aTimeLogger - My New Favourite App

aTimeLogger helps you keep track of exactly where your day is going.

I use it to track how much time I spend on each subject, on the internet, having lie ins etc.

You can then view your day in a log or in a pie chart which shows you your totals for each tracked task.

I find it really helps me get a realistic view of where my time goes - I quite often underestimate the time I spend procrastinating and overestimate the time I spend working.

It also helps me see the biggest time sucks of my day (yesterday’s lie in for example!)

You can even create reports for your entire week, select specifc dates to view etc.

You can also create your own tasks to track and give them cute icons and choose the colour of it so it can even fit in with your current colour coding.

As far as I’m aware, it’s free on Android but paid on iOS (about £2.99), but there is a free older version available for iOS.

Important election PSA for students!

Just because the “students can vote twice” factoid tends to make the rounds whenever we have elections;


Register to vote at your university residence and your home residence

Vote in local elections for both addresses

Vote in whichever constituency you prefer for the general election, regardless of which of the two you’re living at on the day


Vote in BOTH constituencies you’re registered at for the general election

This is really important to have straight because if you vote twice in the general election it’s electoral fraud which is super illegal. 

You're On the Air

You’re On the Air - prettysailorsoldier (20k - mature)

Description: The Consulting Detective and The Woman dominate the airwaves of their university radio station, doling out advice on everything from meeting the parents to sexual positions. When their ratings start to dip before the holidays, however, manager Mike thinks it’s time for some fresh blood, and who better to fill in the gaps than rugby captain–and notorious flirt–John Watson?

Comments: John starts off with his own radio show but eventually people like him and Sherlock together so much that he and Sherlock get a joint show. That means spending a lot of late nights together and getting to know each other. This is a sweet uni AU where it all centres around the radio station. Complete pure, untainted loveliness. 


Latent heat

Cont’d from “Heat capacity

Latent heat is a concept which baffled me for a long time.

If we input a constant amount of energy into a system, we would expect a constant change in temperature. Experimentally, however, this is not constant: We find regions where ΔT = 0.

The following diagram shows a typical graph of temperature vs. energy input. The “phase change” shows the areas of latent heat absorption, where T is not proportional to Q.

(Splung (2015) Latent Heat.


Latency of a thermodynamic system is when there is a transfer of a thermal energy which corresponds to no change in temperature.

Clearly, this goes against intuition because the heat capacity then become infinite – which cannot happen due to the First Law of Thermodynamics (or the Conservation of Energy Principle). Where does the energy go? There must be an additional way that the energy is being used in the system.

As the system undergoes a change of state (i.e. solid to liquid, gas to liquid etc.) this extra energy is transformed into creating or breaking chemical bonds within the material. This is the latent heat.

The conservation of energy of the system is

or, since Etotal = 0 and dQ/dt = constant = Q, we can obtain through rearranging

where Qlatent is zero for ΔT ≠ 0. Note that

since making bonds takes in energy (subtracts it from the system) and breaking bonds releases energy (adds it to the system).

Here’s one of my finished images for my exhibition piece.
It’s based on The Girl With No Hands from Brothers Grimm.

Model: Megan Alice Rainey (rapunzette)  Doesn’t she make a fantastic fairytale character?!

More images to come (and probably another version of this once I’ve been in and spoken to my tutor)


House Spirit - 2nd year final film 

so probably a month later after being bogged down with uni work and then doing absolutely nothing I’ve written another blog post, hopefully I’ll get them coming a bit quicker now but for now please feel free to check this one out and let me know what you think. It’s an overview of what I do this time of year with regards to study and trying to get myself into shape