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So here’s my hope...

Regarding GlobeGate.

People saw the speech, saw the drama, saw the apology, and thought “Hhmmm, who is this guy?  What is he usually like?”  

They want to know more.

They go to Youtube.

They type “Tom Hiddleston” into the search function.

And we all know what happens then.

*gleeful chuckling*

P.S. They also donate to UNICEF ♥

Lisa's Birthday Project by LISARAMBO!
Hello everyone! Lisa’s 20th birthday is coming up and fanbases from different areas of the world has come together as Lisa Fan Union to celebrate BLINKs 1st birthday with our precious Thai Barbie...

[INFO] 170123 @lisarambo​ is taking donations for Lisa’s birthday projects! Head over to their blog post to read more information! The different birthday projects for Lisa include a UNICEF donation, a message book, a birthday cake, and birthday gifts!


[NEWS] Actor Lee Minho has donated 50 million won ($43,000) to UNICEF through his donation platform Promiz, the U.N. agency’s Korea head said Tuesday.

Lee’s donation was made to celebrate World Water Day 2016. The money will be used to purchase 6.25 million water purification tablets, providing clean water to 52 million children across the world.

The 28-year-old celebrity has carried on his charity work for years, often making huge donations to various organizations.

In 2009, he engaged in the Love Net project by UNICEF in an attempt to prevent the proliferation of malaria. Continuing his good deeds, Lee donated 100 million won in 2015 for emergency relief campaigns in earthquake-torn Nepal.

At the agreement ceremony held on Monday, Lee said “I felt that it was my job to help those in need and publicize various issues and problems in society.”

“Promiz and I will put our best efforts into providing clean drinking water for more people around the world,” he added.

By Kim Ji-young (christinekim@heraldcorp.com)

Things I learned and we should all know if Tom Hiddleston ever does another comic-con.

1. He is the most considerate person in the world. E.g. He stayed after hours on Saturday so the Sunday people wouldn’t be inconvenienced. The Wizard World people begged him to go and leave the rest of the Sat. people but he said “no”. Point being, take a page from his book and be considerate whenever you can. 

2.  He would prefer you donate to UNICEF rather than bring him a gift. E.g. I stood in line on Sunday for 5 hours and the whole time I was trying to figure out what to say to him.  I also didn’t have any gifts for him like other fans. During my time in line I spoke to other Tom fans and one of the rumors going around was that he was donating some if not all the proceeds from Wizard World to charity. So 30 min before show time, I decided that I was going to make a donation to a charity of him choice. So when I told him that, he was so so so happy!  He even gave me advice on which UNICEF I should donate (UK, USA or international)  and which it would better on me for taxes!

3. He would to see love to see more of his other roles in cosplay other than Loki e.g. Adam from “Only Lover Left Alive”

4. In that note he got very happy to see an “Only Lovers Left Alive” poster brought to him to sign. He told the fan “I am very happy to see this here” when he saw the poster.

5.  He loves his fans and tried to give us as much attention and acknowledgement as he could under the circumstances. For those who he couldn’t, It was not his fault that Wizard World over over booked him :-(

6. He loves kids! He was great and happy to see small children come up to him in the autograph. 

7. He is a hugger :-) Gave many a people a hug.

8. Likes Pepsi and chocolate cookies from UK…  the brand I think was Bimbo chips, they had a little bear on them.

Image by me. Please ask before taking it.

Poems I Do Not Write

Summary: Somewhere along the way, Naruto and Sasuke have lured her heart into their hands, and now Sakura doesn’t know how to get it back.

Rating: Mature

Author’s Notes: This fic is for xxlovendreamsxx, who requested a NaruSakuSasu threesome, and uchihasass, who wanted a high school AU. Many thanks to xxlovendreamsxx for making a donation to UNICEF Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund as part of the Naruto for Nepal project in exchange for this story. I hope you ladies enjoy this!

Sakura realizes a month before graduation that she’s in love with both of her best friends. This rush of clarity isn’t sparked by anything meaningful or momentous. Just a simple afternoon alone with Sasuke and Naruto, lying in her backyard on a quilt Mikoto made for them, their hands linked together like daisy chains. She’s in the middle, as always, bookended by the boys who have framed her life. Sasuke’s grip is firm, solid and secure, while Naruto tangles his fingers with hers playfully, teasing her palm with his thumb. And it hits her, then and there, that she simply cannot do without either of them. Somewhere along the way, these young men have lured her heart into their hands, and now she doesn’t know how to get it back.

She has known Sasuke and Naruto since they were babies together, toddling around the sharp edges of furniture. She grew up beside them (no, between them), climbing trees with childish abandon and stealing ice cream from the freezer to glut themselves on. Her life is built of small moments strung together, like a thread that is impossibly intertwined with the boys she has come to think of as hers.

Now she sits up, breath coming a little too fast, a fact her friends are quick to notice. Sasuke puts a hand on her shoulder, offering silent comfort, and Naruto asks, “You all right, Sakura?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” she lies. Sakura leans against Sasuke, and he wraps an arm around her waist, casually possessive. Naruto looks at her with concerned blue eyes, as if he doesn’t quite believe her.

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Sorry for my awful english. 

In a nutshell:

 I’m joining the #EmergencyLessons tag buy showing you my scholl photo, and also, I’m auctioning this portrait + Little of Tom Hiddleston’s #EmergencyLessons school photo

The highest will get the drawing and the money will be donated to Unicef to, along with EU Humanitarian Aid, help provide the means and facilities for kids to continue their education.Thank you all for watching me and send me your bid any way you want until the end of May!!!

anonymous asked:

Hi, i am not a registered user of Twitter or Tumblr and am not sure how to attach a screencap of my Unicef donation? (Sorry, i am a bit of a tech dinosaur.)

Are you register on Twitter? If so, contact me there: beautdisastr. Of not we’ll go to plan B

anonymous asked:

Tom unliked the tweet of that fan 🤔 If you read down the fan's tweets I think she wasn't kind to him during his rs w/ Tay and after. Maybe someone told him? Or maybe he is unhappy with the profile? Did he like Taffy's tweet with the link to the article? We might get more info on his take on the article when he is on GN... That would be his chance to make things clear, if he wishes to. Toxics are upset he didn't thank them for their UNICEF donations. They want his attention & his pulling away??


Earthquake Donations

For people wondering about where they can donate: right now a lot of websites are down and I cannot get any Nepali Red Cross donation websites to load. I think people are just trying to cope with what’s going on and trying to update things quickly. That being said I do have the phone number for UNICEF Earthquake Emergency fund (1-877-955-3111). You can call them in North America and let them know you’d like to make a donation for Nepal earthquake. 

I’m looking into more organizations, but like I said things are still in a chaotic state. We’re gonna have to wait and see more organizations come forward in the coming days. If someone has links or organizations that we can donate to, please let me know!

a lil about cristiano: he’s a very hard working, dedicated athlete who cares about 4 things: his loved ones, his career, his fans and children, coming from a poor family, he worked tooth and nail to get where he is now. He’s also a very charitable person, he’s the ambassador for Save the Children, has worked with other charities like Unicef as well, he donated 5 million to the fund and 7 million for the victims when an earthquake hit Nepal, he sold his golden boot and donated the 1.5 million to Gaza for facilities and school for children, he continuously shows solidarity and support to Palestine and Syria, he was named the most charitable person of 2015, donated more than 80k for surgery of a 10 year old fan with cancer (he does this very often especially with cancer patients because his mom had cancer), donated more than 200k to cancer research, he won a lawsuit against the Daily Mirror and donated the money to a charity in Portugal, he actively participates and raises awareness to fund raising charities, often gives away his shoes and shirts to fans after a game, he donated his 2016 champions league win bonus of €600.000 to a good cause, the reason why he doesn’t have tattoos is because he donates blood very often. This is the Ronaldo people should know because the media doesn’t often show this side of him.

#TEAMLOUIS drawing for Soccer Aid 2016! 

Feel free to tweet this with the hashtag/use this pic for icons and stuff for the event, just make sure you don’t get rid of my signature.

In addition, 75% of the proceeds from this artwork and the shirt design on my Redbubble will get donated to Unicef - which is the organization that Soccer Aid is run for. 75% of the proceeds from the Niall artwork and his shirt design will also go to Unicef.


#TEAMNIALL drawing for Soccer Aid 2016!

Feel free to tweet this with the hashtag/use this pic for icons and stuff for the event, just make sure you don’t get rid of my signature.

In addition, 75% of the proceeds from this artwork and the shirt design on my Redbubble will get donated to Unicef - which is the organization that Soccer Aid is run for. 75% of the proceeds from the Louis artwork and his shirt design will also go to Unicef.




I think everyone should know about the Carrera Cartoon because it’s really cool 

This is a huge race/marathon that Cartoon Network Latin America organizes every single year, each year in a different capital of a different south american country, to promote exercise in kids. Kids basically tag with an adult each and run in different categories. There’s also a huge event with all the sponsors of the race and all the profits are donated to Unicef. Basically cool as can be, man

I didn’t get to run because I’m too old to fit any category (and when we tried to enroll my bro all the slots were taken), but the event is free to attend and you can actually get in the track with the runners without having to enroll, so I did follow the track. CN mascots were along the way and you could get photos of them. I’m so glad it hit my city this year!!!

Gracias @cartoonnetworkla por este evento tan espectacular! Espero poder correr con mi hermano menor la próxima vez que llegue la Carrera Cartoon a Bogotá!