chose one more, Tove Lo “True Disaster”

Honesty hour