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Just Friends? || Dan Howell

A/N: Look! It’s a new dan imagine.Things get kinda hot at the end of this one so I warned you. 

Word Count: 1.3K

POV: Reader


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Without me noticing it my head sunk down onto Dan’s chest. My eyes had fallen shut half way through the movie. I had fallen asleep not only in my friend’s flat but basically on top of him. Dan didn’t seem to care and drifted off to sleep not much later.

I started going to university half a year ago in a city that was completely different from my home town. It wasn’t easy to make myself a home here and manage all of the new challenges that I had to face. I had a little dorm room for myself and I got homesick and lonely from time to time.

Dan on the other hand had started uni 3 years ago. He already knew how things worked and he shared a nice flat with his best friend Phil. Dan was a friend of my elder brother and we had gotten on well before I moved here. Now that I was all alone in this big city and needed company I found myself hanging out with Dan a lot.

During my first few weeks here he showed me around and took me to his favourite restaurants. Now I was almost always welcome to hang out at his flat.

Today was one of those days. I felt lonely watching TV all by myself in my dorm room and half an hour later me and him were watching a movie on his couch.

I woke up as soon as the light that shone through the curtainless windows became too bright to ignore. The first thing I saw was a black shirt that I had nuzzled my head into. The first thing I smelled was Dan’s cologne. The first thing I noticed was Dan’s hand that was resting on my hip and almost on my bum. He must have slung his arm around me in his sleep.

I tried freeing myself from his grip without waking him up but his eyes shot open as soon as I started moving.

“Sorry.”  I awkwardly laughed and grinned at Dan’s terrible bed hair.

“I shouldn’t sleep till noon everyday anyway.” He told me, shrugging his shoulders.

He was chuckling at my morning voice but then the smile on his face vanished. His eyes grew wide instead as they landed on where his hand was resting on my hip. Dan quickly removed his arm. We had “friend zoned” each other the time we first met. Cuddling on the sofa was definitely something that could cross our friendship boundaries.

For a second we just looked at each other.

Neither of us said something.

“Ah, the cuddle buddies are finally up!” Phil suddenly exclaimed as he entered the living room.

“Shut up.” Dan and I groaned at the same time. I grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at him.

“Hey! I’m just telling the truth, Y/N.” Phil grinned while he defensively raised his hands.

“We didn’t even cuddle.” I told him, rolling my eyes.

“Sure, why don’t you check your phones and see for yourselves?”

I quickly glanced at Dan. He seemed to be as confused as me. I was expecting the worst as I unlocked my phone. 50+ messages in my group chat with Dan, Phil, my brother and some of their other friends that I had all met before.

Phil had the audacity to take a picture of us and post it in the group chat.

‘when were you gonna tell us, ;) ?’

‘Dan is getting some’

‘you are after my sister, dude!?’

‘just watching a movie huh?’

‘YO MATE Netflix and chill, imma right?’

I sighed as I read all of the boy’s texts. My brother being one of them. How embarrassing was that?

“How can you live with such a dumbass?” I asked Dan, pointing at his flatmate and best friend. My voice was loud enough for Phil to hear it on purpose.

“It’s all your fault. You were the one who used Dan as a pillow. And Dan literally hugged you tighter than his favourite teddy bear.” Phil chirped teasingly.

I could feel my cheeks heat up. “We’re just friends!” Dan and I shouted at Phil, who knowingly smirked.

After we ate some breakfast together I took the bus back to my dorm. I took my phone out of the pocket of my jeans in order to pass the time. I checked if I got any new messages and remembered the group chat and all of the boy’s texts.

‘You can stop printing your Dan and Y/N shipper shirts! Just friends!’ I typed.

After I sent my witty comment I scrolled up and stumbled over the picture of Dan and I cuddling. My head was nuzzled into his chest and he had his arms wrapped tightly around me. One of my thighs was put onto his. We did look like a cliché ‘relationship goals’ picture.

My heart sank as I caught myself smiling at the photo. I swallowed hard and quickly turned my phone off, leaving me staring at the black screen. ‘just friends, Y/N’ I whispered to myself.

After our cuddle session, nothing extraordinary happed between me and Dan for a while. I just visited him and we hung out together from time to time.


“No way, Dan.”

“C’MON just this one!”


It was a Friday night, Dan and I had just passed a few important exams and we were out to celebrate all evening with a few friends of ours. The two of us had just returned to Dan’s flat and he realised that he still had some left- over vodka. Although we already had a few drinks at the bar he somehow convinced me to drink the shot he had put into my hand.

30 minutes later half of the bottle was empty.

“Ooops” I giggled while I sunk down on the couch next to Dan and put my head onto his shoulder.  

Dan stared down at me, his deep brown eyes were hypnotising. I swallowed hard as I realized how close we were. I noticed how his eyes wandered down to my lips and stayed there.

Dan’s hot breath on my skin made my inside tingle. The desire to kiss him washed over me like a wave and there was nothing else I could think about. My skin started to glow as the unbearable urge to kiss him was just too much.

We quickly closed the gap between us as his lips crashed down on mine. His hands were back on my hips once again as he pulled me closer to him.

‘Oh my god’ I moaned in my head as I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled myself onto his lap.

I could feel his hands eagerly grab my bum as he leaned back into the pillow of the couch we were sitting on, with me still on top of him.

We broke our hungry kiss to catch our breaths.

“Holy shit, Dan!” I screamed as I realized what had just happened.

We unbelievingly stared at each other with wide eyes.

“Dan we’re drunk.” I whispered.

“We really shouldn’t do this.” Dan gulped.

We were both breathing heavily and I was still on his lap. I breathed in his scent and as I felt his hands on my bum the desire to be as close to him as possible returned.

We glanced at each other intensely before his lips were suddenly back on mine. I buried my fingers in his brown hair, making him moan. His tongue brushed my bottom lip, asking for entrance that I gladly granted him.

We were eagerly making out on his couch, ‘just friends’ was totally forgotten by now. I could feel his hard-on poke the bottom of my thigh and I moaned as I realized how turned on he was by me.

His huge hands started to explore my body, making me gasp as they wandered underneath my shirt and unclasped my bra…


Day 8/100 - work space at the moment, getting a head start on my work so I don’t have to stress too much about getting behind when I go in this Friday for my operation (eek I’m so nervous). On the other hand the uni I want to go to changed my conditional offer to an unconditional offer omggg so happy

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this story is the cutest thing i’ve read all day tbh

ahaha :””) it’d be cuter if we could just talk to each other I cry

  • Had a real bad day yesterday, felt very down. Also increased my meds but I don’t think the two were linked. 
  • Less than a week to go till I move back to uni. Mixed feelings. Excited on the one hand, dreading it on the other. 
  • Feel a bit hopeless in terms of recovery tbh. I push every day to follow my meal plan and I just don’t seem to be making progress. I can’t increase any more, I’m already finding it hard to cope.
  • My anxiety seems to be getting worse which is terrifying because I can’t go back to how I used to be, especially not at uni. I’m trying to fight back & stop it, not give in to the fears and just carry on as normal else the anxiety will only get stronger, but I feel so overwhelmed.
  • Sorry for the negative update, shit is stressful rn, ya know?
Can’t Breathe

In theory, Harry and Niall shouldn’t mesh very well.

Niall is much too gentle and kind, too emotional and vocal for a callus, tough and introverted person like Harry. Niall was the blonde haired, blue eyed boy next door type that your mother loves whilst Harry was the teenage rebel type that your father would never let within ten feet of you. In theory, Harry and Niall wouldn’t work.

In reality, Harry and Niall really, really work.

Of course, sometimes when Harry is grumpy or Niall is tired, they fight a little bit more intensely than most couples, but they always figured it out. 

Niall was a uni student, plain and simple. He was studying creative writing in hopes that he might actually get a chance at his dream job, and Harry supported him, despite his unspoken doubts. Harry on the other hand had decided to forgo the uni process seeing as he already had his dream job owning his own bakery. 

“Haz? You home?” Niall calls as he drops his book bag to the side table near the door of Harry’s flat. Because Niall lived in a flat with 2 of his mates, Harry’s apartment had basically become Niall’s home as well (more than half of Niall’s things were at Harry’s, anyway).

“Yeah babe, in the kitchen.” Harry calls back and Niall grins in content as he sees his boyfriend pulling what smells like brownies out of the oven. 

“Hey.” Niall says, sighing dreamily like he always does. Harry puts the tray down and shucks off his oven mitts, giving Niall one of his rare grins and walking over to his blonde boyfriend. 

“Hey there.” He responds, kissing Niall’s nose and hugging him tightly to his chest. 

Niall hums in pure joy, “Missed you.” He mumbles and Harry nods in agreement. “What’re you baking?”

“Chocolate cake.” Harry says and Niall nearly moans at the sound.

“I love you.” Niall says and Harry laughs out loud, making Niall grin in self-approval.

“Not for you, fattie.” Harry jabs playfully making Niall gasp in mock offense. 

Niall lets go of Harry momentarily, feigning shock. “Harry Styles!” Niall shouts, 
“You always say I look skinny in these jeans.” He says, pouting dramatically. 

Harry grins, rolling his eyes. “You’re nearly too skinny, babe. Look at your little legs, there isn’t any fat on your body… except for your fat arse.” Harry says, making Niall squeal.

“Oh my god!” Niall says loudly, using both of his hands to cover his butt. “You pervert.” 

“You love it.” Harry says casually, testing the cakes warmth subconsciously with a butter knife. 

Niall stares at his boyfriend lovingly. “I love you, yeah.” he says in all seriousness. 

Harry takes a minute to spare a glance at his suddenly serious boyfriend and tries to conceal a heavy sigh. He knows that Niall is rightfully looking for some kind of approval from Harry- any kind of hint that Harry is feeling the same- but Harry just can’t. He hates himself for it, but he can’t make his mouth move to make words to formulate just how he feels about Niall. He isn’t a writer like Niall, he doesn’t have the articulate and impressive words about him like his boyfriend. He hasn’t read the classic romantic novels like Niall and he doesn’t watch romantic comedies unless he’s with Niall and he just feels so inferior compared to his boyfriend. Niall, of course, doesn’t know that and wouldn’t understand it, so Harry doesn’t even try to explain. 

Harry ends up nodding awkwardly and turning back to his baking, trying to ignore the fact that he can nearly hear Niall’s heart breaking. He faintly hears Niall’s footsteps leaving the room, and once he hears the bedroom door click shut he relaxes against the kitchen cabinet, mentally punching himself in the face. 

Niall comes out of the bedroom about an hour later, looking tired and upset and Harry knows its going to be one of those nights. Harry’s already started on dinner, Niall’s favorite dish of mac and cheese– fancy style. Niall takes one look at the food and puts on what must be his brave face, looking Harry in the eyes. “Harry, I have to go home now.” He says, his voice quivering as he spoke Harry’s full name. 

“What?” Harry asks, dumbfounded. He knew Niall laws upset, but Niall was never too upset to skip his favorite dinner. “Ni…” He started.

“No, Haz, I know. I’m sorry you made my favorite, that’s really so sweet.” The blonde says and Harry almost believes him. “But, Zayn and Liam need my help… cooking tonight. So I have to go.” Niall says, making Harry scoff.

Niall couldn’t cook for shit, that’s why Harry was always the chef of their relationship. Zayn and Liam would never call Niall for cooking help, unless they were asking for Harry. Niall was a terrible liar and Harry could see right through him, Harry just couldn’t understand why Niall was lying. Never before had Niall been this… “not-upset” at Harry not being able to say his feelings. Usually the night would start with eating dinner, then a blow-up fight directly afters, 20 minutes of the silent treatment from Niall’s end, and then end with an entire night of passionate and intense make-up sex. 

“Okay.” Harry says quietly, ignoring the pang in his chest as Niall just stands with a tight look on his face. The blonde stands there for a second, as if he’s waiting for something, and then he shakes his head rapidly and ends whatever trance he was in. Niall gives Harry an unconvincing, small smile and walks out of the kitchen with one hand wrapped tightly around his wrist, something that Niall only does when he’s about to cry. He has little nail marks indented in his skin from where he scratches himself whilst trying not to cry. Harry’s heart feels like it’s just been stamped on. 

The front door shuts quietly, and Harry huffs, confusion thick in the air. ‘what the hell just happened?’ he thinks to himself as the oven’s timer beeps, admitting that the mac and cheese was done. 

* * * *

He calls Liam later that night. He and Liam were pretty close before Harry even met Niall. Liam and Harry’s best friend, Louis were fuck buddies all throughout Louis’ college career. Harry’s not really sure where their relationship lies, but he isn’t calling to talk about LiLo. “Hey, Liam.” Harry says quietly. 

Liam’s delayed response tells Harry something straight away. “What do you want, man?” Liam says, in that voice that is definitely angry but truing to stay civil. 

“What the hell is happening, Liam? Niall completely walked out on me today saying you and Zayn needed him to cook?” Harry mumbles. “I know I probably did something wrong, I just need someone ego tell me what. I’ll apologize to him a million times, please.” Harry begs and he hates how desperate he sounds but it’s all so necessary. 

Liam heaves out a long and heavy sigh. “Look he came home crying and he still is somewhere around here cuddled up with Zayn. He hasn’t told me anything straight up but I’m sure it’s because you can’t man up and tell him how you feel.” Liam says bluntly, completely out of character of his usual self, but it made sense seeing as everyone associated with Niall is usually fiercely protective of him. Anyway, if Liam seemed protective over Niall, you don’t want to even begin thinking about Zayn’s fierce and ugly over-protectiveness over his best friend. 

Harry closes his eyes. “I know. I know. It’s just… I know how I feel I just can’t tell him. I try so hard-”

“You need to try harder.” Liam says. “Look, dude, I love you and Niall and I want you guys to both be happy, but maybe you two can’t make each other happy.” 

“He makes me so happy, Liam, you don’t understand…”

Liam sighs one last time. “Harry, I understand all too well. I know he makes you happy. But you don’t make him happy.” Liam says and that feels like a punch to the gut. 

Harry’s breath is taken away from him for a second, and he can’t even begin to understand how that statement alone made him feel. 

He doesn’t respond to Liam, and his brown eyed friend seems to understand. “I’m sorry, Harry, but that’s the truth. I have to go now. You should call Louis, he’ll be able to help you through this.”

Harry hangs up because what is this? He and Niall haven’t broken up. Yet

He shakes his head, clearing his own thoughts because they won’t break up. They. Will. Not. Harry’s palms are sweaty and his breathing is becoming uneven just at the thought of loosing Niall. 

He dials Louis’ number quickly, and spends the rest of the night crying to his best friend because he’s too much of a fuck up to tell his true feelings.

* * * *

Harry doesn’t go to work the next day because he’s too busy preparing. He had gotten a text from Niall that morning saying that he would be coming over around 5 without any other explanation. Harry’s beyond nervous when Niall’s voice rings throughout his flat half past 4. He’s thirty minutes early and Harry was not prepared. “Haz?” he calls softly.

Harry near jumps out of his skin before slowly making his way to the living room. “Ni.” He greets, shuffling closer to the blonde, who flinches away. 

“We have to talk.” Niall says and Harry’s heart drops to his shoes. Those were four words he never wanted to hear from Niall.

Harry doesn’t say a word so Niall continues on his own. “I… I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I just… I love you so much Harry.” he admits and the first tears start falling. “And I know– well, I think that you love me too.” Niall infers, but Harry can’t move. Niall sighs. “But you don’t ever give me one indication that any of this means anything to you and I can’t do it anymore.” He stutters, just like Harry’s heart. 

Finally, Harry can think again, speak again, move again. Instantly he’s shaking his head, denying it all, not allowing any of it. “Yes we can, we can figure it out, Niall, we always do.”

“No, Harry, we don’t. We fight and then I get blinded by my love and I’m stuck in the same one sided relationship all over again! Harry!” Niall says, his voice slowly raising. “How would you feel if I just never said any words of love to you anymore. I never said ‘I love you’ or even a simple ‘I missed you’? How would you like it?” Niall says angrily, wiping tears from his face. “I can’t do it anymore. I have given and given and you have it all I have no more to give because I’m receiving nothing from you!” Niall says, his voice going soft again. “So, I- I have to leave.” Niall says and Harry can tell that the blonde literally thinks that there’s no other option opposed to leaving. 

“Niall, please.” Harry gasps out, feeling the panic rising in his throat at the prospect of Niall leaving him. “You can’t leave me.” He begs, tears coming to his eyes. 

The Irish boy doesn’t look back as he gets up, walking towards the door. 

“Niall!” Harry says desperately, getting onto his knees and facing Niall in an apologetic position. “Please, Niall, please.” He begs in a whisper. Niall stops at the doorway. Harry stares at the back of the man he loves in absolute agony. Hopeless and heartbroken, Harry rasps, “Niall ,please, I can’t breathe without you.” 

The blonde turns on a hell, tears continuously streaming down his face. 

“That’s the o-only way I can describe it Niall. It’s like I’m a fish out of water without you, I can’t breathe I wouldn’t want to– without you. Without you I’d be nothing. I’m sorry that I’m not as articulate as you when it comes to words but I will always try my best to show you how much you mean to me from now on till forever. Please, Niall, you mean the world to me. Please, give me another chance to prove that I’m it for you like you’re it for me.” Harry begs, and Niall falls to the ground with Harry, hugging him tightly as he cries along with the brunette.

“I can’t breathe without you either.” Niall promises in heaved breaths after they’ve both stopped sobbing all over each other. Both of their faces are red and splotchy and wet and Harry can’t stop blubbering analogies that finally describe how he feels about his boyfriend but it’s all so perfect. 

Niall is sniffling in Harry’s neck as he clarifies, “If you break your promise Zayn is gonna kick your ass, Harry Styles.” 

Harry grins, hugging his boyfriend more tightly. “You don’t have to worry about that.” He tells the blue eyed boy as he pulls away slightly. “You’re it.” Harry says and Niall grins. It’s not exactly what he wanted, but he understands what Harry means.

“You’re it too.” 

aw :) narry is just too fun :) Thanks so much for reading! (sorry for typos)

School is killing me as in I’m literally dying haahhahahahahahahah :( Tumblr is my only escape and I only get to update like once a week so it’s G R E A T

Prompts are open! I do any Niall centric including OTP, OT3, OT4, & OT5. You can see my previous writings here and my master post here

I had a healthy childhood, but when I left home for university I let go and put on almost a stone and a half. One of my best friends, on the other hand, went to uni and started running, and lost nearly a stone and looked fantastic. I’ve always dreamt of being able to run and wanted to get my figure back so I started on my fitness journey!

Here are the main things that have helped me lose weight, gain back my fitness, and embrace my body for all the amazing things it can do.

  • The mantra: eat clean, do cardio, strength train, have patience. Make this what you live by - it’s what you do long term that makes a difference.
  • You might be able to see in my before photos I had terrible posture. Use yoga to fix your posture.
  • Start training from the level you’re at, don’t expect more than you’re capable of doing, and don’t pressure yourself with deadlines you can’t meet.
  • Stop comparing your body to others, whether it’s your friends or people on TV and in adverts. 
  • Decide what you want to be able to do (eg. run 5k) and reward yourself when you meet it (but not with food).
  • Find wicked healthy food that you enjoy eating. Don’t force yourself to eat stuff you don’t like.
  • Stop weighing yourself. Track your progress in other ways.
  • Find friends who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle that can support and encourage you. Other fitblrs are great for this.

These are the things that I’ve learned that have helped me, but everyone is different and they might not apply to you. Try different things and don’t worry if it takes a while to find what’s right for you. Don’t give up and remember, lifestyle not diet, long term persistence and patience, not short-term short-lived results.

TITLE OF STORY: What’s Yours is Mine
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics & cheers-mrhiddleston
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Angst/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: Meet Thomas and William Hiddleston, inseparable identical twin brothers and heirs to the phenomenally successful Hiddleston Corporations. That is, until Thomas was cut off from his family for his drug usage in university, leaving William to run the company alone. But now, their family is in shambles; a sick mum and a wash-out dad has led the fortune to run dry and the company into deep debt. With no other options, William has only one person to turn to for help: the most successful drug lord in England: his own twin, Thomas.
WARNINGS: Drug usage, explicit language, violence, sexual content
AUTHOR NOTE: This is a collaboration between myself and teacuphiddlesfics, and we’ll be alternating writing the chapters, so make sure you’re following Christine (also at teacuphiddles) if you aren’t already! Also, check out more about the twins here.

Amanda jumped when the double doors slammed shut.

She turned to see William – no, not William – Thomas? walk out, hands stuffed in his pant pockets.

She tried to take him in the way he had her a few moments ago. He was William, just with jet black hair. Eyes, nose, even the small scar on his forehead were identical. How was that possible?

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lilyandjameswerelames  asked:

I want tour headcanons about marlene's family!! (please <3)

oh boy. ok *cracks knuckles* here we go:

  • Marlene is one of four siblings. First is Mark, then Margaret (Maggie), then Marlene, then Maxwell (Max).
  • Mark is 8 years older than Marlene and they aren’t close. She admires him and loves him but they have nearly nothing in common. He’s a barrister and lives in Brighton so Marlene doesn’t see him very often. Mark often forgets that his baby sister and brother are magical.
  • Maggie is only 3 years older than Marlene. The two sisters are opposites: Maggie goes to university in America and is tan, dyes her hair blonde and is very into popular American culture. Despite their differences, Marlene does try to stay in touch with Maggie and tries very hard to maintain a semblance of a relationship. She sees how painful it is for Lily to be so hated by her older sister and in response Marlene never takes her older sister for granted.
  • Then there’s Max. Max is 2 years behind Marlene at Hogwarts, also in Gryffindor. Max is quiet and observant where Marlene is loud and acts rashly. Max isn’t always good at standing up for himself but never fails to stand up for others. Max has always been the sibling Marlene was closest to, even before they went to Hogwarts. Despite being in the same school and the same House, the two don’t see much of each other, due to having very different friend groups. They always try to have breakfast together on Sunday mornings, though. Marlene is very often hungover during these meetings.
  • Malcolm and Anita McKinnon are Marlene’s parents. Malcolm is an accountant at a small firm in London. Anita was a stay-at-home mother for many years until Max went away to Hogwarts. She then got a job at a local florist and works there part time. Both Malcolm and Anita are very proud of all of their children. They don’t understand Marlene and Max’s world but they always pay attention to their stories and save all of their letters. 
  • They live in Stratford, a town and district in East London.
  • During the war, Marlene begins to fear for her family’s safety. She tells her parents, Mark, and Maggie that they aren’t safe. Malcolm and Anita are reluctant to leave their jobs and Mark flatly refuses to give up his life for a war he can’t see or read about in his newspapers. Maggie, home after graduating from uni, on the other hand, takes Marlene’s warnings seriously. She eventually convinces her parents to go into hiding. Mark will not be moved. Max, while a part of the Order, spends most of his time checking in on his family.
  • The Death Eaters (among them are Travers and Avery) kill Marlene’s whole family. Before they kill her. They find her a week after the murders, half-mad with grief. She fights like a damn hero, all alone. It is Avery that delivers the killing curse (Sara and I have discussed this. We like to talk about our final showdown. We then cry a bit.)

aaaaaand that got depressing real quick. These are just my personal headcanons, they are not trying to invalidate anyone else’s ideas about the McKinnons. None of this information is in The Gathering Storm. Max, while played by my brother Luke, is never mentioned by name and is only seen in the background. We don’t even actually interact on screen. 


pairing: y/n + luke
class: smut
words: 2300+
request: “Hi! I was hoping to request a oneshot please. I was thinking something smutty with Luke, maybe something where it’s the girls first time and she’s really nervous. But she knows she can trusts Luke and the whole time, it’s really intimate and passionate.”
summary: Y/N and Luke’s first time together; you’re a virgin, but Luke isn’t. You’re a bit nervous and tense, but with Luke to guide you through it it’s everything you anticipated it would be.
author’s note: This was my first smut so bear with me. I think I kind of got the jist of the request, sorry if it’s off a little bit. Normally when I write I just go off the top of my head and whatever comes out comes out. I hope you guys enjoy it, though! :)

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Hidden Grace

[AU of The Sign of Three. A Long One.]

“Are you really going to leave without dancing with me?” Sherlock Holmes paused on wearing his coat, looking awkward with one arm in the sleeve and the other hanging midair. “Would I be pushing to say that you owe me a dance?”

He turned to see her slight form a few steps out the door, finished with putting on his coat. “You should be with your fiance. You would be missed Molly.”

“Tom has Mrs. Hudson, Greg and other guests with him. Unlike you,” Molly took steps closer to him. “You’re forcing yourself to be alone again.”

“Alone protects –”

“We want you here, with us. We are your friends, we will protect you.” He was surprised to see this Molly and again he wondered what had changed in the years he was gone. Again, he was tongue tied in her determination. “You’ve danced with Mary, Mrs. Hudson and …Janine. I thought you would ask me because I counted too.”

He couldn’t find the words to say. Who was this Molly? He was still in the middle of processing the information he had as well as asking a bunch of questions to himself. “It would look inappropriate to steal you away from your… Tom.” He gritted his teeth without second thought. “And I… this” he made a motion to the place, where the roaring music beat, his hand gripping the scarf that it held. “Isn’t my area.”

“Just one dance? Please? I did help you on faking your death. Would you at least give me a dance?”  Molly knew she could sway him, knew that she could push and unlike before he wouldn’t snap at her that easily. He wouldn’t ignore her, she prayed he wouldn’t retreat to his shell and start deducing. “You were spectacular when you danced with Janine a while ago. And the sooner you agree, the sooner we get done, the sooner you get to go.”

“All this for a dance?” Indeed, where did you get your confidence Molly Hooper? When he looked at her set jaw and lighted eyes, luminous with the street lights, he was drawn again… to mystery. And he attempted to pull back. “That is not my sort of music Molly. I really should go.”

“Not inside silly!” Molly took a grip on his sleeve before he could make a hasty retreat, again rendered him immobile. “Oh and stop questioning yourself where I get this confidence or whatever. I’ve had a few drinks… and well…” She shrugged. “Will you?”

“If I must.” He grumbled, pouting like the man-child he was.

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#3 Preference: First Fight - Liam

Liam: You and Dylan had been friends since second grade, but since he moved to New York for college two years ago, you only had seen each other twice.

So you obviously jumped in the opportunity of seeing him as soon as you got the chance. He had called you the week before saying the he was going to London for two weeks and you had set up to meet and spend a whole day together, just like the old times.

When the day came, you were jumping with excitement. You couldn’t wait to see your best friend again. You guys were like brother and sister, that is, if you don’t count those four months where you two dated, only to realize that you could never be involved in a romantic away again.

The day was amazing. You had went to his old house, saw his mom who you also missed, and watched at least 3 movies, just like you used to do back in the day.

He told you about his life in New York, and about Clary, his girlfriend whom you adored. You, on the other hand, told him about uni and Liam, who he was excited to meet.

The day had been perfect and you couldn’t wait to tell Liam about it. All you wanted now was to go to Liam’s flat and cuddle with him. 

Of course, what you wanted and what you got were two different things.

Once you stepped in Liam’s flat, using the key he gave you in your 6 months birthday, you were thrown back by its appearance.

Liam’s phone was on the ground, the flowers you bought to bring happiness to his place were torn apart and now laid lifeless on the wood floor, the picture of you two had been smacked in the wall and glass was all over the place.

“Liam!” you shouted, scared that something might have happened to him. “Liam, are you okay? What’s going on?” you ran to his room, opening the door to found a very annoyed Liam seating on the bed.

You approached him slowly, not knowing what to expect. Had he done that his own apartment? Why? 

“Please, don’t come close.” He said in a hoarse voice, it sounded like he had been screaming for hours.

You were taken back by this, you heart breaking and your eyes filling with tear.

“W-what? Why?” tears ran down your face and you had never been more confused. “What have I done?”

Saying that was almost a mistake. In the same second, Liam got up, nothing but anger and annoyance in his face. He snapped.

“What have you done? Oh, how about you cheated on me?” he yelled, scaring you. “Everyone told me that you were only with me for fame and I always defended you, only to found out they were right!” he made his way to you and you back out quickly, afraid of what him might do.

“I-i would never.” you sobbed. You didn’t understand how he could thing something like that of you. “I love you, Liam! I would never ever cheated on you. How can you think that?” your sudden gain of confidence making you step forward. You were about to put your hand on his face when he grabbed your wrist, hurting you. 

“Don’t touch me, whore.” he growled and you cried out in pain.

“Y-you a-are hurting me.” you whispered.

His eyes, that were hard before, softened at this and he released you. You wanted to get away from him as soon as possible so you ran out of the door. You could hear his foots following you.

“(Y/N), we are not done here yet!” he exclaimed, frustrated. 

You turn around to face him, anger building up inside you. “Yes, we are! You don’t get to accuse me of things I would never do and call me a whore, Liam. Who the fuck do you thing you are?” you were beyond pissed. “And hurting me? You went beyond the line of right or wrong there. I just never thought that the day would come where I had to be afraid of you.” you were mad, but the pain you were feeling was bigger.

“Well, I’m sorry. But what would you do if you found out your girlfriend were out cheating you the whole day and in top of that, she had been caught by the paparazzi’s?” He yelled, kicking the wall out of frustration.

Suddenly you knew what all of this was about, only making you angrier.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Have you not been listening to me in this past week? All I could talk about was on how I was excited to meet my best friend who now lived across the ocean! I fucking texted you this morning saying I was going to meet him, for God’s sake!” you yelled, launching yourself in his direction, punching his chest. “We” punch “were” punch “out” punch “to buy chocolate not to have a fucking manage” punch.

As if something snapped inside him, Liam grabbed both of your wrists, gently this time and kissed you. You backed away quickly. 

“Oh hell no! You don’t get to kiss me after this!” you were so hurt, frustrated and angry that you couldn’t even fight him when he hugged you.

“I am so terribly sorry, love.” he kept apologizing over and over again. “I forgot about Dylan and when I saw that picture I went nuts.” he said, kissing the top of your head.
Sighing, you backed away a little. “It’s okay, just don’t do this again, okay?” he nodded, promising you. “I was so so scared of what you were going to do, Liam. I don’t ever want to feel like this again, especially around someone I love some much.”

“I love you too, (Y/N).” he whispered. “I’m sorry.”

“Just promise that you won’t do this again. I can’t be with you knowing that you might hurt me every time we fight, especially because we know that if we will be together for a long time, we will fight a lot.” you put your arms around his neck, bringing him close. His was your soft spot. You couldn’t not forgive him.

“I do. I promise, love.” he kissed you and you knew he meant it. “And by the way, we will be together not for a long time, but for ours whole life.” you giggled and reached up to kiss him again.

Although it had its downs, that day was still close to perfect.


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