unicorn kid remix

theres still like one unicorn kid remix buried somewhere in my youtube likes where me and alex did acid for the first time in highschool and we were driving down by the river and it was so crazy and memorable but it was after being in a party and having like psychic conversations sitting across the room in silence and this guy walked in dressed like a construction worker and he had a 18 pack on his shoulder and like walked in and was like “im bob the builder!!!” or something and we both looked at each other and started SCREAMING and immediately left and we both threw up………but anyways

Void’s Mix Vol. 3 - Some more of Voidiplier’s favorite kind of music. {listen} | {Vol. 1} | {Vol. 2} | {Void’s Guilty Pleasures} | {Vol. 4}

Album art by forsakenvow: (x)

1. Digital Love - Daft Punk, 2. Ghost - Mystery Skulls, 3. Money - Mystery Skulls, 4. Aerodynamic - Daft Punk, 5. I Remember (feat. Kaskade) Vocal Mix - Deadmau5, 6. Wild Life (The Blessings Remix) - Unicorn Kid, 7. Just Impolite - Plushgun, 8. Snow Angels - Anamanaguchi, 9. The Mother We Share (We Were Promised Jetpacks Remix) - CHVRCHES, 10. Everything Before - Deadmau5, 11. Trees and Jets (Feat. Monique Hellenburg) - Goldfish