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Wether it’s a one hair Afro pube brush, rough bristled Goat hair mop , or broom made of nappy synthetic android hair, I’m always on the eternal search to find the perfect hair for my perfect brush - today I try fine silky Grassfed #mythical #unicorn Aoki hair THECHOESHOW.com
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Name: Emerald
Full name: Emerald Cook
Sex: Female (dickgirl)
Species: Unicorn
Sexuality: Bi-curious


Emerald always has a smile on her face. She’s bouncy and bubbly, able to make friends quickly. Always to help anyone with anything but not anything and she loves to laugh with her friends. Her awareness about her genitals makes her feel a little uncomfortable and rather embarrassed, knowing that she does not have a vagina, despite being a mare. 


Emerald was born in Ponyville. Her parents were a little shocked to find out that their baby girl has male genitals but declined surgery to have it changed into what it should be. Emerald had a hard time fitting in because of this and it stayed with her throughout her childhood. Catering was always her favourite subject and once she won a cake baking contest, she got her cutiemark. In amongst these events, her baby brother, Blazing Hooves was born. She promised to both her parents and to herself that she will take good care of him and love him. They grew up together well with a few sibling fights like you’d expect and the bullying started to die down the more and more Emerald started to accept her image. As soon as Emerald turned into an adult, she got her dream job at a cake bakery shop. She got along with the manager quite well until he retired, therefore, putting Emerald in charge. This only affected her works times since she had to do the baking all my herself and sometimes wouldn’t even sleep. She can have times where she just faints. Luckily, one customer changed her life…