[ 170418 ] thank you so much for supporting me through my hiatus! here’s a quick post of the korean vocab i had to review for my exam yesterday. finals are around the corner so i’ve been super busy, yikes. // follow my studygram

in addition, you can also see everything i keep in my pencil case. keep on reading for details:

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🍓Hello beautiful people on tumblr🍓

I just wanted to show you my current weekly study planner layout this week :)

I took the pictures before filling the pages in so they look a looooot empty haha

Spring is definitely coming!!! I’ve been eating strawberries these past few days 💕 It’s such a pity that strawberry is just a one-season thing :(
What is your favorite fruit??
Mine is strawberry atm 🍓

What started out as me buying one or two aqua green coloured pens because they were too pretty to resist, ended up as a project haha!
When i bought some of these online i seriously wondered how odd the person packaging my order thought i was for buying all the same colour stuff ahahaha!

Can u believe how fast time is passing by? It’s already late march!!

I’m starting to get anxious because I’m on three plays that premier the last days of May. We’ve still got a long way to go for them to be perfect but we’re getting there ;)

i got good lighting in my room today, so i finally took a haul picture of the stationery i bought as a birthday gift to myself 😂

uniball jetstream refills, tombow dual brush pens, and pentel fude touch sign pen from jetpens; kokuyo dual soft color highlighters from amazon :)

// taken from my studygram