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Juju’s Top Animated Movies That Everyone Should See Just Once

1. Song of the Sea

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2. Coraline

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3. The Last Unicorn

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4. Scooby Doo on Zombie Island

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5. Castle in the Sky

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6. The Road to El Dorado

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7. My Neighbors the Yamadas

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8. The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

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9. The Emperor’s New Groove

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10. Yellow Submarine

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get to know me (2/10} favorite animated films ☰ the last unicorn (1982)

I am a little afraid to go home. I have been mortal, and some part of me is mortal yet. I am no longer like the others, for no unicorn was ever born who could regret, but I now I do. I regret.

More Than Anything by @lycorislife for @shanelleo

Being able to see through the eyes of your soulmate may seem like a dream come true to many, but reality proves a little more complicated. For two young boys it’s all they could ever wish for but as time passes by they come to realise that there’s no pain quite the same as longing to have someone who just isn’t there. (13k)

Soulmates, Fashion Designer!Louis, Model!Harry, who needs more? This fic is absolutely lovely, and through it I was so inspired to make this edit, so here it is!


bet they have fun on the morty day care 

i just wanted to show that even if Greaser is my fave he’s a useless piece of shit when it comes to battle and he’s the forst one to get beaten up

i mean maybe its just me, im bad at a lot of games but seriously man, try less hard 

What I think of the types (ENTP)

(Don’t get offended, this is based on people I know and stereotypes and although I might see flaws in people that doesn’t affect my overall impression of them, I can still love them just the same)

INTJ: I’m afraid of you but I admire you. You’re just so smart and cold, you know exactly what to do and you do it silently without people noticing how “powerful” you are. You’re like me but much more organized and disciplined and I wish I was like that. You’re mysterious and that appeals to me. However it will probably be a long time until I trust one of you.

INFJ: I don’t get why everybody thinks you are some kind of special unicorn that’s hard to see and when you do it’s as if you had found a treasure. I know two of you and you’re super nice but I don’t think I could have any deep relationship with you of any kind. And I definitely don’t have that attraction that supposedly all ENTPs have towards INFJs, sorry not sorry.

ENTJ: I don’t know any of you or at least I’m not sure I do. You look interesting to me though. You have the willpower that I lack and you’ll probably go further in life than me if I don’t change. I think we would argue a lot because I can’t stand bossy people and I would fight you every time I don’t agree with you.

ENFJ: I love you so much. You’re my favorite F type ever. You are smart and deep and I can have super meaningful conversations with you. You’re so positive and hardworking and I’m kinda jealous of that but what I like is that even though you’re organized you don’t try to impose your organization to me. I also think you’re mature and calm and have a lot of common sense. I get along very well with all of the ENFJs I know. 

ISTJ: I’m not sure I know any of you irl but if I’m right and my law professor is one I’d say I don’t really like you. You don’t have to be so practical, I mean, things are not black or white, there are like thousands of shades of grey between those too, don’t be so simple. I think you’re smart but omg don’t be so logical and don’t hate people so much.

ISFJ: you’re so sweet, so so sweet. It’s incredible how you can care so much about others and be all the time trying to fix them. You’re too kind and if you care you let people roll over you and that’s not okay. You’re worth so much more so start being a bit more selfish and understand sometimes you need to be fixed too.

ESTJ: you don’t have to be perfect, seriously, take it easy. You stress me when you try to control me and you don’t even listen to me. STOP. And sometimes it looks as if you couldn’t hold a deep conversation for more than ten minutes and it’s frustrating. However when you do (those unusual times) you surprise me. I could never work with you though.

ESFJ: if you’re going to do good things for people and rub them in then don’t do it. I mean I appreciate you but please, stop being so dramatic. And understand I’m different than you, I have different ideas, my brain works differently, I’m not as organized as you, and that’s okay. Everything you don’t share it’s not wrong. Anyway I admire your dedication and how caring you are, I truly do.

INTP: lol you’re a disaster. I relate to you a lot and I thing we could get along very well but we would probably never accomplish anything or get hit by a car while we’re on the street focused in our own world. But it would be so much fun.

INFP: you are mysterious and weird and you look super outspoken but them you’re reflective loners who don’t give a shit about other people. I think you see yourselves as super cool and super deep and you think you’re misunderstood but let me tell you, your not that special. You’re nice though.

ENTP: well what can I say, I’ve only had the chance to meet another ENTP in real life (and I suspect one of my professors is one too) and it’s like seeing myself in a mirror but I’m seeing things I didn’t see before. ENTPs are the most stubborn people I’ve ever met, like, arguments can last forever and you exhaust me. But you’re so cool and I like your conversations. Basically I’m even prouder now to be an ENTP than I was before (I’ll probably expand this in another post)

ENFP: I love your type, I really do. We get along very well, we are so similar in some things but different in others so we connect very well. I think you’d be better if you saw things from a less emotional perspective, I mean, things related to your life. Stop being so insecure because you’re really great.

ISFP: why do you all love to cook that much? You have a gift for that so keep doing it. You care about people but then you do whatever you want and don’t need anybody else. I think you have more emotions than you show and I’ve learned that you have sudden bursts of anger but they don’t last long.

ISTP: I don’t know any of you but if I let the stereotype guide me, you look so practical which could not really fit in with me but we could make a good team since you look independent too.

ESFP: stop being the class clown, stop wanting everybody to like you. Life is much more than the happiness of the moment. I could have fun with you but I don’t think I could form a deeper bond with you.

ESTP: you are so cool, you’re so authentic and smart and with clear ideas. You are independent and fun and I think you’re like a less complicated version of myself. I think you’re too resentful and sometimes you could use a little more empathy. But I like you, we could be very good friends.

Aqours Duo/Trio Collection CD and Costume Image Poll Results! (translated)

Not only are we announcing the Duo/Trio Collection CD, we’re releasing the results of the costume image poll with blurbs that make an impact!

In this CD, the four duo/trio combinations present new songs with unique styles, distinct from those of the subunits. We’re also announcing the fans’ choices from the nine colorful concepts of the costume image poll! The costumes for the winning concepts are scheduled to be introduced in next month’s issue (of Dengeki G’s Magazine). Please look forward to it ♪

CD Details

  • Name: Love Live! Sunshine!! Duo/Trio Collection CD
  • Release Date: 2017-08-02 (Wednesday)
  • Price: 1700 yen (without tax)
  • Contents: 4 new songs and drama tracks

Twilight Tiger (Chika & Kanan)
These childhood friends become tigers, shining in the morning sun—!

The costume image for the childhood friend combo of Chika and Kanan is Twilight Tiger! Imagine what kind of costume could incorporate the tiger’s distinctive colors and patterns alongside the gallantry and power the concept evokes.

Inferno Phoenix (Dia & Ruby)
The sisters—clad in crimson flames—take off!

Phoenixes, reborn from hellfire, have symbolized destruction and reincarnation from time immemorial. The concept suggests the sound of energetic rock music, but how will the Kurosawa sisters’ costumes incorporate the deep crimson and flames of this image—!?

Unicorn Blizzard (You & Yoshiko)
“You & Angel” become a silver-white blizzard!

A silver blizzard envelops the figure of a sparkling white beast. It gives the sense that those who approach it will freeze to death, and suggests a harsh, severe outlook on the world. Think about these two people obsessed with distinctive clothing: You, the uniform enthusiast, and Yoshiko, the fallen-angel fashionista. With this concept, what in the world will their costumes look like—!?

Hurricane Blossom (Riko & Hanamaru & Mari)
The sounds of this balanced trio reverberate from under the cherry blossoms—

Hurricane Blossom was chosen as the image for this well-balanced trio composed of one person from each year. This concept conveys the beauty and melancholy of flowers scattering in a storm of cherry blossoms. You can definitely expect costumes that reflect the elegance and fragility of maidenhood ♪

(Warning: this was done quickly, my Japanese isn’t great, and my translation leans towards being liberal… hopefully it gets the point across correctly!)

anonymous asked:

How would UF/UT Sanses and US/SF Pap react to an s/o that has a severe sunlight allergy due to having lupus? S/o can't be in sunlight even with protection for a few hours because they can either faint or get severely ill but they tend to push themselves too much for the skele's sake. Plus,they have been teased and called a vampire by people and made fun of. I have lupus and I have to start doing some aggressive treatment to fight back, especially since summer is around the corner. -Unicorn anon

Oh, please don’t hurt yourself or push yourself too far! Do what’s best for you no matter what, okay? Take care of yourself <3 I worry for the precious Unicorn anon now 


++ Sans ++

Red never lets you go outside. No. You stay in the comfy confines of this house, got it?! He lets you go out every once in a while but definitely not for too long, no way in hell sweetheart. You’re going to stay in his sight and stay nice and safe, alright? Red is going to care for you like the precious little bean you are and make sure you’ve got everything you need so you aren’t suffering at all, ever. He’ll go off on anyone who wrongs you or makes fun of you, and he’s going to make them regret ever opening their mouth.


++ Sans ++

Classic tends to worry about your well-being a lot, he just really wants you to be okay. He will constantly ask if you’re okay, and the two of you will go out for little walks in the park on sunny days for maybe just an hour or so, so you can still get your dose of vitamin D, since Classic knows that stuff is important for humans with skin. And all humans have skin… either way, he will always be double checking on you, and knows when it becomes too much for you, so you can’t trick him into letting you out longer. He’s got a close eye on you, and praises you like the royalty that you are whenever you come back inside feeling okay. He’s proud of you for any progress you make, and will gladly help you. With all of that being said, though, he won’t treat you like your sick over half of the time. Classic wants you to feel comfortable, and he knows you’ll feel better if he treats you normally, right? You two bond very quick and you wouldn’t want it any other way.


++ Papyrus ++

Honey always has you on his mind, and always tries his best to feel better. He teases you in a lighthearted way to still try and help you take your mind off of things, and like Classic, lets you go outside for an hour or so every once in a while. He doesn’t want to isolate you, that’s fully opposite of what he wants to do, so he makes you feel as welcome as you want! He likes to flip off everyone who makes fun of you and always has the most amazingly snarky comebacks, you can’t even hold in your snickers every time he shoots a reply back at someone. You and Honey are the ultimate power couple, and he treats your allergy like a part of anyone’s regular life rather than an abnormality, no matter how rare it is. You are perfect, no matter how you are. Honey, and everyone else in the monster family loves you for you.


++ Papyrus ++

Rus freaks out every time you want to go outside, and dresses you like it’s winter time. Every time he does, you teasingly roll your eyes and tell him that he needs to help you get all of this stuff off, because you’re going to pass out faster by going outside in this rather than just being outside in general. He complies and takes it off of you, but always expresses his worry. Every time that he worries, you softly kiss him and tell him as long as you aren’t out for too long, you’ll be perfectly fine. Although, since you sometimes push the limits, he’s had to catch you right when you faint and quickly teleport you home before anything else happened. This is why he doesn’t let you go outside! No matter how much it happens, though, he always gives into you, because you know just how to persuade and convince him you’re alright. Rus is always willing to care for you, no matter what happens.


       ❝They took your scroll, Tintin! It’s gone.❞

       ❝How? What happened?❞

       ❝It was Allan! He-He knobbled me in the garden and then…❞

EXO reaction: to you jumping up on the kitchen counter and telling them to fuck you right here, right now:


*Groans* Fuck yes


Such a good girl *Pounces on you*


*Blushes at first but then the little unicorn down there goes hard* Anything for you *wink*


*Giggles* You so cute Jagi but I’m not leaving my girl hanging


Beg for it *bites his lip*


*Stares at you with wide eyes* Oh man…. your going to get it tonight kitten


You know exactly what daddy wants *Pulls you against him*


What was that baby? Little troll


*Spits out his drink* Whaaaaat?