Photo from 06 July 2015: Another early morning study session! (I just realized that I am not as enthusiastic as this when it comes to my 07:30 am classes)

P.S. I’m really loving the cover of my binded reviewers. I just finished archiving most of my school files and I plan to have them ring binded like the one in the photo. Goodbye boring, plain paper! Hello cute covers that I actually want to look at!

Photo credit: Seamless flower pattern by DaryaGribovskaya


July 5, 2015 // 4:12 PM

Today my sister and I went on a stationary adventure to the very few Asian stationary stores where we live. She’s going back to school soon and I have two more months. Hopefully, I will be able to upload our haul tomorrow or at least within the week. 

The amazing thing is that this store has existed for years and we have never ever heard of it until recently. We also went to another store but we were not allowed to take pictures.

Have a great day guys! 

- Jaz


So, my first year of university studies is over.
I managed to take 6/8 exams and my average grade is 29/30. I failed an exam (Russian morphology), which I’m going to re-take in September, and I put another one (Contemporary history) off to November. I’m actually thinking of opting for Medieval History instead, because I probably like it more than the Contemporary one, though I’m not sure.

Next year will start at the end of September, and my new classes will be:
- Germanic Philology
- English language 2
- English literature 1
- Anglo-american literature
- Russian language 2 (though I’m thinking of changing my second language to German!)
- Russian literature 1 (same)
- Economics

So now I think I’ll rest for a week or two before I get back to my Russian books and stuff, and in the meantime I’ll keep studying German (I really really like it!).

IB Done

39 points are mine! 
If I got one more mark in TOK it’d be 40 so I might get that remarked, and it’s now time to figure out what to do with my next year! Thinking of travelling, but if I go on a Raleigh International trip this September it’ll make re-applying to uni a little difficult. Also hoping to spend a fairly long period of time in France, so if anyone has any recommendations of what to do (au pairing, places to go etc) please let me know :)

I love the line from Holy Spirit that says, “Let us become more aware of your presence.” A lot of times we look around and become discouraged because we do not see God. Most people today want a see it, feel it kind of religion. The problem with that is that my Jesus is not here to please us but instead we should be aiming to please him. If God told you every detail of your future, if he was physically present in your every situation you would never truly need him. The absence of Gods physical presence only requires us to need him even more. Walking with Jesus is a faith walk and if God was so evident in everything then you would not need to have faith. God is with you, at all times, whether you physically feel him or not but never lack faith beloved. Seek Jesus in everything that you do and ask God to open your eyes to Him. Do not be a lukewarm Christian who seeks the see it, feel it religion yet instead seek the riches of simply just KNOWING Jesus.

Some of you have requested that I show you my note taking technique. This is in no way a proven technique, but it really works for me and many of my professors have applauded my structure. So try it, and if you like it and it works for you, great! If not, I commend you on having a more structured system! These are my general rules when I take notes:

1. Leave space. A lot of space.
While going through previous notes, whether it be right after class or a month later, I always found that I had information that I wanted to add, and cramped pages never allowed for that. Plus, it’s a bit less daunting on the eyes when there is some room between ideas. I do realize that this is not very eco-friendly, but hey! 

2. Use the margins in a smart way.
I have developed a “legend” of symbols to draw in the margins so that when I need a quick scan of what pages in the textbooks I referenced or vocab, I can find what I need easily. It might not seem useful on this one page, but when you have a whole 3″ binder full of notes, it’s a blessing.

3. Write on one side of the page.
Again, not a eco-friendly option. However, I’m sure there are those of you (my past self included) who have wished you just had another page to write down book notes or additional thoughts without having to get a fresh paper. This solves that! 

4. Make it pretty later.
I know this page is visually appealing, but keep in mind that I was in my nice warm room by myself and listening to music while writing this. My notes straight out of class aren’t color coded and they definitely don’t have cute little decorations on them; just get the information down, worry about aesthetics later.

5. Put yourself in the classroom.
You might think: “but I’m physically in the room what the hell are you talking about”. The concept is weird but it works. I always try everything I can to make sure I place as many visual cues in my notes as I can so that when I look back on them later I remember exactly where I was and what was happening. Are you not paying attention and thinking of food? Write it down. Did someone fart? Write it down. Placing yourself in the room is the most beneficial thing you can do for future you.

6. Keep it short.
I can’t tell you how many times I freaked out when I first got to college because I was trying to write everything down. I was certain I was going to miss something. WELL HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU. You aren’t going to miss anything if you keep your bullets to a minimum of one sentence. It’s proven that short phrases in your own words help memory better than full sentences that the professor gives you. 

Finally, make it yours. This is a system that works for me because my brain is weird and can’t take notes the Cornell or outline way. The most important thing to learn in school is your own flow of things. Experiment, be creative! I hope I have helped those of you who aren’t traditional learners realize that there isn’t just one way to process information. If any of you have any questions or need specific examples, let me know! (I realize there is a typo on this but hey don’t worry about it) 🙈