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Okay, so I know Good Game is a simple comedy where every single emotion is grossly exaggerated and nothing is supposed to be taken seriously.

But seeing Alex all worried and alone in that bar actually fucking sucked. A lot.

Sometimes it seems like his relentless optimism and somewhat lame unconditional supportiveness are coming from his fear of abandonment. At least I got this impression from the way Alex’s character is portrayed in general.
Anyway, not to add the totally non-existent layer of drama here, but certain moments in ep5 were maybe a little heartbreaking (and by “little” I mean VERY, because I adore Alex and I’m also a giant sap).

“There are ancient tales of Hairy Men of Essos riding unicorns into battle, and the Skagosi lords are also said to ride unicorns. They are also said to live in the high mountains of Ib. And several Westerosi houses feature unicorns in their sigils. These animals are all but gone.”

This one was fun to do. I used more mountain goat species rather than horses for reference. Though these animals I would imagine can get quite large considering they can be used as mounts. Be sure to check out my other asoiaf creature designs!

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A few days ago I said I am going to start conceptualizing a new virtual pet sim. I have been working madly between work to bring this concept to life. For now, I’m calling it Project Octavo! this name will definitely change at some point, as the game develops I’ll have a better ideas for the title. 

I wont go into specific details about the pets/creatures players will keep at this moment as things are still very early, but I want to share every step of the journey with you all and that’s exactly what imma do. 

Right now, I am trying to find a concrete art direction. Art direction, in my opinion - is one of, if not, the most important aspect of any game. I want to nail down specifics of the art before moving into other territory. The first two are experiments, backgrounds and illustration renders.

The second few are concept variants for the pets/creatures themselves. The sketches at the bottom might hint to my ideas for the sim, but again.. early days. I’ll keep posting more things as they come~

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You know what it just occurred to me I’d really like to see in a tabletop RPG?

A setting that pairs the milieu of gonzo post-cyberpunk with the tone and themes of romantic fantasy.

Reframe extreme body modification via cybertechnology as an act of self-affirmation, rather than self-destruction.

There’s a whole ecosystem of little robo-critters gone feral, but they’re not dangerous -  they’re friends.

Everybody gets quirky AI companions.

Also, somehow there are unicorns.