Finally, an introduction - new (ish) studyblr alert!

I’ve been on tumblr for about a month now and so I thought I would actually introduce myself.

I’m Augustina, and I’m 17 years old (18 on August 4th Woop) . I am (hopefully) going to go to university this year to study Mechanical Engineering and then go on to study Materials science as a second masters.

I created a studyblr under the recommendation of my friend, Shannan, because I needed motivation to complete my second year at college, and I have just always loved notetaking and writing my notes. I love this community, where I don’t feel ‘too nerdy’, infact, it’s actually made me love the fact that I study hard and try my hardest in everything I do. I currently do a mixture of BTEC and A Level, and I study BTEC Engineering and A Level Maths (and despite what you’re thinking, I still did well in my GCSE’s I just preferred the practicality of a BTEC), which has proven to be VERY strenuous, but fun, especially because I love maths. Love it.

I’m also hoping to create a studytube/ vlog channel in October for when I go to university, as I think it would be so fun to vlog and document my university experience, so if you have a youtube channel, then send me your link so I can sub! 

Some of my favourite studyblrs are @nehrdist @georgiasstudyblr @happylittlestudyblr @ohlookimstudying @studyign @calmingstudies 

Thank you to all that have given me such a warm welcome in the studyblr community so far, feel free to drop me a message and say hi & reblog this post and I will be sure to follow! 

Foolproof Guide to School Success!

Hi! I just finished my first year of college and I definitely have to credit the studyblr community for all the useful information and tips! I currently closed the year with a 4.0 and don’t plan on stopping!

 In high school I was an ok student but I decided to change all that when I started college. So, whether you’re in high school or college, it’s never late to change and attain academic excellence! So here are my tips! 

Try to get an early start on your day and sit closest to the front as possible. Studies show that sitting in the front of class will improve your grades and knowledge! 

  • A study showed that those who sat in the front achieved an average of 80% while those in the middle achieved an average of 71.6% on their exams. And guess who did even worse.. unfortunately those in the back scored an average of 68.1%
  • Distractions are decreased because there’s no one sitting in front of you, just the lecture which basically forces you to pay attention.
  • This increases the likelihood of your professor getting to know you. Why is that important? Well, in an accounting course I once took, I sat in the front, attended extra tutoring sessions hosted by that instructor, and generally put in extra effort in the class. By the end of the semester everyone was really struggling, over 20 students flunked out, and even my tips weren’t getting me to that A I wanted. Well, because I had established who I was and that I was serious about the class, my instructor bumped my final course grade from an 88% to 93%! She said she noticed the effort I put in so she gave me the grade she thought I deserved

Seriously, sit in the front!! 

Ok, now that you have a good spot in the class, make sure you take great notes! The Cornell notes system is great but do whatever works best for you. 

  • Abbreviate often
  • Date your notes at the top so you can order them chronologically. This will make studying a breeze later on. 
  • Find a color coding system that works for you. Highlight main ideas and vocab. 
  • Find a notebook that works for you. I was lucky enough to score 20 moleskines at my local thrift store at 1 dollar a piece so I’ve been using those. 
  • If you prefer loose leaf paper, buy a bunch and stick it into a flexible binder so you can organize and reorganize your paper. 
  • Use post-its and sticky tabs to add extra info that you might have left out during class. Use sticky tabs to find certain notes faster. 

These are some of my favorite note taking supplies:

  • These Pilot G-Tec pens are some of my favorite pens ever! They are super smooth and the lines are really fine. This 5 pack costs around $11 which is pretty affordable!
  • Mead notebooks are a classic staple. Seriously these are super durable!
  • These sticky post-it tab hybrids work really well for marking a page and highlighting important info. 
  • Mildliners are really nice and the colors are not to bright. A pack runs around $7 and a 3 pack is $15 on Amazon. 

If you want to go the extra mile, retyping up your notes is a great idea. That way your in class notes can be messy and it won’t matter since you’re going to type them up anyway. One Note is awesome for notes. 

I developed my own system for deciding on how I will study and how often I will study. It goes something like this:

Rank your classes in order of difficulty into three sections:

Easy, medium, and hard….

  • Easy classes get one point
  • Medium classes get two points
  • Hard classes get three points 

Is the class math related? ….. add 2 points

Is it science related? …… add 2 points

Is the class a subject that you struggle with? ….. add 3 points

is the class AP? ……… 3 points 

Add up the points for each class. 

Classes with 1-3 points: 

these classes are generally easy and have an easy instructor, contain info you already know, etc. 

These classes get 45 minutes a day in your schedule and minimal studying on weekends. 

Classes with 4-8 points:

These classes might need some more effort so try to…

Set aside an hour a day and 30 minutes on weekends. 

Classes with 9 points and up:

These classes are usually more intense, have daily assignments, have a strict instructor, etc. 

Set 2 hours a day and an hour or more on weekends. Consider going to free tutoring provided by your school, join a study group, or go to your instructor’s office hours. 

Plan your months, weeks, and days in advance! Keep a planner, calendar, or bullet journal. I personally use a bullet journal and keep a calendar printable in each binder I have for my classes. 

  • Include due dates, exam dates, when your rentals are due, etc. 
  • Look at it everyday!!! That way you won’t forget important events. 
  • If you want to, make it pretty! Decorate it with stickers, pictures, polaroids, etc. to make it more personal.
  • If you prefer minimalism, keep a simple planner or bullet journal system.
  • If an electronic system works better for you, go for it! But I’ve noticed that writing it on paper works best! 

Here are some great planners or journals to use:

  • Moleskines are always a great choice! 
  • This hardcover Yoobi journal is comparable to the Moleskine and comes in pretty colors! The price is awesome, each one runs at $6! 
  • Bando makes super pretty and trendy planners. They run from $20 and can get pricey though. It’s definitely worth it though!
  • This Sugar Paper gold polka dot planner is really cute and super affordable!
  • The AT-A-GLANCE planner has a monthly view and daily sections with plenty of room for writing in important dates and decorating with cute stuff! 
  • Kikki K has amazing planners. If you want to splurge consider their stuff. I’ve always wanted one but it’s around the price of a textbook :( 

While Studyblr has so many resources and tips, in case you haven’t noticed, a lot of the pretty pictures use muji pens, staedtler fineliners, and those cute lil’ backpacks. Remember that you have to use supplies that work with you. Here are the essentials to carry with you:

  • Notebooks and binders
  • A sturdy and comfy backpack. I use the Borealis backpack by The North Face on discount. Make sure it has comfortable straps, back support, enough room for all your stuff, and compartments for your food and water bottle. 
  • A phone charger. Keep it in your backpack. My phone has died on me so many times and it sucks, especially if you have to take the bus. Invest in a portable charger.
  • Earbuds are a must, especially if you take public transportation. Also great for when you’re at the library, gym, etc.
  • As previously mentioned, a water bottle and FOOD! Pack a lunch but also have backup snacks like granola bars or nuts. You need food and water for energy.  
  • Keep extra change. You never know when you need it!! 
  • Your planner
  • Pens, pencils, etc. Especially a stapler if you have homework that you regularly turn in!! Its really awk when someone doesn’t have a stapler and everyone in the class doesn’t either..
  • A laptop, seriously a must! Chromebooks are affordable! 

Hope that’s helpful! Looking forward to another year in college and staying in the Studyblr community,