uni bag


Those are the things that I bring to university (almost) everyday.

1. My backpack
I found this one at Tk Maxx for 17€ It’s by the brand Custom Deluxe

2. Folder
I only take on folder with me to Uni. In there are papers I still need to read or readings that I need in a lecture.
(If you are wondering, I wrote lyrics on it. It says:“If you never shoot you’ll never know”.)

3. Netbook
Usually, I don’t take it with me but when my exams approach, I work on my course summaries in my free periods.
This is the Asus Transformerbook

4. Notebook
Grid paper. Nothing fancy. The notes that I take during lectures are always messy, so that’s why I use one notebook for everything when I am at uni.
I re write them at home in separate notebooks

5. Journal 1
I use this one for deadlines and to do lists. Sometimes I draw in it as well.

6. Journal 2
Another one? Yes. This is for my creative writing. When I’m on the train I write quite a lot so this one has to be in my bag all the time.

7. Books
Well, not all of those. I like to keep a book in my bag, since I spend a lot of time on the train.
Those are just some examples of the books that I carry with me
(Pride and Prejudice, The Zombie Survival Guide, Tokyo Ghoul)

8. Headphones
Surviving without headphones? Unimaginable. When I’m not hanging out with people, I am ALWAYS wearing headphones.
Those are by Sony but I have no clue what specific model they are.

9. Water
Depending on how long I have to stay at uni, I either carry a smaller or a bigger bottle with me.
In the picture is a refillable, small one.

10. Snacks / Lunch
I’m not a big fan of the lunch you get at the canteen, so I decided to bring my own food with me. (Even if it means that my bag will be really stuffed)
It really depends on the day, whether I bring an actual lunch with me or just a snack. In the picture above is one of my snacks. Cashew and dried cranberries. This lastsme a couple of days.

11. Purse 1
Isn’t this little guy cute?! I found it at Primark for 1€ and it’s been my little change keeper ever since.

12. Purse 2
The important one. All important cards are in here,my student ID and money.

13. Pencil Case
I just got this recently but I am SO in love with it.

14. Deodorant

15. Powerbank
This one is by intenso. My phone battery dies faster than you can say quidditch so this is an essential as well

16. Eyedrops
The air at our library is so awful :( Wearing contacts in there can become a living hell.

17. Blistering plasters
I’ve learnt my lesson. Never without them anymore. N E V E R!

18. Cosmetic Bag
You can’t tell, but it has some sort of Bambi pattern on it :)

19. Sanitizer

20. Face Powder

21. Lipstick I am wearing that day

22. Lip Balm

23. Hand cream

25. Lighter
I don’t smoke but having one on hand is always a good thing

26. 2 in 1 pocket mirror & brush

That’s all I got on me when I am leaving for a day at uni (:.


24.2.16 I finally got a new backpack and I am so happy with my new Fjallraven Kanken! I got the black classic with a student discount. I wrote about it for my jar of good moments! After doing some work on my latest project I went flower shopping today, because my mum had a hospital appointment. Xxx emily 🌿🌹


August 25, 2015 // 9:07 AM // What’s In My Bag

Today is my first day of school and I am so excited! The two classes I have today is Accounting and Statistics. Other than what is in the picture I usually carry with me my iPad mini or laptop but since today is the first day of class, we’ll probably just go over the syllabus. I hope everybody will also have a great day of school and have a great semester!

- jaz

What’s in my school bag

Since I’m just a first year student, I don’t carry a lot of books yet - just printed hand-outs and necessary papers for the subjects I am taking. I use a rucksack for, since I am a medical student, I carry a lot of papers and using a shoulder bag gets my files wrinkled so I just use a rucksack to keep everything organized and neat. 

  • ‌iPad. I just download all my syllabi and powerpoints from my university’s website. It’s less hassle that way.
  • Envelope. I keep my documents and notebooks inside my envelope so as to not get them wrinkled.
  • Umbrella and fan. I never leave the house without an umbrella because I live in a tropical country.
  • a comb and an orange cute purse to keep my make up and hair pins organized.
  • Pencil case
  • Power Bank
  • Wallet and coin purse. I use my coin purse on a daily basis because it’s easier to get it out from my rucksack and it fits my university uniform’s pocket. I put my cards and 1x1, 2x2 photos in my wallet.
  • Perfume
  • Pencil. I use pencil to underline and annotate my books that I bring.
  • Book. I never leave the house without a book. It’s a habit. I’m an introvert and I don’t interact with people unless it’s necessary so I always bring books to accompany me. I read during breaks.

What’s in my Everyday Uni Bag?

Uni Stuff:

A4 folder containing: current assignment work, any lecture slides, any books.

Bullet Journal (Paperchase A5 squared exercise book)

iPad 2 16GB

Skull Candy black ear phones

Ralph Lauren Glasses 

Pencil Case containing: Zebra Mildliners, Papermate Non-stop pencil, Pilot V Ball Grip pen, Bic Medium in Black, 6 inch ruler.

Other Stuff:

The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

Any Lipstick (this happens to be ‘Crosswires’ from MAC)

Concealor - Collection Lasting Perfection

Real Techniques: Contour and Blush brushes (used for neither of those things haha)

Water and Snacks/Lunch

Monki Purse (Bought from ASOS last year - not sure if this is still available!)

Keys and USB stick

iPhone 6 with Sighh Designs case

University ID card (not pictured for security reasons)

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm considering Melbourne University- any advice about the area?

  • This page has a list of really great tips for first year students at unimelb, definitely give it a read
  • Where do you live currently?? Because that sort of effects the advice I should give you…..
  • Everything in Melbourne is expensive, sorry
  • That cliche of “four seasons in one day” is true for Melb, I always keep an umbrella and a jacket in the bottom of uni bag just in case
  • Myki is the public transport card and it’s sort of terrible but it’s much better now than it was. You can top up at train stations but not on trams, although a huge chunk of the city centre has free travel.