Pitäiskö mun huolestuu ku oon ateisti ja viime yönä alaston Jeesus ilmesty mun unee (mä yritin kyl suostutella sitä pukee ne verkkarit mitkä se heitti mäkee mut ei se suostunu)?

if uni was more like RuPaul's Drag Race, part 2
  • *me and one other girl still standing on the stage*
  • RuPaul:Flora Fanon. Serena Bhabha. Your discourse left us.. a little underwhelmed. I'm sorry my dears, but you're both up for elimination.
  • *the lights flash as I regret my poorly written essay*
  • RuPaul:Two students stand before me. Ladies, this is your last chance to impress me and save yourself from elimination. The time has come.. for you to critically analyze! For your LIFE!
  • Me:Okay.. well.. consider how in the Star Wars films, the lightsaber is a phallocentric icon both visually and narratively, wielded in the original canon exclusively by men, and passed down patriarchally, establishing that .. in essence.. the lightsabers have become..
  • my opponent, Serena Bhabha:*does a death drop* taking into account the theories of Laura Mulvey in "Visual Pleasure and the Narrative Cinema", this is part of a cinematic tradition that ascribes a masculine identification process upon the viewer, wherein they assert themselves into the film through the journey of a male. thinking back on Lacan and his post-Freudian thought on male castration anxiety, the lightsaber, protruding externally, may even symbolize an extension of the insurmountable and unyielding masculinity of the characters, which adds significance to the scenes where characters have their limbs literally cut off to assure the viewer of their inability to continue wielding a lightsaber
  • me:well, welll.. i mean.. don't you think that's taking it a little far, if-
  • RuPaul:Ladies! I've made my decision. Serena Bhabha, shantay you stay. Flora Fanon.. you'll need to retake this class if you still want the credit. Now.. sashay away.
  • me:thank you for this opportunity... i've learned a lot....
  • me:*to the camera, while writing my lipstick message on the mirror* I don't think I deserved to go home tonight there were girls here with much weaker discourse but ok

M A Y 3 1 

I didn’t have to study a lot today, so I drank a coffe with my mom and read some books I’ve wanted to read for a long time already. Tomorrow I’m finishing my German assignment and probably studying some English! 

- Sunny


1/6/16 | 17:30 It’s the first day of winter and I’m loving it so far. Exam revision is going strong, I’m halfway through chem and about a third of the way through bio, and on schedule! I still have a research essay for intro to law and a primary analysis to submit before the end of next week, which I haven’t started yet, so hopefully I can bring myself to work on them over the weekend.

ig: rewritign

Uni update

Okay so woop woop my friend helped me narrow down my uni choice finally (I was stuck btwn German & Philosophy or German & ab initio another language). She asked the very simple question of ‘which one will benefit your career the most’ and I can’t believe I never asked myself that; so byee philosophy.

And in the future I can always try and do a philosophy degree in a country with no tuition fees…wink wink Germany… if I really want to.

So now I’m stuck deciding what other language to do with German lmfao this’ll be…fun…to decide. I don’t want to do French at uni, I want to keep that as something I learn by myself… so I’ve narrowed it down to about 15+ other languages xD

I’m gonna look for unis with good ‘language schools’ as well i.e. where you can take up languages outside of your degree classes. 

I really want to do Russiann because it seems so interestinggggg but i don’t KNOW i have to get a grip and make a decision within the next few months.