uni clothes

i mean, yeah, i do have multiple copies of the same pair of jeans, but actually ive just been wearing the same pair for three days. so

@phichit-week day one: free day

(i am healed)


The man-tiger should be proud of his garments. But he should still learn how to wear a belt properly.



- 22 year old university student
- half Japanese/ English (mother is Japanese)
- blood type: B
- hair: brown
- eye color: amber
- gay and already taken *coughs coughs* is a bottom *coughs* 
- friendly, kind, naive, clumsy, sociable, extroverted 
- sensitive, considerate, charming
- speaks English very well 
- likes wolfs/ dogs 
- has two sisters, shares a small apt with an former classmate near his uni

- clothing style: casual, flashy, fashionable (well … supposed to be fashionable but since I dress him up it’s more like… wannabe fashionable LMAOO)
- pretty average body type and smol
- favorite colors: green, orange
- one piercing in each ear

@colorfulwatcher here it is! The Tyler sisters dressed as E.M. Uni and Corn! This was incredibly fun to draw… thanks for the request!

(Also streamed this a little bit, so thanks to everyone who watched that happen haha)

yurochka writes: a compilation

in which i collate all my writing into one easy post that i can edit and reblog from time to time to remind you guys that i write stuff 


(updated!)  a thousand paper suns (wip) || read it on: AO3 || an iwaoi slow-burn, childhood friends to lovers, canon-fill fic || t; canon-compliant

a slow, dumb show || read it on: tumblr / AO3 || iwaoi 5+1 uni!AU; five plus one times that iwaizumi and oikawa end up wearing each other’s clothing || t; uni!AU; fluff, pre-slash, post-canon

a game of you || read it on: tumblr / AO3 || jjseung request by @rainlikestars + the winner of my twitter fic giveaway || nsfw; lingerie; teasing; lap dance

untitled || read it on: tumblr || jjbek blowjobs, added to a post by llyn-on-ice || nsfw; uni!au; alcohol; omc

inadvertent connections || read it on: tumblr / AO3 || victuuri uni!AU in which figure skating nerd victor discovers someone’s wifi is named 3Lu3Lo and needs to know whose it is || pre-relationship

untitled || read it on: tumblr || uni student!yura and professor!otabek continuation || nsfw; open relationship; daddy kink; blowjobs; omc

untitled || read it on: tumblr || mafia!au verse based off @kawaiilo-ren‘s and @llyn-on-ice‘s work || nsfw; mentions of alcohol

untitled || read it on: tumblr || jjbek blowjob, set in their time in canada; added to an ask for kawaiilo-ren || nsfw; underage drinking

untitled || read it on: tumblr || uni student!yura and professor!otabek, in which yura teases his lit professor; added to an ask for kusoyabai || nsfw-ish; implied sexual content

hablar del amor, y defenderlo || read it on: tumblr / AO3 || an otayuri 5+1; or, the five times someone tries to leave, and the one time they both choose to stay; for @rainlikestars || t; hurt/comfort, angst with happy ending; mentions of injury

esto a ti te va a calentar || read it on: tumblr / AO3 || dj otabek and his kitten at the club; for @bunny-banchou || nsfw; semi-public sex; aged-up characters; alcohol; daddy kink; blowjobs; barebacking

sic itur ad astra || read it on: tumblr / AO3 || a magical realism au in which otabek is a moonwalker and yuri is a starchild who falls onto his home; based off art by @chantedeer || g;  scifi/fa

egoista || read it on: tumblr / AO3 || mafia!au verse otayuri (side pairing pliroy) with cover art by bunny-banchou || nsfw; dom/sub play; gun kink; polyamory; hair pulling; aged-up characters

songs out of emptiness || read it on: tumblr / AO3 || a victuuri greek mythology au, in which yuuri is a figure skater and victor is a violinist || m; aftermath of major character death; angst; magical realism; greek mythology; established relationship

recollect me, darling || read it on: tumblr / AO3 || a post-wttm fic (written before the actual content release) in which otabek realizes yura is trouble || nsfw; underage; blowjobs 


otayuri + admitting weaknesses by anon || on tumblr

otayuri + falling snow by @yanumii || on tumblr

otayuri + i’m fine by anon || on tumblr || bonus scene to hablar del amor


to yuuri, from viktor, on a winter morning || on tumblr || a victuuri poem 

for the boy with eyes like a soldier’s || on tumblr || an otayuri poem

to yuuri, from viktor || on tumblr / in text form || in which victor loses what he skates for, and finds it again when he falls in love

i fall out of love with you || on tumblr || an otayuri poem, in which otabek finds he no longer loves the boy with sunshine hair and soldier’s eyes

do not go where i cannot find you || on tumblr || a victuuri poem, or what happens when victor is gone


untitled || on tumblr || in which yuuri does not adjust well to being in st. petersbug

if i could but stay || on tumblr || an otayuri au based on the girl who leapt through time

two of us || on tumblr || an otayuri idea in which otabek and yuri live in parallel worlds that intersect in one, small way


yuri plisetsky one || two || three

in which otabek altin is also yuri plisetsky’s agape || on tumblr


This will be your home starting today so don’t feel like a stranger standing in the door.

7th part of the Ereri uni au. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Eren moved already to Levi’s flat so his university life will start soon!

anonymous asked:

Hey flo i hope you will answer🙏🏻i will go to the university so i need stylish clothes for uni i really need your advice🙏🏻🙏🏻

here’s a list of basics i can’t live without as far as school clothes go! hope it helps xx






Okay, as much as people want to complain about the Clothing Shop Uni, I’ve never seen anyone complain about Hanso.

This guy’s an Ixi. One of these:

Hanso’s got hands.  He’s got feet. He wears boots. He doesn’t care.

Other ixis have to make do with hooves.

Or weird claw-things

Even the centaur ones.

Not Hanso. No, he needs to gesticulate.