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You know how in Harry Potter, unicorns only like girls?

Imagine a trans girl wandering around the Forbidden Forest, exploring. She stops, sits down, upset because of various things.

And then this unicorn comes out of the trees, and comes towards her, curiously.

She knows they don’t like males. She’s worried that it won’t like her. But the unicorn comes over, and rests beside her. It lays its head on her, touching its horn to her forehead in comfort, nuzzling her.

And she starts crying, because the unicorn knows, regardless of the rest of the world.

Imagine a genderfluid student, who on the first lesson with unicorns can approach them fine, but then the next lesson, the unicorns retreat. They can sense that the student’s gender has changed, and they know.

Imagine a trans boy who’s only just realised, having a lesson with Hagrid, the first lesson with unicorns. And Hagrid pushes him forward, expecting a very different reaction. And after explaining about how unicorns don’t like males, Hagrid understands when the unicorn pulls away, and apologises to the boy, who just stares because…he’s accepted as he is, immediately.

Imagine how a unicorn might react to a non-binary student - perhaps they like them best of all, because unicorns, I doubt, fit into our gender binary, even if they have an understanding of gender. But the unicorns treat the non-binary students differently to both male and female students, because they are a different gender, and that is fine.

Just imagine unicorns being accepting of non-cis genders and helping people be accepted as they are.

The following is what happens when you are missing one of your favourite shows, are watching the current season of another favourite show, and have a best friend that also watches both shows. I apologise for nothing and blame everything on her smurfiness @iamthegaysmurf​.

Headcanon: Waverly Earp is a HUGE fan of the British Drama Call the Midwife!

  • She talks about it so much that one day Wynonna and Nicole decide to binge watch it so that they at least know what she’s babbling on about.
  • Doc joins them around season three - he often cries more than they do.
  • Waverly comes home one night to find Nicole firmly tucked up against her sister, Wynonna softly stroking her hair. - a quick glance at the screen in front of them shows Patsy scrubbing furiously at a dirty window, Waverly understands. Later, Wynonna and Nicole greet Waverly with shouts of “We trusted you!” when she re-enters the room before Nicole breaks down - “They were so happy Waverly. They were happy and now… Now… What? Am I supposed to be grateful that Delia isn’t dead? Is that what they want? I just… I can’t…”
  • Doc returns to the Homestead, miraculously in time for the Xmas special, with beer and Nicole’s favourite chocolates - he was going to pick her some flowers but thought better of it.

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Oh, you opened your askbox, yeah!! Something cute this time: SO ask to the lazybones (+ GSans) to brush their long and soft hair, because it’s really relaxing and cool. SO love so much when they skeles touch and play with their hair, it tickles. Sometime after this, for the great amount of relax, SO fall asleep.

*eats muffin and sees my inbox full again*

*starts uncontrollably squealing*

Yes it’s finally open again! it was so weird seeing my inbox empty for half a minute

Also, you say lazybones so, I’m gonna pick the usual four: Classic, Honey, Red, and Rus. And GSans is a hottie. I’m gonna use Echotale, not Underpatch btw


++ Sans ++

Classic happily agrees to brush your hair because of how soft it is and how calming it feels to HIM to be able to run his fingers through it. He’s very gentle and takes his time whenever he brushes your long, beautiful hair, careful not to rip out a single strand by accident. While he’s brushing your hair and carefully running his fingers through it to make sure it’s smooth, he catches a glimpse of your face- your eyes are closed and your breathing is slowed. He smiles, blushing because of how cute you are, and then he just keeps going, being even more careful than before. He doesn’t want to wake you.


++ Papyrus ++

Honey loves brushing your hair because of how nice it feels on his own hands. Your soft hair is always so nice to run his fingers through, and he wants to be able to please you in whichever way he can. You always become so relaxed and calm whenever he feels your hair, so when you two are cuddling, he starts rubbing and gently scratching the top of your head, running his fingers down your elegant hair, and you fall asleep cuddled into him. He falls asleep shortly after that.


++ Sans ++

Red is almost scared to touch your hair because he doesn’t want to ruin it. It’s so perfect and wonderful.. he doesn’t want to tangle it at all. You always ask him to brush your hair anyway, so even if he’s nervous, he still complies. At first, Red is EXTREMELY gentle to the point where you can’t even feel him doing anything, but after a while he becomes more comfortable with it. He has this certain way of basically massaging your scalp and you love it so much, it’s so calming… one day, you fall asleep on him. Red notices and wakes you up, hugging you close, asking if you want to take a nap. The two of you get in a more comfortable position and you decide to just take a nap together.


++ Papyrus ++

Rus loves your hair so much, he’s always playing with it. He actually learned how to braid it for you and do a bunch of cool styles with it, and THAT’S called dedication. You always let him do your hair whenever you plan on going somewhere and he loves doing it. You’ve fallen asleep on him a few times because of it, and it’s always so cute, he usually just sits there rubbing your head, afraid to wake you. When you’re sitting in his lap as he does you hair and he feels you slump back a bit, he knows you’re asleep. He wraps his arms around your sides and stomach, slowly let’s you lean back with your head on his shoulder, turned in to face his neck, and falls asleep while holding onto you like that.


++ Sans ++

Echo finds your hair to be very intriguing. He obviously doesn’t have hair of his own, so he loves to feel yours and play with it sometimes. He’ll brush your hair without fuss, and he finds it cute how he has to take care of you that way. As you cuddle up next to him, he starts playing with your hair, and in minutes you fall asleep. Echo can’t help but chuckle and gently kiss the top of you head, and he keeps playing with your hair. If you don’t wake up for an hour, then he’ll carry you off to bed. Yes. He sat there for an HOUR doing nothing but playing with your hair.

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Helloooo! Hope ur having a lovely day ^-^ So I read the "kollektivet headcanons" today which was amazing and made me smile hard, and then this question popped in my head, what do you think evak's mornings are like in kollektivet?♡

Hey Lovely 💜 I’m so sorry for taking forever to reply. I’m so glad my silly headcanons made you smile! That makes me sooo happy 💚 ⭐️

Okay omg I love evak mornings. 

I can imagine them being super dorky and if one of them wakes up before the other (I mean a lot of the times they will just let the other sleep) buuuut  also a lot of times they will get super impatient and just can’t resist temptation. So Isak will just begin kissing Even’s eye lids and nose and cheeks and just every inch of him until he “accidentally” kicks him awake and then he will be all “omg you’re awake oh yay lets go eat breakfast.” 

and then Isak and Even will be eating breakfast all loved up and cute when Hurricane Kollektivet walks in and just like murders the cute honeymoon vibe our boys have got going on. Eskild will just pour himself some coffee and sit down with the boys and be all “Soooo how did you sleep? How was it? Are you guys happy? you healthy? you’re staying hydrated? eating enough? how’s the sex?” 

Until finally Isak is just like “Essssskild! Even has been sleeping over at least three times a week for over two months. You need to stop with the morning interrogations.” 

and Eskild is all “Oh geez. I should have warned you Even, this one is NOT a morning person, I swear this one time he got up and I caught him pouring cereal into a shoe.” 


But omg Even loves Eskild’s Isak stories. He lives for them. And they always start the morning just right for him. he is laughing his head off while Isak is rolling his eyes and puffing out his chest. Cute little cranky baby. 

then Noora will get up and go to pour herself some cereal and “Who used all the milk and just put it back into the fridge? You know it is possible to get more right?” 

“Oh Noora, don’t have a cow.” Eskild replies, smiling brightly when Even laughs. Isak rolls his eyes again because Eskild is totally trying to show off to his boyfriend. 

and then Linn will get up and grunt “you woke me up” while grabbing some juice and then going back to bed. 

and then Eskild will be like “See isak, why can’t you be more cheerful in the morning like Linn?” and Isak will just glare and stand up and be like 

“Lets go Even” 

“Byeeee boys.” 

haha okay so this just turned into Eskild being a total insufferable big bro to Isak who just embarrasses him to his boyfriend. But I am so in love with their dynamic I couldn’t help it. I hope you like this and have a wonderful day my love 💜

randomness-unicorn  asked:

UT/UF Sans & US/SF Pap’s BF is a homosexual boy, he has to deal everyday with homophobic assholes in his school, they always insult him and call him mental sick and fag (neither his family understand him). One day he come back home injured because some guys hit him. He has a crush on the skeles but he’s afraid to be rejected if he confess. In what way would they help him?

I’m getting mixed messages here, is S/O the skeles crush or boyfriend because they are two different things? I’m just gonna make S/O the skeles boyfriend.

Undertale Sans

Fucking, those assholes are dead. So dead. But first, he tends to your wounds. Sans isn’t great at healing magic as his brother, but he tries his best, then gets Papyrus to help out. Once, he knows that you’re in good hands, Sans sets off to find those assholes and “have a talk.” Which means, threatening them that if they ever come near you again, they’ll have to answer to him. 

Underfell Sans

Fucking shit. Who are they, tell him their names now, and he’ll make it all better. Red finds those assholes and will he kill them? No. Oh no. But he’s going to make sure they wished they were. No one hurts his boyfriend. So what’s he to do with a bunch of homophobic assholes? Force them to strip and tie them together naked of course. All facing each other. Heh, good luck getting out of there. Make sure to not “catch the gay”. 

Underswap Papyrus

Like Classic, Stretch helps you first, then deals with the assholes later. He patches you up cleanly, then comes with you to school the next day, to scope out the homophobes from the day before. He would do anything to them, but as soon as they approach you with a dangerous and predatory grin, Stretch’s eye flashes and summons his large gaster blasters, aiming right at them. The homophobes runs away, and you suspect nothing. 

Swapfell Papyrus

Rus comforts you. After healing your wounds, he’s not going to bother trying to find the people who beat you up, because right now you need him so he gives you lots of attention and cuddles. He reassures you that you’re going to be okay, and this will never happen again. During the next few weeks. you notice that the assholes looked unwell, scared, frightful and overall paranoid, while actively avoiding you. You suspect that Rus had a hand, but he denies it. What you don’t know was that after you had gone to bed that night, Rus broke into every one of their houses, and spray painted a threat to never come near you again or else. 

pointless headcanon: the unicorn glade isn’t ‘in’ Gravity Falls in any sense, it’s just that henges serve as gateways to the Otherworld with the right activation chant. the chant is Druidic because most henges are in the British Isles, but one of them somehow turned up in Gravity Falls because of course it did.

as an interesting aside, if you try doing the chant at Carhenge, Ford shows up and yells at you. 


Heya heya hiya! So it’s been a little while, yeah? I’ve been doing commissions and other stuff, but today’s a bit of a crappy day and not too much up for working on commissions, so I decided to do something else instead. That something else ended up being the start of a little project of sorts I’ve been wanting to do to get back into doing more headcanon sketchdumps. This time, the focus is on the behavior of the equine in the MLP world, ranging from general behavior seen in all breeds and particular behavior seen in specific breeds. This one in specific is about the pegasi! So with that all said, here’s a bit of headcanon about pegasus behavior:

Of the breeds, the pegasi are probably the most expressive when it comes to body language due to the use of their wings to further convey what they’re possibly feeling. Even ponies that don’t have wings but do have feathers tend to be a little more expressive in their body language, and one of the most common show of emotion is to fluff up their feathers.

A pegasus may do this for a variety of reasons: the most common is to try and make themselves look bigger in the face of a threat or a show of dominance and aggression (which is often accompanied by wide-spread wings and fanned-out tailfeathers), but other reasons can be linked to their fluffed-up feathers. One is because of embarressment or pleasure, another is to simply keep themselves warm in cold weather, and another is perhaps to display themselves to someone they find attractive while prancing like a show horse.

Another common (and pretty obvious) behavior seen in pegasi (and ponies with feathers in general) is preening. While there are spas and products specifically geared toward preening, the most common method is the traditional way: by mouth. When preening, the pegasus concentrate the barest hints of their magic directly in their mouths that, when mixed with saliva, acts acts as a water-proofing agent for the feathers. It’s socially acceptable for a pegasus to preen in public since it’s obviously a necessity, however many opt not to given the somewhat intimate nature the act implies (and not in the sexual sense). This goes doubly so if a pegasus is allowing someone else preen their wings.

While it is seen as a bonding activity of sorts, allowing your wings to be preened by someone other than yourself is one of the largest shows of trust a pegasus (or any winged creature for that matter) can display because they are essentially allowing themselves to be vulnerable and put the health of their wings in the care of someone else. It’s a huge deal between winged-creatures in general to allow another preen them, but it’s doubly so if they let a creature without wings do it because, unlike another pegasus, a unicorn or earth pony may not fully understand how important preening is to a pegasus (since they themselves don’t have to deal with it for obvious reasons). So teaching a wingless friend how to preen and letting them preen your wings? That’s a very deep level of trust right there. o3o

Random funfact: I like to think the Mane 6 are so comfortable around each other that the winged members don’t feel too embarressed when preening in front of them. Extra bonus that they wouldn’t hesitate to allow their wingless friends to preen their wings for them if asked. C:

Aaaaand I think that’s all I have to say for now? Drawing floofy pegasi is a good way to lift the mood, it seems. x3 Anyway, feel free to ask anything if you’d like, and I hope you enjoy the doodles. ^.^

randomness-unicorn  asked:

It’s always for the Undertail AU, I am having fun sending these asks: can I ask some headcanon about the teaching methods of any characters you want? What kind of professors are they? I hope I am not disturbing so much, thanks.

Ooooh okay okay. 

Undertail University 

Professor Blue

Positive reinforcement! He believes that the best kind of teaching is to be positive and give rewards to the students who deserve it. 

Professor Red

Demonstration method! Due to the class that he teaches, he has to be very hands on so the students would know how to operate the machinery and take measurements. He’s very hands on with the students who need help as well. 

Professor Sans

Sans is the delegator, and uses the common core method. He expects his students to read and learn the material in depth on their own and during class, he basically just does an overview of what they’re supposed to read. He leaves a lot of free time for students to come up with questions and come to him for further in depth explanation if someone doesn’t understand anything. It sounds very professional, but really, Sans is just lazy to teach. 

Chef Black

Authoritarian. What he says in the kitchen, goes. No one can ever defy his orders and there’s no talking back either, even if he made a mistake. He’s open to questions on how to make a dish, but you cannot call him out on his mistakes. It’s a very intense class with a lot of pressure and stress, but it’s actually great preparation for a real life kitchen. 

hello hello yes ok unicorns.

This is a map of the current known wetland unicorn herds in the Viridian Labyrinth. The one almost smack dab in the middle is the one my unicorn Sianna is the leader of. Any other herds are either too small to truly be called a herd, or so well hidden no one has come across them yet.

Between poaching and the rate of cerdae births increasing, herds have shrunk dramatically in the last couple hundred years. Where there were once many giant herds that wandered the marshes of the Labyrinth, now only a few small herds still roam free. The remaining herds are either protected by something or someone powerful, like how Sianna’s is protected by the Mother and the nearby Fae, or incredibly hard to reach, like the herd on those two really tall islands on the far right. If you don’t have protection, you have to make it yourself, and easily defensible territory has become prime herd real estate. Between how the herds have been pushed apart and separated and poaching making it extremely risky to travel outside of territory you know is somewhat safe, herds have been almost completely cut off from one another. It’s reached a point where Sianna’s herd hasn’t interacted with other herds for so long they’ve near completely forgotten the proper way to greet a member of a different herd, as the unicorns have complicated rituals and stuff related to giving your name to others and stuff, which if I write about will be in a different post.

While quite a few different beastclans live nearby(centaurs, talonok, serthis, and then maren off the coast all live in or around where the remaining unicorn herds in the Labyrinth are), the beastclans are more focused on saving themselves from dragons than helping the unicorns. Except then if a herd works with dragons in order to protect themselves like Sianna’s has done, the beastclans who are at war with dragonkind obviously doesn’t want to help them even more. It sucks; it really, really sucks. That’s why the mossy cerdae info box mentions that some dragons wonder if the unicorns might be dying out. It’s because they are. In, oh, maybe a thousand years or so, they might just be part of a fairy tale mothers tell their hatchlings at night.

At the very least, wetland unicorns are dying out. Carrioncorns might be doing just swell as they run around in the Abiding Boneyard and dwarf unicorns will continue on as long as royal dragons like to breed them and show them off, as I headcanon dwarf unicorns are like the show dogs of FR, but without the usefulness of a dog. They’re the chihuahua of unicorns. Sorry Undel.

Galavant Sorting

      Richard - Ravenclaw, Pureblood. Charms Professor. Unicorn Patronus.       Elder and Dragon Heartstring wand, 13¼ inches, Slightly Springy.