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Ira Einhorn, also known as the “unicorn killer” murdered his then girlfriend, Holly Maddux, in 1977. The two had had a fight and were broken up. On September 9 1977 Holly went back to Einhorn’s apartment to collect her things and was never seen again. A few weeks later  the Philadelphia police questioned Einhorn about her disappearance and he said she went to run some errands and never came back. 

Einhorn’s alibi came into question when neighbors began to complain of a “foul smell” coming from his apartment. It wasn’t until 18 months later that MAddux’s body would be found in a trunk in Einhorn’s closet by the police. Einhorn fled to Europe where he lived and traveled for 17 years and married a Swedish woman named Annika Flodin. 

Einhorn was sentenced to life without parole after being tracked down and arrested in Champange-Motoun, France. 


All this talk about the Unicorn frappuccino is giving me Killer Shrew flashbacks.

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Suicide Squad Pokémon Headcanons

Harley loves to steal random people’s phones on missions, especially Rick’s. Every time she swipes Rick’s, she downloads Pokémon Go and tries to capture as many pidgeys as possible before he notices his phone is missing. Only pidgeys. Her record is 17.

Tatsu is secretly a HUGE fangirl of Pokémon. She grew up playing the games in Japan, and had even gone to a convention dressed as a Pikachu with Maseo. He had gone as Ash. She LOVES Pokémon Go because it has the original 150 on it. Sometimes she will catch Harley stealing Rick’s phone, but not say anything because they’re both team Instinct.

Harley tries to get Waylon to play Pokémon Go, but he refuses too until they update the game to include Totodile.

Digger is very proud about having a khangaskhan on his Pokémon Go app, since they can only be found in Australia. Unfortunately, his phone was confiscated like all the other inmate’s when he arrived at Belle Reeves, but that doesn’t stop him from bragging. He only stops talking about it when Flag threatens to delete his account if he doesn’t shut up.

Every now and then, Killer Croc will watch Pokémon XYZ on his new TV. He mentions it off hand to the team, and it starts an all-out war whether the original series or new seasons are better. Harley and Croc argue the new seasons are better, while Tatsu and Digger argue for the original (though Digger simply chooses original to be on Tatsu’s side). Rick and Floyd refuse to get involved. In the end, the team ends up starting a Pokémon marathon, in which they watch one of the new episodes and one of the old ones every time the inmates are allowed a get-together by Waller.

Deadshot’s daughter is not a hardcore Pokémon fan, but according to Floyd she “likes all the cute ones”. When Deadshot tells the team that Zoe’s favorite Pokémon is Jigglypuff during an arts-n-crafts activity requested by Harley, they all try to draw artwork for her. Tatsu draws it in the original anime style with perfect memory. Boomerang draws one with a little unicorn horn on top. Harley’s is really well done, but she dumps a giant container of glitter over it so you can hardly see the original drawing. Croc just draws a pink circle with two blue dots, and maybe takes a bite out of the corner of the page. Even Rick contributes reluctantly, adding ears to Croc’s drawing to make it more realistic.

When Christmas comes around, Rick surprises them all with 3DSs and the new Pokémon Sun and Moon games. Harley’s so touched that she starts calling him Professor Flag. The 3DSs get confiscated within the week.

Pack Mom Stiles And You: No, It Isn’t As Bad As You May Have Heard

The Teen Wolf fandom is a very ficcy, very tropey place- wich, let me start by saying, is not a bad thing, I like it, personally- you can take just about any charector and any trope and anything that RESEMBLES a trope and make into A Thing

There’s good-freind!Scott, bad-freind!Scott, good-Alpha!Scott, bad-Alpha!Scott, bad-Alpha!Derek, good-Alpha!Derek, Unicorns-Love-Derek, serial-killer!Derek, serial-killer!Stiles, assassin!Stiles, BAMF!Stiles, magic!Stiles, virgin!Stiles, sex-crazy!Stiles, Omega!Stiles, Alpha!Stiles, and - … I’m not even coming close to scratching the first layer of the surface, but there’s one trope in particular that always gets my interest- good and bad:

Pack Mom Stiles

Because here’s the thing- I. freaking. LOVE. Pack Mom Stiles

It has GOT to be one of my favorite tropes, so why does it always put me on edge? Because people have such a negative perception of Pack Mom Stiles, and I’ve seen some really, really rude, and insulting things said about people who like Pack Mom Stiles- and I mean, sure, there’s a *level* of this to be said of all tropes, all kinks, all ships, but there’s a certain level of discourse with Pack Mom Stiles that I rarely see outside of ship or kink centric tropes, or tropes that seriously damage a charector (like the Derek Is A Bad Alpha trope or the Evil Scott McCall trope) Pack Mom Stiles is… really very innocent, but it gets alot of flack and actually raises alot of controversy, and there’s a reason for it, but first, I want to address why I’m making this post to begin with:

Pack Mom Stiles isn’t always the trope that people think it is

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What is the Son of Sam law?

After serial killer David Berkowitz was apprehended in the 1970s, a law was enacted to prevent any future convict from profiting off of their crimes. Dubbed the Son of Sam law using the same nickname the murderer turned media headline used, it prohibits selling any case related stories for monetary purposes. Primarily a United States sanction due to its popular culture relevance, the rule was conceptualized when word got around that Berkowitz had consulted with filmmakers about possible movies, a claim which he quickly denied. Nonetheless, legislation passed and the topic has proved controversial ever since.

Famous instances, including the eleven times the Son of Sam law was enacted in the New York area, garnered massive attention. When not included in a plea deal, the law has applied to Ira Einhorn, as the victim’s family sought any financial gain relating to the moniker “Unicorn Killer,” hearing previously that Einhorn hoped a European publisher would sign a book deal. Although once considered important, legislators now mainly focus on people advertising collectible memorabilia relating to illegal acts.


When Holly Maddux disappeared without a trace in 1977, all signs pointed to her ex-boyfriend, Ira Einhorn.  The last time she was seen alive, she had been en route to collect her belongings from the apartment they once shared. But with little to go on, it was 18 months before the mystery was solved, and Maddox’s partially mummified remains were found in Einhorn’s closet.  Just days before his scheduled trial, Einhorn fled the country and headed for Europe, where he evaded authorities for 23 years. Einhorn, or ‘The Unicorn Killer’, as he was also known, was convicted in absentia, and sentenced to life in prison without possibility of parole.  

After a lengthy extradition process, where Einhorn managed to successfully request a new trial, he finally returned to the US in July of 2000.  Taking his own defence, he claimed that Maddux was murdered by the CIA in an elaborate attempt to frame him for his research into psychotronics.  Funnily enough, the jury didn’t buy it, and Einhorn will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Wanted to try my hand at a Pearl/Jasper fusion, and got Ruby Star (the actual gem is called star ruby, but it rings better the other way)

Personality-wise, she’s a level 900 on the creep-factor scale, being a spider-themed, spooky circus puppeteer!

Her weapons are her marionette spiders, which she can move like real ones and stretch the chords, as well as change their size. (I gave up trying to combine Pearl’s spear and Jas’ helmet it was too hard oTL)

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Rules: using only song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions.
Artist I picked: AJJ

What is your gender? Unicorn, Lady Killer

Describe yourself: Personal Space Invader

How do you feel? Una Mas Cerveza Por Favor

If you could go anywhere, where would it be?: Distance

Favorite mode of transportation: Golden Eagle

Your best friend: Best Friend (lol)

Favorite time of day: I Wanna Rock Out In My Dreams

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called? Do, Re, and Me

What is life to you? Survival Song

Relationship status: No One

Your biggest fear: We Shall All Die Alone Someday

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