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Makeup for Uni what do you usually use ?

everyday looks are usually bb cream & spf moisturizer, mascara, chapstick/lipgloss. i really like l.a. girls bb cream, and better than sex mascara.

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is this your first day of Uni? what's your favorite class you have had so far?

I’m in my fourth week now! My favourite class is about popular culture - it is an elective but it is so interesting. Being part of an online communities and a few fandoms really helps with my understanding! It is also cool because I’m confident contributing ideas, which I usually hate doing x

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Ah I love your idea for superhero/vigilante lance and assassin (?) Keith! You mentioned you have thought out the whole plot and I was wondering, could you tell us more about it? :D

I’m sorry for the late reply, I was gone on vacation! T_T

Anyway thank you!! <3 Sooo basically the explanations behind Lance’s powers are a bit shady, Lance himself doesn’t even know where his powers come from exactly?? But he keeps receiving mails from an unknown(?) organisation who insist on saying they can help him if he wants to work for them and they do help him right to prove themselves but Lance is still wary. Also Hunk is Lance’s bff from uni bc what’s better than some slice of life between fights

On the other side Keith is (surprisingly) employed by some secret services. Since they don’t know where this new vigilante come from and since his powers are interesting(?) they want to stop him and ask him questions but Lance is basically impossible to catch

Now for the remaining characters, your guess on who works with who *winks*


University Tips (non-conventional)

If these help anyone, great!

  1. Set your timetable as your phone background for the first few weeks. Use this method for no. 6 too if you can be bothered. 
  2. Wear sports bras/bralettes to lectures instead of the ones with a buckle at the back. They tend to poke and prod your back after a while if you’re leaning back. Sports bras don’t. 
  3. Lay a towel on your bed a few days before your period is due. If you leak on a towel you can just wash it or throw it away. Easier than washing and changing the sheets (esp. if you’re in a rush to get to a lecture!).
  4. When you’re in a lecture taking notes on a laptop remember to turn down the brightness on your screen, especially if the lecturer has dimmed the lights. Otherwise you’ll annoy others and drain your battery. 
  5. Save your recordings at every given break instead of making one continuous one through pausing. Sometimes files are too large to save and you don’t want to risk losing the entire lecture recording. Save as you go along.
  6. If you need to remember something (e.g. a library book, USB, locker key..) write it on a post-it note and stick it on your shoes before you sleep. Make sure they’re the shoes you intend to wear the next day!
  7. Don’t shoot me: if you have left an assignment really late, stay up as long as you can completing it (yes, that means an all-nighter may be needed). Sleep as soon as you’ve handed it in. 
  8. If you use tech in a lecture e.g. phone for recording or electronic notetaking on your laptop, then mess around with it before uni begins. Know what buttons to press and when, otherwise you’ll mess up your notes and annoy others, with your excessive clicking. 
  9. Always, always, ALWAYS carry a plastic bag/carrier bag. You might need to make a trip to the library, drink may spill in your bag so you’ll need an alternative. Seriously, just carry one.  
  10. Find out where coursework/assignment are submitted within your first week on campus. Ask admin how the procedure works and make sure you know it inside out. 
  11. Spend a day wondering around campus (before timetabled lectures start). Find out where the library is, talk to the librarians and ask them how to borrow/return books and also how to reserve!
  12. When you get your timetable be sure to visit the lecture halls and seminar rooms a few days before the term starts so you know where to go. Find out where the toilets are in those buildings too. 
  13. Find out where your lecturers offices are. Know the building and floor that they’re on (they’re usually all in the same place). 
  14. Carry cereal bars and other non perishable foods that take up little room. Sometimes your tummy rumbles really loud in a lecture, give it some love.
  15. Volunteer in your first year of university, these is the least hectic year (usually!). You want something to put on that CV and those post grad applications! 
  16. In the UK the first year generally doesn’t count toward the final degree classification but those grades WILL show up on your transcript. Make sure they look decent. When you apply for post grad courses, if you don’t have the certificate yet (because you’re still completing the course) the university/institution will ask for your grade transcript. First year grades come up first! 
  17. A huge part of your degree classification/GPA comes from the final year thesis. Talk to as many older students as you can and ask them what topics they picked and how they went about it. A great thesis/dissertation will literally move you from a 2:1 to a 1st. 
  18. When you have a meeting with your supervisor take notes and write up a short summary of what was said, similar to writing up “meeting minutes”. This will be helpful for you and your supervisor. Especially if you take long breaks before meeting again. 

I’ll update this list as things come to me. I hope it helps. 

Sometimes I think about the fact that Chanyeol and Baekhyun went to the same university in the same field and I wonder if they knew e/o before Exo. Were they already friends? Acquaintances? Is this why they became super close in only one night when Baekhyun arrived in the group?

diabetes is like doing your end of high school exams so you can get your entry score into univeristy. except you’re in a car. and the wheels are on fire. gordon ramsay is in the passenger seat screaming that you’re going to overcook the steak. “what steak?!!!” you manage to ask over his manic screaming. suddenly there’s a frying pan in your hand and it’s on fire and it’s clearly past medium rare and there’s a wailing toddler in your arms but gordon just! won’t! help!