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What's the details of your Ducktales au and does it have a name?

It started with headcanons I had for Daisy if she were to appear in the show, but I hadn’t considered a title for this au until recently.

Working Girl AU. Inspired by the famous 80s movie, Working Girl

It’s an underdeveloped AU since it relies more on domesticity than the adventure. Meaning their emotions/feelings and daily life, but I know I plan to write at least one short story where Daisy joins them on an adventure. 

Donaldtheduckdad drew some amazing pictures based on my interpretations of Daisy and her family. One of the sweetest people ever. 

Here are some links to my headcanons that started this mess. Headcanon 1, Headcanon 2, Headcanon 3, Headcanons 4, Headcanons 5. I’ve had great discussions with robinine-blog on some of these. They’re very informative and understanding!

Looking back on it, I am going to have to tag those posts Working Girl AU. I have a tendency to jump onboard without proper preparation. 

I also wrote a fic that dabbled in this AU. Daisy and Donald had a serious argument, and it’s more or less about her realizing Donald has done a lot for her emotionally, also her journey to make amends. It’s located on my A03. 

One of the big things I knew instantly was that Donna Duck was going to be Daisy’s slightly older sister. I know originally Daisy’s brother was HDL’s father, but it’s a theory/fact I’m not 100% on board with. Daisy also has three nieces, and I really like Donna from her one appearance. 

Also, Donald dated Donna, and Daisy knows this the moment she formerly meets him.