Hey friends! Plenty of stores offer great discounts for college students, and all you need is your Student ID! Here’s a list for you:


Arby’s   10% off of your purchase with a valid Student ID 

Burger King    10% off of your total purchase with a valid Student ID

Chick-Fil-A   Free drink with a valid Student ID

Chipotle   Free drink with a valid Student ID

Dairy Queen    10% off of your total purchase with a valid Student ID

Domino’s   Discounts vary by location (I can tell you from personal experience that the one near my college has amazing discounts)

Firehouse Subs   10% off of your order (if your school has a partnership)

Kroger   5% off your purchase off food items

Papa John’s   Discounts vary by location

Pizza Hut   10-20% off of your purchase (depending on location)

Qdoba   $5 student burrito meals

Subway   10% off of your total purchase with a valid Student ID 

Waffle House   10% off of your total purchase with a valid Student ID


Ann Taylor   20% off your purchase will a valid Student ID

ASOS   10% off of your online purchase

Banana Republic  Save 15% off of any in-store purchase when you show your valid student ID

Charlotte Russe  Students can get a 10% discount on all merchandise (at participating locations)

J.Crew   Save 15% off of any in-store purchase when you show your valid student ID

Levi’s   15% off online orders for US students

The Limited   15% off of in-store purchases with a valid Student ID

Medelita   Pre-med and current medical students and residents receive varying discounts


Adobe  Students get a discount on certain software

Apple   Save up to $200 on a new Mac + education pricing on many items

Dell   Students receive discounts on certain products

HP   Students receive education pricing on PCs

Lenovo   Students (and faculty) receive discounts on PCs and laptops

Microsoft   Students can receive Microsoft Office for free 

Norton   Students can receive up to 50% discounts on certain products

Sony   Students can receive up to a 10% discount

Spotify   Students can purchase Spotify premium for $4.99 per month (50% off of the normal price)


AMC Theaters   On Thursdays, students receive discounted movie tickets

Carnegie Hall   Students pay only $10 for select performances

Cinemark   Offers students discounted movie tickets with a valid Student ID

Madame Tussaud’s    Receive 15% off at American locations

Museum of Modern Art, NY   Full-time students at New York universities receive one free admission per visit

Regal Theaters   Discounts vary by location


Eurail   People 25 years old or younger get 35% off of the adult price 

Greyhound   Students can save 20% on travel fares

Rail Europe   Discounts available for people 26 years old or younger

STA   Created to help students find discounts on travel 


Amazon   Free 2 day shipping for 6 months + discounted Amazon Prime

FedEx   Save 30% on documents and 20% on packages

JiffyLube   $10 towards your purchase or 10% off

JoAnn Fabrics   Save 10% on all purchases + 2 coupons (this is for both high school and college students)

Sam’s Club   Sign up for the discounted membership and receive an instant $15 dollar gift card + savings on college supplies

Disclaimer: These discounts may not be available at all locations

Happy Saving! ~Morgan

08 02 2016 • “You’ve been hunting round for treasure, find it all in the simple pleasures. I don’t understand this life you lead.”

Doing some reading and note-taking at Uni ahead of my lecture at 4pm. I went to the gym earlier, and I find that exercising in the morning really helps me maintain focus throughout the rest of the day.

Some tips on how to stay motivated to continue to studying from a book. 

 1) Make a list/table for the day. Every time you finish one page in the book, mark it down. This way you can see your progress, and it makes it a lot easier to continue reading. It can also help you assess how much time you need to read so and so many pages in a certain amount of time. Thus making it easier to make a realistic plan for your day. I have also used post-its/old flashcards to make stacks of paper to have a more physical approach to this “reward system”.

 2) Remove distractions: turn off (internet) your phone/computer/tablet, and just remove them.

 3) Good lighting: its easier to stay awake and less stress on your eyes if you have a good source of light ☀️ 

 4) Get comfy! Make sure that you have everything at arms reach when you start. I like to have water, a cup of tea, earplugs, a scarf and tissues close by when I read. By not having to leave your study spot, you stay in the zone a lot longer 😊 

 5) Adjust your sound level. I personally like to have it quiet when I study, so I use earplugs. But others might prefer music or just some background noise when they study. There are apps (eg. myNoise) and websites that can help you with that here: http://studydiaryofamedstudent.tumblr.com/Studywebstuff

6) Get the right temp. If its too cold or too warm it can be difficult to concentrate. I usually get to cold, so I always keep a sweater and a scarf close by. 

7) Time it! Set an alarm to set timeframes for yourself. It is a lot easier to continue reading if you know that you will have a break eventually. I recommend having a study break every 20-45 minutes. If you read for 20 minutes, take a break for 10 minutes. And if you read for 45 minutes, take at least 15 minutes. I sometimes even have to set an alarm for how long my breaks are, just to get back in the game as fast as possible. 

8) Read with a ruler. It might make it easier for you to read, and keeps your focus.