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You know how in Harry Potter, unicorns only like girls?

Imagine a trans girl wandering around the Forbidden Forest, exploring. She stops, sits down, upset because of various things.

And then this unicorn comes out of the trees, and comes towards her, curiously.

She knows they don’t like males. She’s worried that it won’t like her. But the unicorn comes over, and rests beside her. It lays its head on her, touching its horn to her forehead in comfort, nuzzling her.

And she starts crying, because the unicorn knows, regardless of the rest of the world.

Imagine a genderfluid student, who on the first lesson with unicorns can approach them fine, but then the next lesson, the unicorns retreat. They can sense that the student’s gender has changed, and they know.

Imagine a trans boy who’s only just realised, having a lesson with Hagrid, the first lesson with unicorns. And Hagrid pushes him forward, expecting a very different reaction. And after explaining about how unicorns don’t like males, Hagrid understands when the unicorn pulls away, and apologises to the boy, who just stares because…he’s accepted as he is, immediately.

Imagine how a unicorn might react to a non-binary student - perhaps they like them best of all, because unicorns, I doubt, fit into our gender binary, even if they have an understanding of gender. But the unicorns treat the non-binary students differently to both male and female students, because they are a different gender, and that is fine.

Just imagine unicorns being accepting of non-cis genders and helping people be accepted as they are.