5.2.16 Making a sims version of my project counts, right? I’m wearing glittery socks today and doing so much work I’m surprising myself! The ‘forest’ app and the 'fabulous’ app are such lifesavers. Xxx emily

4.2.2016 // 10/100

In Starbucks once again going over my women in American history notes. It’s actually really interesting, and refreshing to get a different perspective and view on history. It’s a nice relaxing class, and the professor makes it really interesting even without power point. Then I did some biology review because lecture was rather dull. 📖 Once I got home I did some reading and completed some homework. Excited to discuss some social issues tomorrow in my sociology discussion class. I’m loving that class so far. Hope you all had a very nice productive Thursday, so that your Friday’s can be even better! I personally favor Mondays over Thursday’s because it’s so close to the weekend, yet there is still one more day you have to deal with.💯✔️📚

5/02/2016 - I’m pretty pleased with my bullet journal. I feel like I’ve finally found a weekly/daily spread that work perfectly for what I need. Also, my application for a intensive French summer programme in le Mans is almost done. Now I just need to finish that for the day and do some readings for a seminar on Tuesday and I’m done. Life’s good when you’re on top of all your uni work.


Had such a great day today, got accepted for my year abroad in Istanbul, and saw an amazing production of a midsummers nights dream, this year is turning out to be the best ever 🌞🌿

The importance of stupidity in scientific research | Journal of Cell Science

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned researcher, regardless of the field you’re working in, I highly recommend this article (it’s short, I promise!) by Martin A. Schwartz. Research is hard. It’s supposed to be.

I remember the day when Henry Taube (who won the Nobel Prize two years later) told me he didn’t know how to solve the problem I was having in his area. I was a third-year graduate student and I figured that Taube knew about 1000 times more than I did (conservative estimate). If he didn’t have the answer, nobody did.

That’s when it hit me: nobody did. That’s why it was a research problem. And being my research problem, it was up to me to solve.


So, @canadad and I are starting a band. @ouzhasnaya is our manager. It’s called Snail Massacre and our first singles will include “Empty Box”, “ Leather Jacket” and “Deer Whisperer”. The genre is what some would describe as “ So Fucking Indie”. Buy our EP by placing money on the ground and saying a silent prayer hoping that we’ll get it.

Saturday 30/1

Yesterday was spent in the Malmö city library studying and today will be spent studying as well. I’ve had a rough week so I really needed the weekend, I’m celebrating by partying with my friends tonight ✨✨


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Photo from 01 February 2016: I accidentally set up my alarm for a normal school day (four am 😩) because I thought I had classes. So here I am, munching on some cereal and finishing my paper for experimental psychology at six in the morning. 👌 #letsdothis