Standard dissertation-is-complete photo 😎. I can’t believe it’s actually done! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to do one and particularly one on a topic so close to my heart. Feeling incredibly blessed 💗

Okay, it is really easy to get discouraged when you’re surrounded by people who don’t need to study to get good grades and you need to revise the notes at least 10 times just to get a gist of what the hell is going on. But let me tell you that that doesn’t measure your intelligence. At all. Just because you have to go an extra mile to achieve the success and grades you want does NOT makes you stupid. Please don’t ever let that discourage you. Don’t ever think to yourself “well they can get an A coz they’re smart” because if they can get an A then, so can you.The only thing stopping you, is you. I know it sounds cliche, but literally if you tell yourself “I can’t do math” you’re not going to be able to, because your brain thinks, “I can’t do maths”. But if you study hard enough, even if you have to study 10x harder than others, you’re exercising the part of your brain that does maths and eventually you will become so great at it. Please don’t ever hold yourself back like that. You can achieve great things, just by having the correct mindset. 

Implicit Differentiation

Implicit differentiation of equations

Cont’d from “Worked examples: Example 2

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A process is followed to implicitly differentiate a function. We’ll start by considering the equation:

a + f(y(x)) = g(x)

Since we have a function of y it is difficult (or impossible depending on the function) to rearrange to be solely in terms of x on the right hand side.

Now, let’s recall what we learnt about the differential operator (see “The Differential Operator” above). To first differentiate any equation we apply the differential operator to both sides of the equation. So, if we do this the equation becomes

d/dx [a + f(y(x))] = d/dx[g(x)]

which represents the first derivative of our original equation. Now, using the summation rule of differentiation, which states that d/dx (f(x) + g(x)) = d/dxf(x) + d/dxg(x), the left hand side (LHS) of the equation becomes

d/dx [a + f(y(x))] = d/dxa + d/dxf(y(x))

and since we know that the derivative of any constant (i.e. something that is independent of x) is zero; d/dxa = 0, Therefore this equation becomes

d/dxf(y(x)) = d/dxg(x).

We can now apply the chain rule to the LHS in the same way we did in example 2, to get

d/dxf(y(x)) = d/dyf(y(x)) d/dxy(x)

which we can substitute back in to the equation to get

dy/dxd/dyf(y) = d/dxg(x)

dy/dx= d/dxg(x) [d/dyf(y)]−1

Again, this is probably best shown with an explicit example (See “Worked examples: Example 3“).


Dearest of all everyone, 
I am very glad to inform you that a google spreadsheet has been created for your convenience. 
It lists out the timmings when will I be online on Skype,( which is the whole day, but still)
My timezone is UTC +5:30
This google spreadsheet offers a section of HOW IT WORKS. 

Feel free to ask me any questions related to it. 

This spread sheet is accessible to everyone with the link. 

The Spreadsheet is weekly (20th-26th April)

Which Lego you should fight
  • Emmet:Despite appearing friendly, this is a tough call. On one hand, Emmet would never hurt a fly. On the other hand, he's a hard working construction worker with unbridled passion. If you catch him off-guard, you'd probably win. Then again, why would you want to fight Emmet?
  • Wyldstyle:She's fast and athletic, so fighting her might not be the best choice. She won't go down without a fight. It's hard to sneak up on her, too. Try not to fight Wyldstyle.
  • Vitruvius:Don't fight Vitruvius. He is blind, but he will mess you up. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
  • Unikitty:If you fight Unikitty, you run the risk of making them cry or making them lose their temper. Either way, it isn't worth it.
  • Bad Cop:Bad Cop is like Wyldstyle, only easier. You'd have a good chance against Bad Cop if he can't call in for support. Fight Bad Cop.
  • Good Cop:Do not fight Good Cop. For your own well being, do not fight Good Cop. You will lose. Good Cop has much more confidence and free will than Bad Cop. Beware Good Cop.
  • Lord Business:Fight Lord Business. He only relies on his drones to do his dirty work for him. Catch him without his resources and you have an easy victory.
  • Batman:I will personally buy you a $37 cup of coffee if you fight Batman.
  • Benny:Do not. Fight. Benny. He's survived with a crack in his helmet for over 8 and a half years. He personally broke the walls between different realms. He dismantled half of a room and built a spaceship with it in less than ten seconds. He embraces the powers of gravity itself. Do not fight Benny. You will lose.
  • Metalbeard:You should fight Metalbeard. He's a big mound of objects that is practically falling apart. He's slow, but he's very hearty. You can't crush his spirit, but you can dismantle him pretty easily.

pawnr asked:

your blog title always makes me laugh because im immature as fuck

did i ever tell you guys the story of how my blog title came to be?

At uni my housemates were very girly romantic kinda girls, and we had the whole ‘LOVE HOPE FRIENDSHIP HOME’ stuff scattered about the house in picture frames or as ornaments, and it’s really not my thing. but then one day when i was up early to go out, i noticed they’d written love happiness hope etc etc on the fridge in drywipe pen. with hearts. and flowers. and stars. i decided i’d had enough of this soppy sensitive atheistic crap and the fact it had spread to the fridge of all places, so i found the pen and wrote on the front of the fridge in a big vertical space:













put the pen down, and then went about my day. it stayed there for the rest of the year. the following year when i made my blog, the incident sprung to mind and it took its rightful place as my title, where it has remained ever since.

embrace your immaturity, friend. i straddle mine on a daily basis.

All dressed up and ready to go out! Left my hair natural because 1) need to stop equating curly hair with ugly and 2) it can sometimes be a great conversation starter. Time to go get drunk and make mistakes #livewhileyoureyoung