September Calendar // a printable by thearialligraphyproject

Links for download:
Option #1: Standard Calendar Layout
Option #2: List Layout + Goals for the Month

I will release a calendar available for download every month! I hope this printable and the ones to come will be useful for you! And if you ever post a picture using this printable, I hope you can tag thearialligraphyproject or mention my blog so I can reblog it!

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Included Planner Pages:

  • Semester Overview
  • Course Information Sheets
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  • Goal-Oriented Monthly Spreads
  • The “Get It Done” Weekly Spreads
  • Monthly and Semester Reflections

Included Inserts and Bonus Pages:

  • Exam Prep Evaluation Inserts
  • Rainbow Daily Page Inserts
  • Extra Notes Sheets

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– Melissa (hexaneandheels)

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Omg 8K Followers!

OMG 8 thousand people follow my blog? Thats crazyy, since last year started out with about 30 haha 

Im really glad I changed my blog to a studyblr/fitblr/ just inspiring and motivating others to be better and it has changed my life too. 

It really changes your perspective of life, and in changing your thoughts, your decisions change too, and thus, you become more positive and do bigger and better things. I went from being a negative person, feeling left out in high school and unmotivated to do anything, expecting a perfect life to come to me served on a plate. But that is not the case. 

I have learned that if you want something, you have to go get it. Don’t listen or care about what anyone else thinks, and just work hard on your own. 

THIS. THIS changed my life. 


If you want a certain kind of life, you are responsible for making it so. I want to thank the Tumblr community for exisiting and supporting each other. Being an introvert, I used to just stay in my room, read fiction books, and ignore the world. I didn’t know anything about taking care of myself, physically, mentally, or emotionally. My parents were always working and I barely saw them. At school, I only had 2 friends and was mostly on my own. I had to research colleges, read books about colleges, and I had to figure out the whole process by myself. My parents were immigrants to the US, and thus had no idea what the SAT was, or anything else. 

 I was pretty sad/ angry because I was on my own all the time throughout middle and high school. I was angry at my parents and blamed them for not being like the rest of the kids at my school, and for not being able to buy things so I could ‘fit in.’ 

When I went to college, I decided to make a Tumblr, see a bunch of pretty pictures whenever I got bored, and use it to pass time.

But time passed and I saw a “Studyblr /Motivating” community and slowly started to change my negative thoughts into positive thoughts. I became more open, as silly as it sounds, because I was learning more about being happy and having the life I wanted. I stopped blaming my past and decided to work in the present so that I could have the life that I wanted in the future. I wanted a say in how I was going to live. And I decided to reach out. 

I made more friends. I had more experiences. I have had several internships, getting me closer to my dreams. I have had many jobs, making some side money to support myself and take care of myself. But most importantly, I have started to care about my happiness in the present moment. I thought that one day, someone was going to ‘give’ me my perfect life that I read about in my books. 

But I learned, you have to be your own hero, and save yourself, because you have to care about yourself first. You have to care about your dreams. You have to try as hard as you can, to make them come true because no one else will care as much as you do. This is your life. YOU have to make decisions to change, and YOU have to follow through with those decisions. And when you do, wonderful things will happen, I promise you. Please, if you see this, stay strong. People go through tough times, but it will get better, and then you will look back and say I made it. I know, because I made it. And looking back on that depressed 16 year old self, I have so much love and so much amazement at how she hated life, but went on with it anyway. She kept waking up every morning, and she kept going. If you’re going through hell, keep going. Keep on trying, every day and you will see the sun at the end of the tunnel and look back, and say “I MADE IT”. 

I’m looking back now, and I say, “I made it. This is it. This is the life I’ve always dreamed about. I tried, and my hard work paid off. And I will try and try, day after day, to go forward, little by little, to keep my happiness a priority.”

Love always,