Originally posted December 2016

One last one for the night. If you remember any posts that you particularly want to see just message me. 

“Welcome little foals… to the Nightmare Factory…” Dream spoke lowly as she lured the foals closer to the pot bubbling and spewing an enchanted steam.

“Awh come on Dream!” a voice pops up in the back

“Yeah we know you give treats not tricks.” comes another “What’s in the pot eh…?”

Dream laughs and drops the charade as Cuppa steps out of the shadows with brownie decorating sets for the foals to do at the tables and she pulls out mugs and begins ladling, thick, creamy hot coco with ghostly marshmallows for the children. “Well you two caught me, but next year play along ok?” she ruffles the manes of Snips and Snails before handing out hot chocolate to all the costumed foals.  

Gorgeous unicorn set, with unicorn horn feature nails, holo and pink chrome, and naturally… Swarovski out the wazoo. ✨💎🦄💅🏻🙌🏻 ……………
I’m a fully qualified nail technician specialising in creative nail styling incorporating acrylic enhancements, hand painted art, encapsulation and 3D (including bling!)
I’m available by private appointment in Redfern (getnailedau@gmail.com) for the craziest and most opulent nail art + acrylics you can think of.
Contact me if you’re looking for a nail artist in Sydney to blow your mind! #unicorn #unicorns #unicornswag #unicornlife #unicornnails #unicornnailart #chromenails #chromenailart

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