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Colabo Youth Theatre is dedicated to inspiring and educating our children and helping them grow into successful and confident young adults. Colabo Youth Theatre offers camps to engage in and motivate your child. We aim to bring out the creative genius through fun and imaginative play! Creative drama and acting classes developes and builds independent and critical thinking skills, also nurtures social growth and the ability to work well with others. Colabo Youth Thetre increases knowledge of self worth and provides a healthy release of emotions. We are looking for children between ages of 5-19 to be apart of our family! If you are interested please send us an email!! Thank you!!www.ColaboYouthTheatre.com

Sons of Norway Lutefisk Dinner by Max Jacobson

Bad Norwegian Joke of the Day
Ole was driving to Duluth and at the turnoff near Brainerd he rear ended a car. So he sat there and waited for the other driver to get out. Well, the other driver gets out and slowly walks toward Ole. Ole could not believe it… he was a dwarf

He stormed up to Ole, looked upand said, “I AM NOT HAPPY.”

To which Ole replied, “Den vich vun are you, den?”