TSO Class: Magickal Creatures

So, I am super excited about this class. I love mythical, magickal creatures and not just for the aesthetic or notion of fantasy where these creatures COULD exist, but don’t…I love them more because they DO exist.

Stories of mythical beasts and fantastical animals have been part of humanity since the dawn of time. Even if some of them have been proven to be actual creatures that lived at one time or another or turned out to be something else entirely, the stories still exist.

From cryptozoology to fantasy/sci-fi tales and reimaginings of these awe-inspiring beasts, everyone out there has some sort of soft spot or nostalgia for one of these many animals of myth and legend. And these beasts cross continents and sometimes even religions, but they are everywhere…do you believe?

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I’m spending the week at an equine hospital - cuddling fluffy-nosed foals, assisting with surgeries, x-raying and scanning limbs, and flushing lungs. I’m so used to small animals that it’s like walking into Gainesville…even the ET tubes are gigantic! Today I got to scrub in on a surgery to stitch up a patent urachus on a foal that was urinating into her abdomen. Over 4L of fluid was drained! The filly is improving and expected to make a full recovery.