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What are emergency lessons? What are they used for and where can i watch them. Sorry. I am new to the fandom

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The Emergency Lessons are short videos that Tom made for UNICEF for the campaign that focuses on the real life experiences and the importance of education for children in conflict and disaster zones. He is an ambassador for UNICEF UK and has made a few trips to places like Guinea in January 2013 and most recently to South Sudan.  

Check out the links for more information about his involvement!

** UNICEF campaigns and ads:

** Interviews and Misc.:

** Emergency Lessons:

You can donate to UNICEF! :)


Tom Hiddleston: Famine in East Africa, please donate to Unicef to help | Unicef Canada


#tomhiddleston #unicef please donate ❤

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EXO: *sells 200k+ albums in 2 days with a winter special*
EXO-Ls: there are none
EXO-s: there are none
EXO-Ls: there are none
EXO-Ls: there are none
EXO-Ls: all proceeds are donated to Unicef



Tom Hiddleston: Famine in East Africa | Please donate to Unicef

Poems I Do Not Write

Summary: Somewhere along the way, Naruto and Sasuke have lured her heart into their hands, and now Sakura doesn’t know how to get it back.

Rating: Mature

Author’s Notes: This fic is for xxlovendreamsxx, who requested a NaruSakuSasu threesome, and uchihasass, who wanted a high school AU. Many thanks to xxlovendreamsxx for making a donation to UNICEF Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund as part of the Naruto for Nepal project in exchange for this story. I hope you ladies enjoy this!

Sakura realizes a month before graduation that she’s in love with both of her best friends. This rush of clarity isn’t sparked by anything meaningful or momentous. Just a simple afternoon alone with Sasuke and Naruto, lying in her backyard on a quilt Mikoto made for them, their hands linked together like daisy chains. She’s in the middle, as always, bookended by the boys who have framed her life. Sasuke’s grip is firm, solid and secure, while Naruto tangles his fingers with hers playfully, teasing her palm with his thumb. And it hits her, then and there, that she simply cannot do without either of them. Somewhere along the way, these young men have lured her heart into their hands, and now she doesn’t know how to get it back.

She has known Sasuke and Naruto since they were babies together, toddling around the sharp edges of furniture. She grew up beside them (no, between them), climbing trees with childish abandon and stealing ice cream from the freezer to glut themselves on. Her life is built of small moments strung together, like a thread that is impossibly intertwined with the boys she has come to think of as hers.

Now she sits up, breath coming a little too fast, a fact her friends are quick to notice. Sasuke puts a hand on her shoulder, offering silent comfort, and Naruto asks, “You all right, Sakura?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she lies. Sakura leans against Sasuke, and he wraps an arm around her waist, casually possessive. Naruto looks at her with concerned blue eyes, as if he doesn’t quite believe her.

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Lucy Liu was born in New York, and has a particular fondness for Mandarin Oriental, New York’s excellent location and proximity to Central Park. She also loves to have the ‘delicious and comforting’ Chinese breakfast whenever she stays there.

Lucy’s favourite charities, to which Mandarin Oriental is making a donation, are UNICEF, which she has worked with for 10 years, and Ignite, a BAM arts programme for children.

Things I learned and we should all know if Tom Hiddleston ever does another comic-con.

1. He is the most considerate person in the world. E.g. He stayed after hours on Saturday so the Sunday people wouldn’t be inconvenienced. The Wizard World people begged him to go and leave the rest of the Sat. people but he said “no”. Point being, take a page from his book and be considerate whenever you can. 

2.  He would prefer you donate to UNICEF rather than bring him a gift. E.g. I stood in line on Sunday for 5 hours and the whole time I was trying to figure out what to say to him.  I also didn’t have any gifts for him like other fans. During my time in line I spoke to other Tom fans and one of the rumors going around was that he was donating some if not all the proceeds from Wizard World to charity. So 30 min before show time, I decided that I was going to make a donation to a charity of him choice. So when I told him that, he was so so so happy!  He even gave me advice on which UNICEF I should donate (UK, USA or international)  and which it would better on me for taxes!

3. He would to see love to see more of his other roles in cosplay other than Loki e.g. Adam from “Only Lover Left Alive”

4. In that note he got very happy to see an “Only Lovers Left Alive” poster brought to him to sign. He told the fan “I am very happy to see this here” when he saw the poster.

5.  He loves his fans and tried to give us as much attention and acknowledgement as he could under the circumstances. For those who he couldn’t, It was not his fault that Wizard World over over booked him :-(

6. He loves kids! He was great and happy to see small children come up to him in the autograph. 

7. He is a hugger :-) Gave many a people a hug.

8. Likes Pepsi and chocolate cookies from UK…  the brand I think was Bimbo chips, they had a little bear on them.

Image by me. Please ask before taking it.

[INTERVIEW] It hurts because it’s youth (靑春), B.A.P - @star1

When they’re on stage they have the rough expressions of sorrowful men, but once they’re off stage and gathered together they are naturally bright jokesters. They may have clear, bright expressions like young boys but they are all grown up on the inside. Having had a chance to mediate and reflect on their passion for music and their love for their fans during hard times, now that they can once more stand on the stage they missed so much all that’s left is for them to go forward with confidence and strength. An honest interview with B.A.P who are right in the middle of their splendid youth and make you want to believe in and protect them all the more for it.

(You have) come back after a year and 9 months with your handmade 4th mini album ‘MATRIX’ since the release of your first full album ‘First Sensibility’ last February. What kind of stories did you want to tell?
YONGGUK: It’s an album where I have taken on the responsibility of the overall production, but I didn’t get the feeling that the success or failure of the album rested in my hands. So I didn’t feel any burden. If it holds any significance, it is an album that contains the stories of B.A.P’s youth.
YOUNGJAE: We expressed the theme of youth in the one and only B.A.P’s style. We put in our experiences with the music we know how to do best. Personally I liked this album.
ZELO: I’m more satisfied with this album because it melted our stories well.

Right after the release (of the album), you reached #3 on the Billboard World Album chart and 2 awards from music broadcast shows in just 2 weeks. The hiatus pales in comparison to the results.
YONGGUK: To be honest, this album wasn’t made to depend on album rankings or awards. All our albums are like this, but this album more so. Different from our expectations, we were grateful and caught off guard when we were given such good awards. Thanks to our fans who waited so long for us, we were  able to receive those awards and we’ll think of it as a lashing for us to make better music from now on.
HIMCHAN: Winning first place doesn’t make you a better singer. We thought our biggest strength is our team having our own color so we had no greed for 1st place. I’m not a person who puts a lot of meaning into rankings but all this was able to come true thanks to our fan’s love. We took it as (them telling us) to overcome our hiatus and work hard for music.

You unwillingly rested for a long time. Did you have any gears that fans would leave or that you would be forgotten from the public’s memory during the hiatus.
YONGGUK: We are friends who make music, so we always had the notion that if we make good music there will be more people who will come to like our music again. I believe that our fans want is to do the music we want to do and if we work hard, good results will follow. All our fans are special and I’m not affected by numerical results.
DAEHYUN: After getting back together, the relationship between tell members and fans grew fonder.
JONGUP: Although recognition is important, honestly I had no concerns about being forgotten because we can always show them our good image again.

Did you resolve your conflict well with your company, TS Entertainment.
YONGGUK: We talked to each other a lot. I realized how important communication is. Because we were able to solve our misunderstandings, we were able to release an album.
HIMCHAN: It was the most painful time I’ve ever experienced in my twenties. I don’t think I’ll be able to forget it for a long time and I think (I’ll) be able to endure anything I encounter from now on if I do music diligently with/from my aching experience. To be honest, I did not want my dongsaengs to go through hardships like this. I think (Bang) Yongguk thinks the same way. Even if we were tired, only we (himchan&yongguk) wanted to be tired. We are sorry to the dongsaengs, and want to continue to do a better, good music with them from onwards.
DAEHYUN: On the process of making up and gathering together, the roles of leader Bang Yongguk hyung, and Himchan hyung was really big. They held the dongsaengs who were going through difficulties really well. I would like to say that I am thankful once again.
YOUNGJAE: Hyungs went through a lot. (They) arranged the problems with (their) driving forces. The company, in order to conversate with us, (they) knocked on the door first, made concession and showed lots of considerations.
ZELO: The past 1 year was a time that was hard to forget. Although people around us say that it was rather a good thing to go through difficulties at such an early time (young age), it was very hard/difficult because there were problems and (our) hiatus elongated. I am thankful to the hyungs that lead us well.

How did each of you spend your breaks/hiatus. There is a saying that you mature as much as the pain you’ve experienced, if there are changes.
YONGGUK: Although we met during the hiatus consistently, the members’ relationship hardened while preparing for a comeback. (We) always had a thankful heart to the fans but this time, I think it’s thankful plus alpha. Although (I’m) shy, I am trying to express more of thankfulness mind/heart. haha.
HIMCHAN: I rested well. Came back home and practiced after resting in Newyork for 3 months. I watched and learned a lot so my view has become wider.
DAEHYUN: The reason why I couldn’t give up on music even during the hiatus was because of the members and the fans. This is my first time saying this but honestly, I had a phobia of standing on a stage alone. I was able to overcome this feeling/emotion by constantly performing in the streets (busking) of my hometown Busan, and Sincheon, Seoul.
YOUNGJAE: Spent time with family while resting at home. Also rented a private practice room and practiced. Since the members are people who (I have) been with for a long time, even during the lawsuit, we occasionally gathered and had drinks.
JONGUP: There were a lot of stuff I wanted to do/try while on break but I actually don’t think I did much. haha. Although I rested well with the thought that resting is also a practice, the dream (I had) about music was always with me.
ZELO: I went to Canada for music studies. I returned realizing a lot.

And finally, a message to your fans who waited a long time for you
YONGGUK: I want to become an unashamed artist who is able to make up for your long wait with good music. If you anticipate we will work hard to change your anticipation into cheers. I love you.
HIMCHAN: It’s not like we were away for only a month or two so you may have gotten tired(of waiting), but depsite that, to the fans who waited with the same unchanging love, thank you. I think our real beginning is from now, instead of rushing to do things and being forgotten just as easily we will become a group that does things properly even if it’s a bit late.
DAEHYUN: Even if you forgot about or let go of B.A.P for a while I don’t think that’s important. You’re back here like this now and we’ll be showing you an even better side of us in the future so I believe you (fans) will naturally come to our side. Going forward I am looking forward to meeting you not only the stage but also through dramas, variety and other various challenges.
YOUNGJAE: I’m sorry because I think we made our fans suffer too much. Thank you for waiting, we will pay back you hard work by becoming a B.A.P which works well in every field. Also we don’t only do strong music well so we still have much to show you.
JONGUP: I don’t have a personality where I’m good at expressing myself but I would definitely like to relay my thanks to you. We will work hard to make more memories with you so that when we grow old we can become valuable memories to one another.
ZELO: I really missed you. Next year we will be holding concerts which we enjoy so much and we will be showing you some good stages so make sure to come and I whope we can commincate there too.

Through your donations through UNICEF and the likes, you are known as a ‘Ideal-Dol’ or someone that contributes to a many donations. After the debut of ‘1004’ and the first win, through connections from a welfare organization, together with the fans you partook in volunteer service; are you normally interested in donations.

In truth, I might have started it, but now, I am learning more from the fans. There is a saying that say that the start is difficult, but personally, rather than just starting, I think it is more difficult to continuously do something. During the hiatus, I wasn’t able to go to the place I normally volunteered, but the fans went and came back to tell me first about the news there. Watching those sides of the fans, I came to respect the fans even more. Now that we have started promotions again, with the members and the fans, I wish to do more good things together.

After your comeback, you took part as the special MC at music programs. Unlike your chic image, it is known that you continuously communicate with the fans through SNS; is your skill at talking something that you were born with.

It was hectic being an MC after so long, but I think it ended without much trouble. Also, rather than being good at communication, I tend to want to tell the fans what is in my mind. If you look at it this way, among the members, I seem to be the one who speaks the best, but in reality I’m the type that regrets it a little after speaking. Haha. So I tend to promise myself to be more careful.

Last November, you appeared on MBC <Sunday Night - King of Masked Singers> as Hitmaker Freshman and was able to again prove your singing abilities as a main vocal. What was the meaning behind your tears directly after the stage.

There were many different meanings in them. There was happiness in standing on stage after not being able to for over a year; my competing song, ‘Empty Glass,’ was a song that I sang while thinking about my dad, so the tears came without my notice. After the broadcast, I called my dad, but he was very drunk on alcohol at the time. With an excited voice, he said, “Thanks to my son, I got a reason to drink alcohol with my friends.” Due to the mistake at the introduction, there was a slight regret, but because I was able to show to my dad his son standing on stage once again, it was even more meaningful.

Perhaps it is thanks to continuous practice, but your charming tone is the same as always. How was the process in getting used to the stage and harmonizing with Daehyun again.

Actually, Daehyun and I have completely different vocal color and pursue different musical practices, so harmonizing with him had slight difficulties. Through constant practice, we’re harmonizing more as we go. I feel reassured because it feels like we are able to influence and lead each other to positive directions together. 

You directly participated in the choreography of the hit-song ‘Young, Wild, and Free’ with Zelo. It must have been burdensome.

Of course, I felt a lot of responsibility. With Zelo, we made the choreography and mixing the choreography of the dance director and foreign choreographers, it was completed. If I did it alone, the burden would have been large, but because we did it together, rather, I was able to express things the way I wished to.

To say a little about your difficulties as the youngest.

Because I am the youngest, they take care of me more. However, because my blood type is A, I don’t show it, but I tend to be more wary. In group interviews, I cannot speak very well, but if I am alone, I can do it well. Although I usually don’t have a lot of words, they come easily. Haha. Sometimes, because I am timid, I sulk by myself.

Honestly, I thought that it(the shoot) wouldn’t be different from the other idols so far. Until the first shooting and interaction with them, I thought it would be just another regular photoshoot. However, as I watched them through their first and second shooting, it was very touching/moving. Giving pizzas ordered for lunch to the staffs first, doing their best without complaining despite being asked to do unreasonable poses, and smiling and lifting the atmosphere when asked for retakes; these are all humane behavior that are actually not something easy to see in a photoshoot. A group like this, without leaving a single member out, that makes an editor feel grateful and thankful is the first and will likely be the only one. This is why they are beautiful. They are loveable. I too should become a BABYz(B.A.P fanclub).

screencap cr; Viet Nga Tran & Memory Lane @.20120127net
trans cr; nicole, woojung, tima & sojeong @ baptrans ; take out with full credit 


Sorry for my awful english. 

In a nutshell:

 I’m joining the #EmergencyLessons tag buy showing you my scholl photo, and also, I’m auctioning this portrait + Little of Tom Hiddleston’s #EmergencyLessons school photo

The highest will get the drawing and the money will be donated to Unicef to, along with EU Humanitarian Aid, help provide the means and facilities for kids to continue their education.Thank you all for watching me and send me your bid any way you want until the end of May!!!


redvelvet.smtown: 다가오는 새해엔
행복한 웃음만이 가득하길
바라는 마음으로 여러분의
해피 스마일 바이러스를
멀리~ 멀리~ 퍼트려주세요!

Please widely spread your happy smile virus in hopes that the upcoming New Year will be full of happy laughter!

#해피스마일바이러스 #엠버 선배님 #김희철 선배님 #전현무 선배님
#유니세프 #2004
1. 10초간 활짝 웃는 모습을 동영상으로 촬영한다
1. Take a video of you smiling broadly for 10 seconds.

2. 24시간 내에 sns(인스타그램)에 웃음 동영상을 올린다
2. Upload your smile video on SNS (Instagram) within 24 hours.

3. 웃음바이러스에 동참 후 다음에 참여할 3명을 지목한다
3. Participate in the ‘Smile Virus Campaign’ and point out 3 other people to participate next.

4. #2004로 “해피스마일 바이러스” 라고 적은 문자를 전송하면 유니세프를 통해 어려운 아이들에게 사랑이 전달! (2000원 기부)
4. Send a text message to #2004 saying “Happy Smile Virus”, and love will be delivered to the children in need through UNICEF! (Donating 2000 Won)

추운 겨울 작지만
따뜻한 선물이 될
해피 바이러스!!
당신이 10초간 웃으면, 아이들이 활짝 웃을 수 있습니다!

Happy virus - a small, but warm gift in this cold winter season!! 10 seconds of your smile will make the Children smile broadly!



I think everyone should know about the Carrera Cartoon because it’s really cool 

This is a huge race/marathon that Cartoon Network Latin America organizes every single year, each year in a different capital of a different south american country, to promote exercise in kids. Kids basically tag with an adult each and run in different categories. There’s also a huge event with all the sponsors of the race and all the profits are donated to Unicef. Basically cool as can be, man

I didn’t get to run because I’m too old to fit any category (and when we tried to enroll my bro all the slots were taken), but the event is free to attend and you can actually get in the track with the runners without having to enroll, so I did follow the track. CN mascots were along the way and you could get photos of them. I’m so glad it hit my city this year!!!

Gracias @cartoonnetworkla por este evento tan espectacular! Espero poder correr con mi hermano menor la próxima vez que llegue la Carrera Cartoon a Bogotá!

[INFO] Daesung will not be accepting fan gifts for his birthday this year. Letters and charity are okay.

SMILE HOLIC sent an inquiry to Daesung’s fan manager on the 17th of March regarding Daesung’s 26th birthday gifts. Fan manager replied today stating that Daesung will not be accepting any gifts this year.

In 2012 and 2013, Daesung told his fan manager this, “it would be good if gifts can be given to people who need it more than me. I wish that everybody can keep it simple and do more charity instead^^”~ However, due to the fans passion every year, Daesung do not want the fans to be upset since they have already prepared the gifts sincerely so he still accepted the gifts. Due to Daesung’s wishes, SMILE HOLIC has actually started donating to UNICEF since last year ^^

Thus this year, SMILE HOLIC will only send the UNICEF charity certificate as a form of proof and SMILE HOLIC’s support message to Daesung. SMILE HOLIC will also be taking note of any charity events. All support that is meant for Daesung’s birthday will instead be used for his solo album and solo tour. We hope everyone can support us more! Thank you everybody!

Fan manager’s email reply to this year’s birthday support:
Hello, I am YG’s fan manager in-charge! ^^
Daesung has already looked at the ideas for his birthday presents and he sincerely thank all the fans for preparing these gifts for him!

He said, “I have already received your intention of wanting to take care of me constantly!” (Daesung said that this sentence must be made known to all his fans!)

Therefore, we thank all of you for taking your time to prepare these presents however I still have to inform you on a serious note that we are rejecting all birthday support this year.

Thus, it is very hard for us to assist you with regards to the gifts.
Fans are really important and that is also an important day. We understand that all of you have used your heart to prepare these gifts however; I hope all of you understand Daesung too. I hope all of you understand that the support will not be done, thank you very much!

I apologize for bringing unhappiness but I hope you will all use your broad hearts to understand.

Thank you very much for all the support throughout the years, I hope everybody will work together and I hope Daesung and fans will be able to have a happy day on Daesung’s birthday!

I wish all of you a happy day today~!

Thank you.


Put down Flappy Bird for a sec & see how high of a score you can get on this. Go to uniceftapproject.org & do without what seems to be a necessity to us for just a few hours to provide to people who don’t have actual necessities. 10 minutes without your phone & UNICEF sponsors donate the means to give a whole day of clean water to a child in need. Too awesome not to share.