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07.01.17 // firstly, happy 150th Canada Day to all my fellow Canadians!! second of all, summer vacation has officially begun so I’ve been binging The K2 and reviewing some bio to prep for uni c: (ft. my new plant!!) 

🎧: can you hear my heart - epik high, lee hi 

John Blanket

Now selling a John Blanket! Inspired by John Watson, on my own design. The blanket is reversible and has a basketweave/boxed pattern down the middle, with cables on the left side and panels on the right!

Why you should buy it: 

  • warm and cosy
  • soft and snuggly
  • reminds you of your favourite army doctor
  • acrylic (no wool allergies! Easy wash! No cotton-shrinking!)
  • supports a struggling uni student


  • lap sized! 33in (84cm) wide.
  • can be machine washed (hand wash/delicate cycle) and dried (delicate cycle). Handwashing is just fine if you love it that much.
  • heavy and snuggly. Nothing near a weighted blanket, but the yarn is thick and the blanket weighs (on estimate) just over one and a half pounds or 760 grams.
  • reversible. No matter which way you turn it, the cables will be on one side with the panels on the other, so both sides are pretty! 

Asking Price - 185 USD. Price breakdown:

  • Yarn - 75 USD
  • Needles - 15 USD
  • Supplies - 5 USD
  • Labour - 90 USD

Considering the hours of work put into this, I’m paying myself well below minimum wage, but this is for several reasons. A) I know the yarn may get fuzzy. Acrylic does that when it’s soft. B) handmade goods are never perfect. And lastly, C) I’m a struggling uni student who can never afford to buy fan merch, so I wanted to make it semi-affordable. 

Paid through Paypal, shipping not included. Please send me a message if you’re interested! 

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what is the difference between trenger and nød? are they interchangeable or do they have different usage?

Hello! c:

They are not interchangeable at all, actually!

“Trenger” is a verb, but “nød” is not – so in other words;;


“å trenge” = “to need”

“Jeg trenger noe.”“I need something.”

“Trenger du hjelp?” - “Do you need help?”


“i nød” = “in need”

“Jeg er i nød.” - “I’m in need.

“Barn i nød.” - “Children in need.” 

Hope that makes sense!! <3

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Shinee as School Teachers 😊

hi bebs! i switched it up and made them college professors instead hope you don’t mind! c: also @taemkitten here’s uni profs for you sweetheart!


  • computer science professor 
  • super chill, will grant extensions no prob as long as he sees that students are trying and not trying to take advantage of his smiley face   
  • brings in those programmable robots that can be coded to go through mazes 
  • sometimes he forgoes the maze and the class does races (”just don’t bet on them bc i will get fired if i inadvertently start a underground robot gambling ring”)  
  • showed a simple smartbot chat in class and kept sending it puns that it did not understand 
  • struggles with projector and sound system


  • sociology/peace&justice professor 
  • lectures about things they don’t teach you in high school like the aftermaths of slavery, japanese internment, feminism and how it’s all rooted in people and social interactions 
  • keeps students up to date with protests happening 
  • when his laptop freezes he jokes that it’s the fbi trying to shut him down 
  • for some reason ALL of his classes are 8:30s and students can visibly see caffeine waking him up as he’s lecturing 
  • super passionate and waves his arms around while talking 
  • never gets to everything he wants to talk about bc he gets sidetracked
  • also no one can ever read his handwriting and if they ask he has to try really hard to read it too 


  • art history professor 
  • unironically wears tweed with elbow pads (”i look good in the prof look ok”) 
  • his syllabus is 17 pages long. which is daunting af but it’s really not as overwhelming as it seems 
  • lectures are interesting bc he’s just so sincere 
  • he’s not afraid to be vulnerable and encourages everyone to be open about how art influences them
  • class field trip to museums!!!! 
  • drives the uni shuttle with art history majors singing showtunes in the back
  • introduces his TAs: mr. comme des and mr. garcons 
  • his slideshows are all prezi bc it’s more aesthetic 


  • film professor 
  • teaches intro to film so it’s mostly watching movies and basic theory but suggests that students make their own shorts to show if they’re comfortable 
  • shows his own first cringeworthy film, awkward acting and all……… it’s the shinee harry potter thing and honestly he’s hiding behind his hands the whole time (onew: “SERIOUSLY WHY CAN’T WE JUST BURY OUR DARK PAST” / minho: “I WANT TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE AND SHOW THAT THINGS TAKE TIME AND PRACTICE” / tae: “YELLING ALSO”) 
  • shows the bee movie in class bc he lost a bet to jong and has to teach a class on it
  • teaches class with a completely straight face like he’s not dying inside talking about mise en scène in the fkin bee movie 


  • theology professor 
  • he knows he looks young so he wears his glasses to look older 
  • knows how to read latin like nbd 
  • when he came into the room the professor rolly chair was really high but he didn’t know how to make it go down so he sat on it with his feet dangling off the ground 
  • can recite passages from the bible from memory
  • doesn’t push his belief on anyone but encourages open conversations about how religion works in the world 
  • bursts into class everyday like “AM I LATE?????”

08.14.17 // yay for math review courtesy of the math department at my uni (this may or may not be helping with my pre-uni stress ;; but glad this exists b/c my math got so rusty over the break) 

also realize many people “reply” to my posts but I don’t often check replies so feel free to send an ask instead, sorry :c

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Hey there! I hope you're doing okay so uhm things aren't going okay with me in the past few weeks I've made my mom sad because of my stupid social anxiety while I'm struggling with uni :c Sorry for just coming here and being like a stupid person but can I ask for a "cute Dan" post please?

I’m sorry you’re having a tough time! Hang in there, alright? In the meantime please enjoy some cute Dans!

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kız ff verirmisin

istemediğin kadar (10 numara 5 yıldız adanada karpuz pariste aşk gibi bloglar takip etmeyenin suratı sivilce dolsun)