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The Most Interesting Mythical Animal (Actually Exists)

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Hello! I was wondering if you know how to get all the endings (bad, normal, good). Do you know what the main factor is to get a specific ending? Is it maybe emails or hearts? Do you maybe have a guide you can link me to because I really want to get all of them. I also want to get all the CGs. Thank you and I hope I'm not bothering you.

Hey there! Sure, I can give you some tips on the endings. There are several types:

Prologue Bad Ending - Insist that you do not see a passcode lock on the door

Casual Story Bad Ending - Miss a lot of chats OR only get hearts with Seven and Jumin OR get very very few hearts with Yoosung, Jaehee, and Zen. Starts on Day 5 after the ‘Caution’ on Day 4. You’ll notice you don’t have a picture of Zen, Jaehee, or Yoosung on days 5-11 to show you whose route you’re on.

Deep Story Bad Ending - Miss a lot of chats OR only get hearts with Zen/Yoosung/Jaehee OR get very very few hearts with Seven and Jumin. Starts on Day 5 after Day 4′s ‘Caution’, much the same as Casual Story Bad End (though the Bad End itself is quite different)

Character Bad Endings (Regular) - I recommend @foxyotomelady‘s Bad Ending Guide

Character Bad Relationship Endings - Just miss most of the chats during the character’s route. If you miss a lot of the chats from Days 5 - 7, you’ll get the first ‘Bad Relationship End’. If you participate in the chats from Days 5-7 but don’t participate in Days 7-9, you’ll get the second ‘Bad Relationship End’ etc. I haven’t gotten all of these, but as far as we know there’s a Bad Relationship End every time you get a plot branch during a character’s route that could lead to a Bad End, so there should be three per character. (Note that so far none of these Bad Relationship Ends have come with CGs, however)

Character Normal Endings - Follow any guide you like to get a character’s Good Ending, but invite under 10 guests to the party. (I’ve heard you can get as many as 14 guests while still getting the Normal End, but the fewer the better, I say) (Personally I just ignored everyone’s emails and no one showed up lolol…then I felt terrible T_T). It’s exactly the same as the Good End all the way up until the party, which is quite different and always nets you a CG.

Character Good Endings - Personally I used @nohrslittleprincess‘s Heart Raising Guide, which I would recommend. I wouldn’t worry about finding a guide that tells you exactly which answers to choose for every single chat, because MM gives you a lot of leeway so long as the majority of your answers are on track for the Good End. There are so many opportunities to reply in chats that a few “wrong” answers won’t suddenly get you a Bad End or anything~ (though be aware that often you will get hearts from a character both for the responses that lead you to their good end and the responses that lead to their bad end. Getting hearts does not necessarily mean you’re on the right path)

As for getting all the CGs, I do have a CG Spreadsheet that will hopefully document all of the CGs eventually. The fandom’s been really helpful in filling it out, though it’s not yet complete. If you have time to add a chatroom or two to the chart, please do!


Imagine a pocket-sized you walking around with your leftover sparkly “posters” of unicorns (they’re actually stickers) claiming everything that they stick on to. You already claimed most of Hoseok’s things (what could you say, he had good taste) and you had two more left.

After sticking one of the two shiny stickers on to his laptop, he walks in to use it. His action of using it is stopped when you tell him that the laptop is yours now. Picking you up in his palm, he asks with confusion on his face what you’re talking about. Pointing to the unicorn stuck on the top, you explain to him everything that has a unicorn sticker on it is now and forever yours. Sitting there trying to wrap his head around your new rule, you place your last and final sticker on his nose making eyes widen in surprise. With a sweet innocent smile, you tell him that he is now yours.

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In relationship to my last ask (the one about the ends) if you could, could you also provide information about the secret ends please? If you can't that's ok. Thank you very much!

I figured I’d answer this separately, since it has less to do with picking responses and getting the right ‘routes’ than the last answer.

After Ends - Unlocked after getting a character’s Good End, costs 20HG per After End. There’s one for each character and they always have one or more CGs. (Total cost of getting all After Ends: 100HG (5 characters x 20HG)

Secret Ends - Unlocked after playing through Seven’s After End. There is a Secret End 01 and a Secret End 02. Both Secret Ends come split up into seven ‘Episodes’. Each episode costs 10HG to unlock, making for a total of 140HG to go through both Secret Ends (+20HG to get Seven’s After Ending to unlock the Secret Ends) (7 x 10HG Secret End 01 + 7 x 10HG Secret End 02)

The Secret Ends come with a lot of CGs (especially for Seven and V).

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What does Scarlet do for a living? Everyone needs a job, what does one red unicorn do?

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Well dear Anony I do work as a model and I also am an author for an advice column that is publicized in several newspapers. I’ve also done a spot of acting, however the films I’ve been in were rather small productions. I appreciate your interest in my normal daily life.