unicorn lake

there is a deep solace in the quiet isolation of the night. it carries different scents to the day & reminds me to dream, wonder & play. ☽.
// ☾. ~ it’s still the night time & the luna moths are befriending the morning butterflies who have been up the whole night listening to their sweet songs & stories; there are floating blueberry cupcakes, chocolate cake & raspberry tea. watching the planets make their slow, dreamy orbits & careully circle the sky. a billion million enchanting mermaid treasures line the shore, some were washed there; others were guided there by the narwhals; others were found; & others were created from dreams. the night is alive with the sound of gently prickling little fires, fluffing wings of both feather & butterfly-silk, the sounds of moving waters, & cricket song. ~ by oceanvixen. {please don’t delete this captionellagram!}. x