One of the most significant Etruscan discoveries in decades names female goddess Uni

Archaeologists translating a very rare inscription on an ancient Etruscan temple stone have discovered the name Uni – an important female goddess.

The discovery indicates that Uni – a divinity of fertility and possibly a mother goddess at this particular place – may have been the titular deity worshipped at the sanctuary of Poggio Colla, a key settlement in Italy for the ancient Etruscan civilization.

The mention is part of a sacred text that is possibly the longest such Etruscan inscription ever discovered on stone, said archaeologist Gregory Warden, professor emeritus at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, main sponsor of the archaeological dig.

Scientists on the research discovered the ancient stone embedded as part of a temple wall at Poggio Colla, a dig where many other Etruscan objects have been found, including a ceramic fragment with the earliest birth scene in European art. That object reinforces the interpretation of a fertility cult at Poggio Colla, Warden said. Read more.

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Trying to catch up on all of my readings today, especially the really tedious ones like Business Statistics!
Haven’t had the best week and it’s been really stressful so motivating myself to study hasn’t been easy, but I’m going to cut down on my coursework so hopefully that helps! Doing the three most difficult core commerce units at the same time was not the greatest idea

Some old-ish Neopets doodles I found while organising my drawings folder. First is that Tyrannian Grarrl I was never able to get due to a lack of space, second is my Snot Uni whose on-site name is Paint_Horse but is referred to as Gregory.

How To Study Smart

Pulling off all-nighters or cramming is no stranger to us. However, these study styles aren’t actually efficient in eating those chunks of information we need to pass our tests.

1. Distributed practice. Or basically have planned study sessions in chunks. Studies show that you best encode information in repeated short training sessions. This is because repeated short training sessions, spaced in time, engage multiple sets of synapses. It’s as if your brain is working at full power. So yes, if you want to become a successful student then you need to learn to be consistent in your studies and to have regular, yet shorter, study periods.

2. Use flashcards. Flashcards engage in “active recall”. In other words, you are attempting to remember the concept from scratch rather than simply staring at the passage in your textbook or recognizing it on a multiple choice quiz.

3. Sleep. While drinking and eating are indispensable requisites, sleeping is just as important. Even a brief nap may boost learning, memory, and creative problem solving. Though napping isn’t a shortcut to success, it can help improve your memory and solve problems. Sleeping well at night, and long enough, is associated with good health.

4. Teach what you’ve learned. When you teach what you’ve learned, your brain organizes the information and lets you recall the materials you’ve read. If you can’t find someone to teach, then imagine yourself teaching someone. You can even use a stuffed toy if you have no one to teach.

5. Practice testing. Practice testing helps you prepare yourself from questions that may or may not appear on the test. Furthermore, it helps you remember the materials you’ve read while practicing.

6. Have a study spot. Make sure your designated study spot has everything you need: books, notebooks, highlighters, and pens. This helps you prime your brain for study sessions.

+ How To Be Productive
++ Public Speaking: Extemporaneous Speaking

I started making my own masterpost of links for personal use back in November, and I ended up collecting enough links that had to be split into multiple posts! So, as a result, this masterpost entails everything college related, including applying, dorms, exams/finals and more (I would add a lot more, but Tumblr won’t allow me). If I repeated any links or if the links are dead, please tell me and I’ll fix it up as soon as I can! Or, if I’ve included your post and you’d like me to remove it, please tell me and I’ll do so immediately. Otherwise, hopefully this helps anyone who needs it!

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