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Healing Unicorn Lay🦄

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Finally finished my two companion pieces to my large Unicorn Deer piece! I wanted to play off one of the other Unicorn Hunt tapestries but nothing translated well without getting insanely complicated so ended up just doing two ‘hunting hounds’ to place at either side of the larger piece :D Prints available at cons , eventually in our shop. ENJOY! XOXOXO


My bias, everyone! ♡♡♡♡♡

alahnasaurus-fez  asked:

Hope you're having a wonderful day and not too sad post-cockles christmas *waits for good vids to be uploaded* but what on earth is the Unicorn Laugh? I'm so confused O_O

[about the bottom-left square of this Cockles bingo card]

post-cockles christmas? I’m pretty sure the fun has barely begun. next come the videos!! and the photo ops!!! and the stories, and all the frEAKING OUT and then analysing their body language and lip reading all the things they say out of the microphone….. IT’S ONLY JUST STARTED. we have months of material to enjoy before we can say it’s post-cockles christmas.

(and in the meantime they’ll still be gross and provide us with more grossness. as far as I’m concerned, cockles christmas shall never end and I’m grateful for that.)

now, let me explain you a thing.


the UNICORN LAUGH is also known as Jensen’s Misha laugh. it’s so named because every time Jensen laughs in this manner, baby unicorns are spawned into being. (this is true science. indisputable.)

it’s that full-body ugly laughter he does where his knees go weak and he falls over backwards, or forwards, or spins around on the spot, like so:


it’s usually given for almost no reason other than the fact Misha is in the room and said or did something mildly amusing


and Jensen completely forgets that there’s other people watching him melt into a helpless mess of tears and half a boner


it’s a completely unfounded reaction to Misha doing something…. probably not much… maybe an accent, Jensen likes those


and literally nobody is laughing that much at Misha’s joke except this guy


it’s kind of obnoxious and unnecessarily projected because he really wants Misha to know his terrible joke is funny and even though Misha is literally right next to him THE WHOLE ROOM OBVIOUSLY NEEDS TO HEAR THIS LAUGH SO THEY KNOW MISH IS FUNNY


it’s awful and ugly and disgusting and utterly repulsive



but my god, is it b e a u t i f u l

Day 23: In which moment of the game would you like to see an extra illustration?

That one time Kero gave us a hug. It caught me so off-guard.

30 days in Eldarya Challenge

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RFA + Minor Trio Going Out in Public in a Unicorn Onesie

A head canon where mc convinces the RFA + Minor Trio to go out in public a whole day in a pink unicorn onesie. This is something me and my friends are planning to do together and we’re all just waiting for a day we can all catch up together

Woah!! What a unique request!! This might be slightly short, probably because it’s almost three am and I’m trying to function ;v; I hope you enjoy this and that you and your friends will be able to catch up soon~


  • I mean, he was already a majestic unicorn
  • and considering he once got curious about what he’d look like with pink hair as well…?
  • this is perfect!!
  • it was decently easy to convince him to wear the onesie
  • he’ll do anything for his prince/princess :O
  • so, the day where Zen wears the onesie came
  • and he surprised you by being already in it when you woke up
  • !!!
  • he looked
  • so
  • cute !!!!
  • “Jagiya, how do I look~”
  • you started grinning and jumped out of bed to hug him
  • you also decided to go have breakfast in a small cafe to start off the day before going to the amusement park
  • everywhere Zen went, his fans were there
  • his fans tried taking pictures with him, so that slowed down your day a bit but you knew that this will help his popularity and didn’t say anything
  • you held his hand for the rest of the way to the amusement park
  • you started off by sending Zen on the carousel and taking a video of him
  • I swear, he probably winked in the middle of the video
  • … and if the video was posted online, it probably went viral.
  • and if you sent a photo of Zen in the onesie, Jumin would probably have mentioned how cats are more majestic
  • you guys had a good day together at the amusement park
  • some point during the date, you brought some pink cotton candy that matched the color of the onesie
  • pretty much, the date was all fluff owo


  • “MC! Do you still think I’m a kid?!”
  • poor babe
  • his face was probably pink tbh
  • it took a bit for him to finally wear it because he wanted to be seen like a man
  • but he was one of the easier ones to convince in the end because he’s a bit submissive towards MC
  • when you guys go out in the unicorn onesie, it was to his college
  • you surprisingly went to the same university and never knew
  • so you were by his side the whole time during school while he was wearing the unicorn onesie
  • if he got laughed at, you would have fought them >:O
  • no one hurts your babe
  • sure, Yoosung got a few stares but you reassured him that he looks cute and will always be manly in your eyes
  • especially since he wore it to make you happy, something extremely manly
  • help how many times am I going to use the word manly
  • during lunch, you texted a photo of you and Yoosung in his unicorn onesie to the RFA group chat
  • … rip, Seven completely teased Yoosung and you swore you saw Yoosung’s soul leave his body
  • other than that, nothing really happened, except Yoosung made you wear matching onesies when you get home
  • cuddling sessions, surprise, he didn’t play LOLOL!!
  • rika wouldnt have made me wear a unicorn onesie to school… T^T
  • I should stop :’)


  • you somehow managed to convince Jaehee to wear matching unicorn onesies for national unicorn day
  • which is the ninth of april, by the way ;o
  • you convinced her with the idea of unicorn lattes and unicorn shaped cookies and talking about how social medias are going to be so hyped for national unicorn day
  • she reluctantly agreed, it probably took a good day or two to convince her.
  • you baked the cookies and frosted them while Jaehee made the lattes
  • every customer that came in were greeted by the two of you wearing matching unicorn onesies and a free cookie
  • the cafe quickly became packed and was one of the trends on social media
  • the RFA showed up sometime too wearing something unicorn related
  • and Jumin brought Elizabeth the Third, so rip Zen..
  • the cafe gained a lot of popularity from the whole event which made Jaehee really happy
  • proud MC is proud

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