Things I've learned from my time as an undergrad

1. It is absolutely fine to skip lectures that don’t require attendance, especially if it means you’ll be getting extra sleep. However, it is imperative that you catch up on those lectures by either watching them online or by doing extra revision at home.

2. Stay on top of your assignments and homework. Try to get as much done as soon as you can, that way you’ll have more time to review your work, and should unforeseen circumstances arise, you have either already done the assignment, or have time to finish it off.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for extensions. It is much better to have extra time that is authorised by the uni do your assignment, than it is to hand it in late and lose marks, or not hand it in at all.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for help for your assignments either. I honestly wish I’d asked for help during my first three years, and I don’t know why I didn’t. Don’t be afraid to look stupid, because you won’t.

5. Google Scholar will be your best friend.

6. Make sure you can back up your evidence, and try to avoid simply rephrasing the results of the study. Explain them, elaborate. Critically analyse the results. What do those results mean? What are the implications? There is always a need for further research, so make sure you touch on that.

7. When searching for articles, read the abstract only. It’s much more concise and can quickly tell you whether or not the article is relevant.

8. Don’t plagiarise. Seriously. Don’t do it. Don’t even attempt to cheat your way through, because if you get caught, it’s all over red rover.

9. Don’t listen to Tumblr when they tell you to ‘increase’ your word count by adding extra spaces or changing the font size etc. It won’t work. They are university professors for a reason.

Soooo. Yesterday I got the news that my bachelor thesis was good enough. So I guess I’m graduated??? Like… from uni? this is so weird. It feels so weird, mostly because I thought I needed to revise my thesis! I think the news hasn’t totally sunk in yet…

28 Maggio 2015

Oggi sono stata a quella stupida riunione che non ha fatto altro che farmi perdere tempo.
Il pomeriggio per fortuna sono andata a prendermi un bel gelato con il mio ragazzo.

Ora sono indecisa se andare in università domani con gli occhiali oppure no. Che non ho grande sbatti di mettermi le lenti, ma poi stare anche la sera con gli occhiali non mi va.
Che difficoltà la vita oh.

Poi domani devo uscire con la mia solita amica R. E in realtà mi ha un po’ costretta perché ha insistito di brutto e io volevo stare a casa a studiare. Ma pazienza. L'importante é che io non abbia mai impegni e che non mi permetta mai di dire di no mentre gli altri possono fare quel cazzo che gli pare. Vabbene oh.

La gente si sveglia per uscire sempre quando non posso io madonna. Anche la mia amica A. (non A. dell'uni) oggi mi ha chiesto di uscire ed é tipo la prima volta in vita sua che prende l'iniziativa per qualcosa.

E io voglio solo piangere che ho un esame di merda da dare.

i’m so pleased with how second year turned out. i had a terrible time in the first semester as i was living with a girl who made my life so bad, my mental health was in the worst condition during those few months, and recently i’ve been feeling very down and i’ve been constantly suffering from bad asthma. i still managed to get a first with grades like 82, 78, 74, 72, 68, 68, 71, 72, 76 which makes me super chuft as i try really hard and prioritise my studies and i love my course a lot and everything we learn has been a joy!! i’m just quite pleased with myself i deserve a pat on the back for sticking in there and not quitting when times got rly tough for me