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Hey, that sad Remus quote happened towards the beginning of chapter 36, "The Only One He Ever Feared," in OotP. Remus has to tell Harry that Sirius has died, it slowly sinks in, and as Harry calms down, Remus lifts the spell causing Neville's legs to jerk, and then it happens. I don't know the page as I'm reading the eBook, but it is in the US version of the book. It's so painful in context, but I understand needing to see it there. Hugs!


Thank you so much for your help.  I just had to confirm that it was there in the American version because my life is all Marauders feelings, all the time.  The hugs are graciously accepted, so here’s another thank you for those. 

I would like to thank Emmasj for taking the time three years ago to link me to a musical about Harry Potter, and for chatting with me as I keysmashed my way into a new fandom and way of life. I don’t know if/when I would’ve discovered StarKid without you. Thank you, darling. <3

Until Abortion Ends

All these people giving up soda until abortion ends. First of all, I hope they realize that means giving it up forever, because abortion isn’t going away. Ever.

I’m also loving the images in my head of these people accidentally drinking soda and then trying to spit it out and washing their mouths because omg no i’m not pro-choice i still hate abortion, eh, no pun intended but abort abort abort!

And the other image is of these people staring down a can of soda until they break, say fuck it, get abortions if you want, and then chugging the soda, so many sighs of relief.

To me, giving up something Until Abortion Ends is for reeeeaaaal. If you break your promise, you become pro-choice. Automatically.

So, I went to Hogwarts for a week...

Well, I went to Orlando for a week. Got to go to Hogwarts for two days, rode the Forbidden Journey (flying through the castle and across the grounds) a total of six times, which means I have to go back and ride it at least once more.

Anyway, didn’t have internet the vast majority of the week. I didn’t mind that for the most part, but I did miss Tumblr. If I’ve missed something you especially wanted me to see, just let me know.

Pictures and videos will go up soon.

This should happen.
  • Me: *pointing at a fish in Walmart* Does this fish evolve into anything?
  • Walmart employee: Sorry?
  • Roommate: Does it evolve? Or is that its only stage?
  • Walmart employee:
  • Me:
  • Roommate:
  • Walmart employee:
  • Me:
  • Roommate:
  • Walmart employee: Yes, it evolves.
Just an update.

My girlfriend has been in my state for the past two weeks. We’ve been together for most of that time, and I love her, and we’re pretty happy together as far as I know. She’s going back home in a day and a half, and I won’t get to see her again before she leaves because of work. But we said our good-byes and I miss her already.

We were mostly vegan during her visit, which was exciting and frustrating and both satisfying and unsatisfying. I’m going to remain mostly vegan, except at work, where dairy is in most or all of the leftovers to which I am allowed to help myself. I’m choosing to continue eating these leftovers because (1) they’re free and a vegan diet is expensive and (2) they will all be thrown away if they don’t get eaten and no one else will eat them. My eating them will not increase how much food is made in the future, so I’m not increasing the supply/demand thing, and wasting food is bad. But I won’t be buying non-vegan foods or eating non-vegan non-leftovers at work.

On a very different note, my dog, who I’ve had for about ten years, was put to sleep a few days ago. My mom didn’t tell me because she didn’t want to put a damper on my visit with my girlfriend, and I met my grandmother in the driveway, just as I was about to go in my mom’s house, so she told me. She thought I knew, so I learned she was dead by my grandmother saying, “You’ve heard about Smokey, right?” Sucky way to find out, but at least I didn’t make it into the empty house and looking for her. Tabia walked with me to the little grave in the backyard. We were expecting it, because Smokey was deaf and going blind and was getting to where she couldn’t stand up on her own anymore, but still. Anyway. Most of the time when shitty things happen, Tabia is across the country. Since it had to happen, I’m at least glad Tabia was there to hold my hand. It’s still really weird to think that she’s dead.

I’m quite lucky, on the other hand, that my grandmother is still alive. Soon after Tabia arrived, my mom called to say that my grandmother was extremely sick and in the hospital–only there because my mom practically carried her there. My grandmother’s husband, turns out, was basically going to sit at home, in another room, while my grandmother died on the couch because he didn’t want to wait for help at the ER. (He had only grudgingly called to tell Grandmother’s sister that she was sick, and my great-aunt had called my mom, who politely told him to fuck off because she was quite clearly dying.) Thankfully, Grandmother is now recovering from the very bad case of pneumonia after having to stay in the hospital several days.

What else is there…?

Oh, my friends and how convoluted we are.

1 dated 2.
1 dated 3.
3 dated 4.
4 dated 1.
1, 4, and 5 lived together.
5 moved out to live with 3.
2, 6, and 7 lived together.
2 moved out, 8 moved in.
8 replaced 5 as 3’s roommate.
6, 4, and 5 moved in together.
7 replaced 5 as roommate.
1 replaced 3 as 8’s roommate.
5 crashed on 1 and 8’s couch for a few months.
Now 7, 6, and 4 are going to rent from 8 and 1’s landlord.

That’s not even counting the sex.