every single time harry quoted louis on his twitter

this better be true bitch

- “This bucket hat might be the best purchase we’ve made in years”

- “There’s a lot of good and bad out there. I prefer to surround myself with the good because the bad is more bad”

- “He can’t be in a serious crime drama, he’s the dad from My Parents Are Aliens”

- “Who gets a haircut at 10:30 on a Tuesday?”

- “She has no hair but blue beads. Just a head of blue beads”

- “Dollar in you pocket, and you’re feeling Bergy”

- “I can’t play games with people who can’t play games”

- “But don’t you take my monkey”

- “Just a couple of lads watching The Parent Trap”

- “Whats that?” “A frog in a unicorn ski jacket”

- “Its like a mixture of spider and mouse”

- “I was at Cardiff station last month and a seagull flew over my shoulder and nicked my sandwich out of my hand. Can you believe it?”

- “I’m not too crazy about the whole pimp cup thing”

- “I would absolutely prefer an episode of breaking bad, a snooze or some corn flakes”

- “What do people buy from a Star Wars shop?” “Star Wars stuff”

- “Why would I vote? I don’t like either of you”

- “I think my first kiss was down here. She was my cousin but, tough times”

- “Im glad I was stood next to you at the urinals..if I had to get someones pee splashed on me, I’d much rather have your pee than his pee”

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I have a pyromancer in my party who slayed a unicorn and made a jacket from its hide before he came in. I want to write in how the Sylvan world track and hunt him down to punish him, but I'm having problems figuring out a good way to do so

Unicorn jackets are probably pretty rare, and people would report sightings.

Unicorns posses some trace amounts of magic, and is easily traceable.

The jacket leaves behind strands of hair, or special dust, etc. and leaves a trail.

People know his face, report to the Sylvan. 

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have you seen the unicorn in Joshs jacket? Thats cute 😊 and funny 🤣😁

The unicorn is puking rainbows (ironic, as I said that last weekend about how comic-con would be with all the material), and then he’s got like a little man on fire.

Feliz Navidad (Chato Santana x Reader)

Originally posted by therisingalleria

You walked down the street, admiring the shimmering holiday fairy lights, while you wrapped yourself tighter with your winter coat. Harley was to your side and she took in the marvelous decorations that emitted the Christmas spirit, while she wore her Holiday themed gloves.

“The mission was an easy one.” You said eventually and Harley agreed. “Harley.” You said stopping in your tracks.

“Rick doesn’t know yet that we are done. Why not buy some things for the boys back to Belle Reve? I mean it’s Christmas!!” you offered twirling around while you looked up at the night sky. Soon it would start snowing, you observed.

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You frowned and picked up the pink fluffy unicorn, looking around for the owner.. 

“Sir, is it yours?” You asked a scruffy looking man, a blush crawling over your face, embarrassed to ask a grown up man. 

“No, but I know the owner.” He grabbed the unicorn, his eyes darting to the left and right hectictly, before turning to you again, putting the unicorn into his jacket. “And now hush, it’s gonna be awful here in a few.” 

Kiss At Midnight (Oli Sykes) (Bring Me The Horizon)

Word Count: 1,181


It was the first time you and a group of friends had decided to head down to London to celebrate the New Year instead of staying in your home town up north. You were beyond excited to drink, laugh, meet new people and count down until 2016. Your friends all had boyfriends and promised to find you someone to kiss when the clock struck midnight. It was now less than twenty minutes until the start of the countdown and you excused yourself to get another drink but when you got back to where your friends should have been stood on the embankment they were nowhere in sight.

You turned around a little too quickly and bumped into someone nearly spilling your beer and there’s.

“Shit, sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going”

The guy chuckled and you did a double take upon realising that you had seen the guy in front of you on tour a few days earlier. Oli Sykes stood in front of you holding a beer while checking you out. You wondered what he saw in you, you had made the least amount of effort out of all your friends preferring your trusty combat boots to overly high heels.

“Well now I’m glad you bumped into me, I’m Oli and what’s your name love?”

You somehow managed to keep calm while fangirling on the inside.

“y/n. If you don’t mind me asking Oli but why are you alone on New Years Eve?”

He took a swig of his beer before answering.

“I was with the guys but they kind of abandoned me saying I was putting a downer on things. Now why are you alone y/n?”

Oli had only recently broken up with his fiancé Hannah after he caught her cheating on him so you kind of expected him to be a little down in the dumps. You shrug your shoulders and let out a sigh.

“I went to get a beer and when I got back my friends had left. Though I am kind of glad I don’t have to hang out with them when the clock reaches midnight.”

“Why? You should want to see 2016 in with your friends.”

You shake your head.

“Not when you’re the only single one in the group of couples and all night they’ve tried to hook me up with random people.”

“I’ll drink to that y/n.”

You both raise your beers and take large swigs. You were still in shock that you were actually talking to your ideal like a normal person, if your friends were here they would have fangirled all over him and scared him off.


y/n intrigued me, she stood out from the crowd as I searched for the rest of my band. Unlike all the other girls who were wearing skimpy sparkly dresses, heels that were too big for them and a face full of makeup y/n looked like a down to earth normal girl. She wore black ripped skinny jeans, black army boots, a tank that said ‘I’m not weird I’m a unicorn’ and a leather jacket thrown over the top to finish off her casual look. Her y/h/c hair was curled and her makeup was the bare minimal, not the kind of girl I was normally drawn to.

When she mentioned being single I could relate after getting out of a long relationship with the girl I thought loved me, but it turned out Hannah was sleeping with another man behind my back. Maybe the guys ditching me was a sign to bump into y/n who didn’t seem too phased by me, little did she know that something came to my mind and I figured out that I’d seen her in passing before.

We did meet and greets all the time before shows and y/n in fact came to the one in London and again stood out with her laidback appearance. I quickly pulled my phone out and scrolled through my images until I came to the picture we took together and I made her tweet me. y/n was definitely the same girl and now I had a chance to get to know her better.

“So what’s your answer Oli?”

I was snapped out of my thoughts by y/n asking me a question, a question I hadn’t heard and she must have noticed because she laughed and shook her head.

“There’s less than five minutes until New Year, would you like to spend it with me Oli?”

All I could do was nod.

“That’s a relief; I thought you were going to ditch me.”

“I’m not about to ditch a pretty girl on New Year’s Eve when I get to kiss her at midnight.”

y/n blushed which was cute so to make her feel even more uncomfortable I wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into me, to any passerby’s we looked like another couple. It took her a few seconds to relax against me but when she did it was like our bodies fitted together.

“Ten…nine…eight…seven…six…five…four…three…two…one…HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

We chanted along with everyone else and when the clock chimed midnight I turned to face y/n and smiled before cupping her chin and smashed my lips against hers. She jumped but quickly started kissing me back allowing me entrance. After a couple of minutes we both pulled back and y/n laughed running a hand through her hair.

“Happy New Year Oli.”

“Happy New Year y/n.”


Oh my god you just kissed Oli Sykes and it was amazing. That was one thing you could tick off your bucket list, yes actually kissing one of the many band members you had crushes on was in fact on your bucket list. You and Oli were lost in each other’s eyes until your attention was drawn to the rest of his band coming into the frame waving their arms.

“Well I guess I better get back to my rowdy lot before they come over here and embarrass me y/n.”

You nod a little upset that your moment was ending abruptly.

“I guess I better ring my friends as well. It was nice meeting you Oli and we both got our kiss at midnight.”

Oli chuckled.

“Do you think maybe I could get your number? I want to see you again before we go back and finish our tour. This might sound creepy but I kind of remember you from the meet and greet so I know you’re a fan and know who I really am. But you seem cool and damn you can kiss.”

You gasp and playfully slap his chest before motioning for him to give you his phone.

“You cheeky sod, now give me your phone.”

You type in your number before handing his phone back.

“One more thing before I go y/n.”

Oli grabs your arm before you make a move to leave and pulls you against him again before he reclaims your lips. Damn he was a good kisser, and yes you did want to kiss him again. This was one New Years Eve you would never forget.

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Heey! I love Eremin and have for most of the series but something that concerns me is the chapter where Armin got sexually assaulted. Eren really didn't seem like he even cared about what happened. I'm not sure if I missed something or what but it made me doubt the pairing and their friendship. What was your take on Eren's reaction? The past few chapters have been great and I'm reassured in their relationship but I'm still confused.


This is a very interesting topic indeed! I noticed this myself, and it worried me greatly for a bit. However, this is one incident indicating one thing (lack of care), whereas the rest of the work indicates the opposite. So right off the bat, should we not believe that 20 volumes of love outweigh a single panel of coldness?

Panel in question:  

Firstly, could it not be that this was one incident where Isayama drew/wrote Eren ooc? It wouldn’t be Isayama’s only mistake in the manga; right off the top of my head, he gave Levi OOC dialogue in the most recent arc (something he addressed publicly later), the mess that is the backstory of Armin’s parents, Erwin’s hand growing back for a single panel, Annie’s unicorn jacket shape shifting back and forth between the wings of freedom and MP, etc. Isayama has even been said to use the making of season one as an opportunity to purposefully retcon parts of the story he felt he did wrong. So there’s lots of room here for this panel to be unfortunate, rather than a telltale sign of Eren’s subconscious lack of care for Armin. 

However! Let’s say this wasn’t a mistake. Let’s say Eren’s very deliberately drawn too absorbed in thought to see that Armin’s hurting. Then what? Let’s analyze (or do some guesswork, call it what you want): the first thing I notice, is that this panel is not taking place directly after the scuffle with the bad guys. Nor is it the very moment Eren’s reunited with Armin & co. Who’s to say Eren hasn’t already had his caring reunion with Armin? I imagine Eren would have asked questions very early on after reunion, about whether or not Armin is ok or hurt in any way. At which point, Armin would say something, and Eren would react and comfort accordingly. At the time of the panel, the incident has been over for a considerable amount of time: after the baddies have been tied up, Levi brings Reeves up on the wall to talk business. Already during this, Armin might have finished processing the first wave of emotions and therefore, might not be presented to Eren in an overly emotional state. As a matter of fact, the panel takes place as late as either after, or during Reeves’ travel up the path with a carriage (a bit hazy on the details here). Meaning this is a considerably later than even his and Levi’s talk on the wall. At the time of the panel, Levi and Hanji have even had time to move their prisoner into the torture chamber and are currently occupied making him scream. I’d say that this has provided enough time for Eren to have not only comforted Armin, but also for him to fall into thoughts about the goings-on because he believes the Armin situation has been dealt with. I also don’t believe Armin has been in tears for the end of the incident, up until this panel; it’s more like him to mull the situation over silently after he’s gotten over the initial shock (which he already had some time ago). I believe that them sitting there waiting for Levi and Hanji and just hearing the screams of the tortured man, provides a pretty speechless environment for him to contemplate and silently relive events – until he gets a little choked up about something, unbeknownst to Eren, who’s in deep thought and doesn’t see. By the look of Jean’s position, it seem like he’s just getting up, as if Armin’s discomfort only got noticed a moment ago (leaving room for Eren to notice a few moments later, too). This fits with how I imagine Armin has been processing in silence.

What more, I think it’s important to point out that the only person who seems to take Armin’s discomfort here seriously, is Jean. Both Connie and Sasha seem slightly amused, while Historia doesn’t even look his way. I think this is because only Jean knows the extent of Armin’s assault. If memory serves, Armin was groped and verbally harassed all the way from his initial abduction, to his rescue. Only Jean was along for the entire ride, and only he was close enough to hear the words that accompanied the physical part of the assault – as well as being the only one close enough to hear the man talk to Armin when he was fixing his gag. By the way Jean steps in here, it looks to me like he thinks it’s best to handle this thing without talking about it. He understands Armin’s pain but also understands how this is highly embarrassing and not likely something he wants to discuss or retell in detail to the others.

Jean just deals with the man for him, as he silently understands. I imagine he isn’t about to go into detail about this before Armin does and thus shows that it’s ok. I believe they gave a shallow explanation when questioned; some of them saw Armin get touched through the window in the ceiling, so they know there was a pervert, and I think Jean provided a watered down, brush off-y sort of retelling, to spare Armin (and himself) the embarrassment. He’s seen making light of it here:

And one could argue that this looks like he is insensitive to what happened to Armin, but by looking at how he acts towards Armin himself, he definitely understands the gravity of how he must feel.

Putting all of these things together, my take on this is that Eren’s already acquired as to how Armin’s doing, and that because Jean and Armin didn’t explain to anyone how much harassment Armin actually endured, people think the topic is over by now.

It’s also worth mentioning that Eren’s long gone these days. He’s been experimenting tirelessly lately (just the previous chapter) and is undoubtedly exhausted, as well as suffering from some heavy internal struggles at the moment. So it’s easy to understand how he could delve into internal processing himself, when he believes Armin is fine.

And before I leave it, one more thing: if Eren was actually told what happened to Armin, do you not think it would give him a prolonged and fuming response? I think Isayama might have just skipped the reunion altogether because it would require that he spend valuable time and panels on an emotional response that didn’t add anything to the plot; it would just provide Eren with an anger that he could do nothing about, leaving him unnecessarily fuming over something that would never give him (and thus, also the readers) no resolution. Remember chapter 82? Eren’s response to Armin is always so grand that it takes up a lot of panels. Isayama had to put off Eren’s reaction in 82, because there was not enough room in the chapter, and basically spent 83-85 on addressing it instead. If Eren were informed of Armin’s experience with the pervert, anything other than a prolonged reaction would also feel OOC. When it was going to give nothing to the plot, best not to start it at all, because then he’d be required to keep that anger up for a while, with no payoff.

… I hope this helped, anon.

TL;DR: dw, Eren definitely loves Armin a lot.