pc-the-unicorn  asked:

Favorite arcs from the Sonic comics?

First, I can’t comment about The official comics because… Reasons (cofcofSallyMobiousinfiniteOcsssNotcanoncofcof)

So I read “Sonic Universe”!

About that I can also say I didn’t read all of them, I always was looking the one where Shadow or silver were in it xD

like: “silver age”, “total Eclipse” Those are my favorites!

pc-the-unicorn  asked:

Since you read the Sonic Archie comics, what do you think of Relic x Knuckles?

AAHH there’s so many Tease with a lot of characters tho xD

There’s at least one different Girl the team like to tease something with him in every universe… He’s still not interested xD (except for Sonia)

She’s cute, but I don’t know, I didn’t pay so much attention to that, sorry <xD


He’s fantasized about it more than once, so you have to wonder…

pc-the-unicorn  asked:

Do you think Marco will become a black belt by the time the show ends?

It’s possible, even though I don’t know how important the dojo is going to be in the future: between having discovered that Sensei is a fraud, and All Belts Are Off teaching Marco that he shouldn’t care about Jeremy at all, it’s possible that they’ll just show Marco fighting, without having him pursue a symbol of achievement that shouldn’t have much value to him anymore, that was the point of Red Belt already.

Arms of Bludenz, Austria

Granted 1929; in use since at least 1329, possibly since 1260

Blazon: Argent a unicorn rampant sable, langued gules

The colors of these arms mirror those of the counts of Werdenberg-Heiligenberg, who ruled the region prior to 1354, when they sold it to the Hapsburgs. The charge may reflect ancient rumors of unicorns that lived in the forests near the town.