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Matty had a girl??? and he ate her??

Omggg yess he did.. sweet baby Bethanyyyy with her mouth corners. Lmao she was actually a bitch and everyone hated her. 

He dated her for a few months.. long story short she wasn’t very nice to Zero which didn’t sit well with Matt and so he went into the relationship with ulterior motives. He made sure he was the perfect boyfriend and did all the things she asked to the point where she fell in love with him and that’s when he went in for the kill. To everyone else (even Jaide and Zero) it looked like they were really happy and that he loved her back but he was wearing a mask the entire time.

It was wild because at that time Matt was really transitioning through becoming a Wendigo and was completely unhinged. Like he barely has self-control now but it was really bad that first month. He wasn’t telling anyone what was happening to him and instead would run off and disappear into the woods to deal with it alone. So when Jaide came home to see Bethany in a dismantled mess with Matt nowhere to be found she screamed her head off because it was like??????? She searched everywhere and when she found him bloody and unconscious not too far off campus she had to drag him back home before anyone could notice. Lol a lot of people went missing that month ;-;

But Dupree had always sensed something was off about Matt and so she tried to keep him on a tight leash but it never worked. Through all of that Jaide had to cover Matt’s ass countless times and basically became his babysitter. 

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I just spent most of my day today reading No Love Lost from start to finish. Your story is incredible! Thank you so much for posting - I can't wait for future installments!!!

💗💗💗 coming soon!! ive been sidetracked these past couple weeks bc i deleted default replacements in bodyshop (NEVER DO IT) so i had to reinstall and my game has been ~adjusting to having 10gb of cc suddenly thrust upon it aka laggy af. so i did that mini interlude thing, semi-learned to convert clothes and developed a uni premade makeover obsession in the meantime. BUT it looks like its finally ok now and i can get back to work on the premier ts2 vintage gay soap opera of our times

I’m close to finishing my uni makeover project (only 4 lots to go) and wondered – is there anything specific people would like to see from me next? No guarantees :P

Things I’m thinking about/have vaguely started:

  • A fairytale/gothic/ -inspired neighbourhood for supernaturals - I started a magic-hood a while ago called Rivercrest a while ago but have since realised I way prefer decorating cc-free. It’d probably be similar to Europa, with lots of player-owned businesses, but fewer kids/teens
  • Making over Downtown – This is so daunting because there are SO many lots, but I add downtown to almost every neighbourhood so a makeover is desperately in order
  • Making over Riverblossom Hills
  • Making over Veronaville
  • A grunge-y/industrial city neighbourhood – this’d definitely take forever to do and would probably be a several-year project but I really love the idea…
  • Learning to default – (I’d really like a set of matching hairs that are exactly what I want, and maybe to pick out default outfits specifically for the premades that wear them… I don’t know if I would find it fun to actually make, though, haha, the process seems a bit tedious)

(I probably won’t do Pleasantview/Strangetown because I am very attached to those neighbourhoods as they are, but would consider re-making the odd lot here-and-there if anyone had any specific requests)