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after a stupid long time, i’m finally able to post my rmit grad film, for fear of little men! this thing represents 8 months of delirious work surviving off pizza shapes and academic fear alongside my friends, please enjoy


Here’s some official art redraws/edits I did for a thread on /vp/, featuring the Akala Trio after they’re done being captains; Kiawe makes his dream of going to university come true, Mallow takes over her family’s restaurant, and Lana… is still good ol’ Lana.

Not sure how good my approximation of Sugimori’s style is, but those were pretty chill and fun to do as a break from uni stuff. I might make some more - have ideas for Sophocles and Acerola. 

nino had a crush on marinette and there’s nothing you can do to convince me otherwise


I believe in science and sadness and the colour grey’ - @danisnotonfire 


i have to do 7 artist books for uni within two weeks. this is the first one, done in a day and a half.

story behind: 

“In the early 1980s, the Naval Investigative Service was investigating homosexuality in the Chicago area. Agents discovered that gay men sometimes referred to themselves as "friends of Dorothy.” Unaware of the historical meaning of the term, the NIS believed that there actually was some woman named Dorothy at the center of a massive ring of homosexual military personnel, so they launched an enormous and futile hunt for the elusive “Dorothy”, hoping to find her and convince her to reveal the names of gay service members" 

my swedish teacher is awesome part 1

my swedish teacher is awesome. half of the things he says in class are funny. here are a few he’s managed to say in 2 classes so far:

- swedes aren’t romantic. the most romantic thing is when they go together to ikea. that’s how you know the relationship is serious. when they go to ikea together.

- (about the word djur) don’t say the d, that’s just for aesthetic.

- you can use jaha for everything. are you sad? jaha. are you happy? jaha. excited? jaha. surprised? jaha. weirded out? jaha. 

- now come the most important words in swedish. *turns to the board and writes the words: kaffe. en kopp kaffe. en påtår. en kaffe paus. en fika. fika paus) In sweden, every pause is a coffee pause. or a fika pause. we live for them. I have a coffee pause in 50 minutes. it’s great.

- in swedish, we have approximately 200 ways of writing [sh]. I don’t know why.

- ett kafé. there’s no é in the swedish alphabet. but here it is.

- the letter z. we don’t really use it, only in words like zebra and zombie. so when zombie movies got popular, the use of swedish z went up 100%.

- in sweden, everybody uses the informal you. so the swedish prime minister comes in? I’ll say “Hej Stefan”

- the swedish king is very stupid but also very popular. and I can see why. you come home from work, all depressed, you think you’re so stupid and useless and then you turn on the tv. and you see the king. and you’re happy again. because there’s someone stupider than you. and it’s the king.

part 2

@organizedstudy does it feel correct? :D 

Ok, so I’ve been thinking about a flight attendant!Akaashi and National Team Player!Bokuto au where they meet on a flight back to Tokyo. Bokuto falls in love at first sight, while volleyball fan Akaashi is like holy shit stay calm and professional oh god this is #4 BOKUTO KOUTAROU.

But they get talking a little when Bo gets super restless and can’t sleep and wanders around the plane, and Akaashi slips up and remarks “you’re very energetic, Bokuto-san” and Bo is like “…did i tell you my name?” and Akaashi is like fuck so much for being professional and admits he watches all their games when Bokuto gets super excited and asks if he’s into volleyball..

And shortly before the plane is landing Akaashi subtly approaches Bokuto like “I know this is super indiscreet of me and I apologise but couldIhaveyourautograph” and Bo makes a face. Akaashi feels guilty, people probably approach Bokuto all the time and why does he even want an autograph, he’s not 15 anymore, but then Bo says “…aw man, I was hoping you came to give me your number.” and Akaashi is like ghhghh what “…you want my number…?” and he knows he’s not supposed to but also this is Bokuto Koutarou who has really nice build and is strangely charming so Akaashi slips him his number as he’s exiting the plane.

Akaashi wonders what the hell just happened, does Bokuto think he’s some kind of groupie or is this how he usually meets people.