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I was feeling nostalgic and remembering all the good stories I’ve read about my beautiful OTP. I re-read some and decided to share them with all my awesome fellow shippers. Most of them are canon-versed/post-canon and M-rated, because those are my favorites, hehehe. Enjoy!!



Drabble/one-shot series

burmashaving  asked:

What's Flick's pegasus dad's mark of? Can't see it in the sketch, unlike his unicorn dad's skull one. Also does Pegasus Dad cast magic by waving his wings around dramatically, based on how TSU pegasi conduct magic through their wings?

Pegasus dad has lightning, unicorn dad has a pony skull.

Also yeah! Pegasus dad doesn’t have the same kind of detailed magical abilities that unicorns do, but he has much more control of his wings as like… a magical antenna than your average pegasus. Most pegasi have to fly/move around a lot to magically manipulate weather, pegasus dad has it down to a few wing movements while standing. He can even do some non-weather related environmental and elemental spells!

In their tag team duo, unicorn dad does the fiddly bits like curses and necromancy, and pegasus dad BRINGS THE PAIN

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Me: googles Russian baby names when writing Crosby…

ok but random pro of having hp names for the crosby-malkin babies: whenever someone goes “oh, your kid has the same name as *insert hp character here* geno can be like “no. russian name. much better than *insert hp character here*”

……….this is….good idea

anonymous asked:

well i couldn't find any sasusaku fanfic based on sasuke's POV on your ssreclist

My bad then! Maybe I was just thinking about my Sasuke-centric list lol. But here are all the ss fics I know with Sasuke’s POV! I’ll mark the M-rated ones with a * and i’ll indicate they’re AU with a ~ (note: AU to me doesn’t include the canon-deviant ones, hence you’ll find some not canon-compliant that I’ve not marked with AU):

And that’s all! Hope you enjoy them!