Visual learners.

I took this quiz and found out I am a visual learner 

Here are some things that visual learners can do to learn better:

  • Sit near the front of the classroom.
  • Have your eyesight checked on a regular basis.
  • Use flashcards to learn new words.
  • Try to visualize things that you hear or things that are read to you.
  • Write down key words, ideas, or instructions.
  • Draw pictures to help explain new concepts and then explain the pictures.
  • Colour code things.
  • Use acronyms to memorize things quickly
  • Draw diagrams, charts and mind maps
  • Avoid distractions during study times.
  • Write things down because you remember them better that way. 
  •  Make study area visually appealing. 
  •  Look at people and professors when they talk.
  •  Most visual learners study better by themselves. 
  • Underline main points in an appealing colour (highlighters, gel pens, etc)
  • Take short but effective breaks
  • Review your underlined/highlighted material after your break.

So in a week’s time my final year report is due in.. I’ve spent 5 weeks on lab experiments and have to write it up..but I have ZERO motivation and it’s worth a large chunk of my final year..I’ve done badly in my exams so need a good grade. PLEASE tell me I’m not the only person to leave things really last minute, including important stuff?! I intend to work on results tomorrow and Friday then start writing it up over the weekend and be done by Tuesday.. ugh

things I’ve learned during my first semester at uni:

  • free food is literally the prime motivator for everyone
  • everybody else is probably just as lost as you are, if not more so
  • don’t get wasted on weeknights 
  • especially don’t do so when there’s gonna be bright lights involved the next day
  • (unless u got no class the nest day in which case go for it live ur life)
  • it is entirely possible to do assignments last minute and get a distinction bullshitting is eternal
  • always check how flexible the word count is for your uni (a tiny bit over or under is fine)
  • skipping class is fine on occasion, but be prepared for the catch up
  • you won’t know everyone’s names
  • literally some people will still be strangers to you even if you’ve been in the same class for twelve weeks
  • citethisforme is bae
  • don’t buy anything bar a pen and a notebook before your first class. just wait for people tell you if you really need that textbook 
  • be aware of every discount and student deal in the area, especially in terms of food because it’s a literal goldmine of savings out there
  • also be aware of any other discounts u can get for anything u need
  • like for real broke life is the only life you’ll know
  • unless of course you’re hella rich
  • joining the stalkerspace page for ur uni is an a+ decision bc there are so many people there and someone will probably help u out with that one random inquiry u got that’s not work taking to the actual uni
[Submission]  A Series of Avoidance and Mixed Messages.

 Title:  A Series of Avoidance and Mixed Messages.

Author: aaliyah67

Length: oneshot

Rating: PG13

Genre: fluff, romance, college au

Summary: Baekhyun gets a new roommate in the form of a tall cute giant and Bakehyun tries his very best to avoid him. But Chanyeol is having none of it 

heres a snippet:

When Baekhyun opened the door, he found himself having to turn his head upwards to meet whoever’s gaze this was. So his initial thought was damn this guy is like a giant. But once Baekhyun had gotten over this initial shock, the twist in his stomach gradually transformed into something more light, and he suddenly felt dizzy when he made eye contact. The guy staring back at him had piercing brown eyes, soft lips, a cute button nose, elfish ears and a mass of silver curls atop his head. In short, he was incredibly good looking. And suddenly this stranger was grinning and it was all Baekhyun could do not to faint right there.

Reason for submitting: its actually a fic i wrote and its my first so i would really like the support if you can offer it :)

Yes, of course you have my support! It’s important when you first start :)


• Almost locked myself out of the house but I didn’t, yay!

• 2/5 exams down. Also found out I got a distinction in one of my courses that was all hectic physics and chemistry yay, the others I won’t know until next month

• Today I was more confident than I expected. Im glad I’ve figured out how to study in my old age 👵🏻 It was a lab exam and one of them had hairy balls and I was like, off allll the specimens they could have chosen….

• Now to relax and socialise before work the next 4 days and then a trip to Sydney! 💁🏻

Na verdade eu só continuei caminhando. A gente sempre acha que nunca vai passar, que aquele zumbido no ouvido nunca vai cessar, mas cessa. Uma hora as coisas ruins também chegam ao fim. Eu já quebrei muito a cara pra chegar até aqui, mas desistir só porque está doendo, seria burrice.
—  Ciceero M.