I GOT HER TO REAR (so freaking excited about that).

Figured out how to string the front legs properly - was sort of a DUH moment but whatever.  I’m going to probably mod the hooves so that they can move more naturally and also probably cut them in a little in front to make a more cloven hoof.

Also I need to get a better tail than that fluffy monstrosity.

For @probjdartists day 2016, I thought I would showcase my Orion (Soom Pyrol Unicenta) and Theodore (DiM Happy Ace). Both WIPs were dyed by yours truly using Jacquard iDyePoly and RIT Dyemore, respectively.

Wanting a doll in a color other than resin a company offers is no excuse to buy a recast. If you don’t feel comfortable dyeing a doll, there are artists out there you can commission to do the work for you. New synthetic dyes on the market offer a rainbow of hues, and since you can mix and match, the options are virtually endless.

Please, respect ball-jointed doll artists. Buy legit.