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Can You Not: A PSA

If you invalidate/hate any ship on the show for the sole reason of it being heterosexual? you’re trash

If you try to determine the outcome of the show/ determine where the producers are going to go with so much absolution you start to hate on people who mention any other outcome? you’re trash

If you believe that the producers are going to put things in the show just because it’s in the comics as if this isn’t a dark reboot and the point is to stray from the comics to a certain extent and start to hate on people because they argue otherwise? you’re trash

If you are a hypocrite and validate/point out and mention someone’s sexuality (*cough* asexuality *cough*) when it comes to certain situations (*cough* ships *cough*) but not other situations (*cough* other ships *cough*) because it won’t work in your favor in the other situation, you’re trash

If you want to jump to the upmost conclusions and do THE MOST, F O U R episodes in, you’re trash

If you go on every post about a ship you don’t like just to say the reasons why you don’t ship it, you’re trash and are extra AF

If you decide you’re going to be done with the show just because two people you don’t want together end up together YOU, ARE, TRASH

Honestly, just if you’re an asshole in general you’re freaking trash and need to come to your damn senses dude.

This is a show.

A damn show man.

A show that doesn’t even have a complete season and already going through any of the tags is really freaking unpleasant. This is ridiculous man.
Has it even been on air long enough for a full fandom to form? I’m pretty sure it hasn’t.
This is a PSA to all of you already making enjoying this show hard.
Especially the ones who have full on decided that they’re going to be “done” with the show if two people they don’t want together end up together. Like?
If you didn’t know this is a live action tv show with humans as main characters.

Not unicorns or ducks or freaking dinosaurs or whatever. These are humans in real life situations. People end up together whether you like it or not.

In real life, things happen that you don’t want to happen. But you know what? You realize that stuff happens and you keep pushing !! And that’s what you should do. Keep. Pushing. Not completely boycott something and have a really good show with a really good plot get cancelled for low viewership and ruin it for everyone else including all the directors and actors and producers that put in their hard work and time to bring what was in the form of comic books to life on our television screens.

When we first tuned into Riverdale, we didn’t tune in for the ships. We tuned in for the plot. FOR THE P L O T and for the fact that for a lot of us, WE GREW UP WITH THE COMICS. Please do not ruin that because you want to whine and throw a fit because a romantic pairing that you wanted didn’t happen. Please get over yourself.
It doesn’t matter who YOU think have the most chemistry. It doesn’t matter who YOU think have the least.

The producers and story writers are doing exactly what they’re meant to do. They’re trying to tell a story.

A story about 4 teenagers, a murder, and a small town.

And within that story will be ups and downs, and because it’s a TEEN DRAMA probably makeups and breakups and hook ups !! And it’s the team’s job to tell that story with the necessary scenarios in order to be realistic. People will get together whether you like it or not because that’s what teenagers in real life do.

Get over it, stop being an asshole, and enjoy the story for what it is.


I hope you are having a wonderful Hearts and Hooves Day, everypony.

Spend this holiday with your very special somepony, be happy, don’t eat too much chocolate, but most importantly, go watch a very romantic movie! My cinema will be open for those of you who’d want to come.

About me, I think I’ll be too busy working on the upcoming movie marathon to focus on anything else! Though I appreciate candy like everypony else. I still like marshmallows.

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