unicorn team

  • Pidge: Keith can I go off on a dangerous solo mission to find my lost brother?
  • Keith: What did Lance say?
  • Pidge: No.
  • Keith: Then why should I let you?
  • Pidge: He’s not the boss of you.
  • Keith: [internally] This is a trap this is a trap this is-

Pencil,Ink,watercolor (digital screen tone)
Fabriano paprer.

I guess it was inevitable for me to be commissioned with a Deadpool piece. Not that I complain :)
This one was super fun and it was commissioned as a birthday gift for a good friend of mine by his better half (yep, those kinds of girls exist) so I had to put my back into it… I didn’t. Sorry good friend of mine, it just turned out well by default :/

For Commissions: todor.hristov13@gmail.com

Lizatds and unicorns

Same team as the Long lost Brothers post.
It’s the endfight of the campaign and the group is fighting several magnins.
The triton casts witchbold and has to roll for wild magic.
DM: next to you suddenly shines a summoning circle and a pure white unicorn emerges.
Triton: i order it to attack the enemy!
DM: it doesn’t listen to you cuz your not a female virgin.
Ranger: wait, i wanna roll for animal handling!
DM:ok roll.
Cut to a lizardfolk ranger riding on a unicorns back and shooting magnins
DM: okay the last enemy is pierced by the unicorns horn. After this feat the unicorn vanishes in white particals.
Ranger:no!!!! It was my best friend!!!

Not every day of Inktober goes as planned :D;; I wanted to experiment with gold foil today but my gold size (the adhesive) was totally ineffective! I just have a very oily painting and gold flecks everywhere instead. xD

I’m gonna go to the art store tomorrow for proper gold size and then I’ll be trying again for sure!


I was feeling nostalgic and remembering all the good stories I’ve read about my beautiful OTP. I re-read some and decided to share them with all my awesome fellow shippers. Most of them are canon-versed/post-canon and M-rated, because those are my favorites, hehehe. Enjoy!!



Drabble/one-shot series


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