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23/3/17 I’m working on a physical geography practical write up right now about glaciers and it’s really tricky because I’m not sure how I should be answering the questions! It’s due in at 2pm, and its 10am now so I’m going to knuckle down and get it done. I pressed a flower I picked the other week, and its sitting next to my thermos today. It has the quote that inspired the name for this blog on it! Yesterday I got a helix piercing and went and read the lord of the rings in the gardens, so it was a really nice day, but I didn’t get much work done! xxx emily

me: [spends three years studying world war one, visits the most famous sites of australian battles in world war one, writes 6000 word article on australians in world war one, writes 18000 word thesis on australian soldiers after world war one, does 20-minute drunk history video on australians in world war one]




16/3/17 I just came out of a mock exam for cultural geography. I think it went as well as I expected it to to be honest. I didn’t get as much revision in as I would ave liked, because I was at the quidditch tournament and then over Monday and Tuesday, it was like… though the sun was out there was this black shaft of shadow that surrounded me? I don’t know. For those two days it felt like the only emotion I had was sadness, for no apparent reason. At first I put it down to being drained from the tournament, but I had a lot of sleep and I was eating… who knows. I think it just sort of happens to people. So I took these pictures yesterday when my boyfriend and I went to one of our favourite cafes to do some revision for todays mock and for him to do his computer sciencey stuff, and then I went into papersmiths and there was a dog!!! So I felt a lot better yesterday, and I feel pretty good today. I’m about to do some catch up for my physical lectures, because my emotions at the beginning of this week held me back from going to some. I hope everyone’s having a better time of it than I have recently. It sort of like, I only feel in extremes right now… I dont know. Love you all thank’s for keeping me motivated to work when I’m like this. xxx emily


2/3/17 Its March already! I like this month - its not so cold, it rains a lot and ts the calm before the storm of revision and exam stress! I’m getting in some revision and essay writing today, as well as planning a presentation for my tutorial I’ve got next week with one of my tutorial partners. I lowkey wish I had taken this picture one minute later so it would be exactly noon! My panner this week is really organised and I’m trying to implement some bullet journal techniques for my to do lists. Did everyone have a good pancake day? I made so many and dulce de leche! That’s what is underneath my banana on my toast and I stirred it into my morning coffee it was so yummy. Hope everyone’s having a great day! I am! xxxxx emily

my morning

drive to deakin for one book. no parking spots on the five floors of ticketed parking. park illegally on the roof in the permit-only zone in the rain. run down six flights of stairs in the rain, in high heels. remember where the library is. run up another flight of stairs. run to the library. run downstairs to get the book, still in high heels. run upstairs and spend fifteen minutes sorting out the cross-uni loan with the service desk. run back to the carpark, in high heels, in the rain. run up six flights of stairs, in high heels, in the rain. find car. get in car. no ticket. drive down five ramps and home, in the rain, in one high heel. get home. check masterlist of books.

forgot to check if they had another source i needed.


30.09.16 I can’t believe I forgot to click post! This is my desk at uni in my new room! Do you guys like it? It’s not as nice as my one at home, but I like the bricks. This is my tiny plant too! It needs a name so if you have any ideas comment on this photo and I’ll pick one of your ideas! Happy Halloween! Stay fed xxx emily

provisional titles for essay on cholera - 

“Cholera in 19th Century Europe: You Know Something, John Snow,” or “Cholera in 19th Century Europe: a Systematic Historical Investigation of the Tour d’horizon.”


22.10.16 I’m on my way to see welcome to night vale live in London! Popping back home for a few hours and then heading back into the city. I really love travelling on trains, and this morning the sky is a peachy colour as the mist blurs the tops of trees and church spires. The air is really crisp and I would’ve frozen on the platform if it weren’t for a pumpkin spiced latte. All of the trees are orange, red and yellow, the fields churned up earth after the harvest. I’m reading and taking notes for human geography and listening to aurora, and gore. I’m staying at home for a night and then going back to bristol tomorrow. I’m really excited for night vale!