unicorn game

You know what it just occurred to me I’d really like to see in a tabletop RPG?

A setting that pairs the milieu of gonzo post-cyberpunk with the tone and themes of romantic fantasy.

Reframe extreme body modification via cybertechnology as an act of self-affirmation, rather than self-destruction.

There’s a whole ecosystem of little robo-critters gone feral, but they’re not dangerous -  they’re friends.

Everybody gets quirky AI companions.

Also, somehow there are unicorns.

I need to follow more people that post:

- Star vs. the Forces of Evil
- Puella Magi Madoka Magica
- Fairy Tail
- Soul Eater
- Blue Exorcist
- The Devil is a Part Timer
- No Game No Life
- Kingdom Hearts
- Animal Crossing
- Voltron
- NaLu
- Starco
- Klance
- Pastel
- Unicorns
- Magical Girls

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This is the first time I make a drawing of Leon so I will take this as a practice :3 

So now I’m playing Glenn’s route (Not finished yet, I’m at chapter 8)  and that guy is totally random, sometimes he is cold and emotionless, at the other minute he is blushing (And probably inner screaming) and after that he is a jealous weirdo, I mean I like him but really Ministry of Magic, what kind of people do you hire normally? That dude has the same control of his emotions as a little child xD