uni cycle

Seriously, though: if the two-wheeled version, “bi-cycle”, is a “bike”, and the three-wheeled version, “tri-cycle” ,is a “trike”, then logically the one-wheeled version, “mono-cycle”, could indeed be a “mike”. However, some fool went and decided to call the one-wheeled version a “uni-cycle” instead, so following the same principle, the short form ought to be “uke”. Which… hmm.

unboxedtv  asked:

What are you hoping from the Splatoon 2 trailer today?

Well, it’s already out. Didn’t even know we were getting one.

Story mode revealed. Octavio has escaped (revealed in squid sister stories), Marie recruits you to help, multiple weapons in single player, that uni cycle boss looks awesome. Oh, and Callie is probably brainwashed to join Octolings.

Looks all fun, I think. Still not sure if any of this will heavily affect my stories. More than likely not.


Some slideshowy gifs of 1st year 2nd semester Interactive and Augmented places project - concept of a zen-like augmented reality game about the Ouroboros (snake biting its own tail) and the creation of the Universe (a.k.a. “Snake” in Space). The game would be projected on the ceiling of a dark room, and you would chill in a beanbag chair under artificial sky whilst creating your own stars, constellations and galaxies.

theasktherevengeera  asked:

Duude your headcannons are PERFECT! Got any for show pony?

-show pony knows Japanese, Spanish, English, french, and Arabic. Some they picked up while delivering messages and some they learned as a child

-no one knows how show gets glitter, but they have listed tommy, party, the witch, and destorya as their supplier

-show has made it their goals to learn how to use every type of non motorized transportation, so far they have skating and uni-cycling down

-show is the number one source for gossip, not everything is true but all of it is funny

-if you talk to show you are their friend end of story

-show is often the one to push others into wearing weird things. Some, like kobra’s snake boots, are terrible and others, like party’s ribbon outfit, are amazing. But no matter what it’s an adventure for all

-show has made a club consisting of them, kobra, and jet called the helmet heads. Wether or not kobra and jet know of this club is unknown

-show hates being punched but loves watching people get punched

Like always see ya next time and if you want headcanons just ask!


bllb countdown ❃ day 13: favourite adam quote 

It didn’t escape Blue that his slightly accented voice was as nice as his looks. It was all Henrietta sunset: hot front-porch swings and cold iced-tea glasses, cicadas louder than your thoughts. He glanced over his shoulder, then, at the sound of a car on a side street. When he looked back to her, he still wore a wary expression, and Blue saw that this expression — a wrinkle pinched between his eyebrows, mouth tense — was his normal one. It fit his features perfectly, matched up with every line around his mouth and eyes. This Aglionby boy isn’t often happy, she thought.