unicorn silk

The leggings post

Questions about where I buy my leggings and costumes are something I hear frequently.  I’m not dedicated to any specific brands and sometimes I just make my own costumes.  There are a few guidelines I follow when purchasing new costume and aerial training clothes.

We all know that close fitting garments are best when you’re training (and performing, depending on your choreography).  I like them colorful, like my Adventure Time leggings and my Space Unicorn leggings.

BUT LOOK AT THESE:  Mechanical Bones leggings!

This is about to turn into a personal shopping list post…  Specifically the Unicorn Battling a T-Rex leggings.  This same link also has an option for Lumpy Space Princess leggings.  Oh my glob.

Here you have plenty of space themed leggings and muscle tissue type prints.

I am also a fan of leotards and bodysuits.  SPACE BODYSUIT!  Am I going to look back, 20 years from now, and say, “Oh my god, what was I thinking?”

NO, because Alice, Harry, LSP, and stained glass bodysuits ALL IN THE SAME LINK.  So, stfu future me.

But if you’re are looking for something a little more classic and performance friendly, I’m a big fan of Mirella leotards like the Jozette.  

Just remember that if it is not made for dance applications, it might not move well or it may move too much.  Always test out your costumes before a show and bring an extra just in case.  I’ve purchased dance specific leotards that slide right off of my chesticles, so always take the time to move around in your new aerial and dance pieces.

Don’t worry guys, I did not forget about you.  Not at all:  Sheer Wrestling Singlet.  That’s not meant as a joke.  That is a seriously sexy man unitard.  And these are seriously sexy man bottoms of the same nature.  For the love of circus, one of you sultry male aerialists need to perform in that.  

Why in the hell don’t I ever see guys in these running shorts?!  I mean, really!  

Wishful thinking.

If I ever make a video game, I want to have an intricate character relationship system and I want to have one character whose idle animation has them pulling out and working on some sort of knitting project. This character will also be some sort of spellcaster/mage/enchanter.

Then, I want to code it so that if you leave this character idling long enough, a random knitted item will end up in your inventory. This item will generally not have great stats, if it has any at all, but it will increase your friendship with the knitter when you equip it (and make the knitter hella mad if you vendor it).

THEN, I want to make it such that there are items you can buy for the knitter that make them knit faster. What used to take like an hour of them idling now only takes minutes. This is both good and bad: good because, obviously, the knitter knits faster; bad because inventory management gets awful when you can’t vendor a bunch of shit.




you can leave the knitter to idle for a while

and they will knit you the most badass magical armor in the entire goddamn game. It is, they will tell you, their magnum opus of crafting. Each stitch is like a tiny piece of knotwork magic. All of the stitches are imbued with magical power meant to compliment your character’s stats. It is made from the finest unicorn-hair silk and gives you no movement penalties. It protects you from all forms of heat/cold and probably also lets you regen some health, too.

And after all that, the knitter’s idle animation has them just stabbing at things with their knitting needles.