first i add to this list lots of people then i think ; “The people i added here, they’re caring me?” -no ,“ then i think ; why am i adding them ? ; They don’t care me why am  i caring them so ? ; I just add the people who cares me ; I’M THANKFUL FOR THEY, so i make a follow2011 and put my idol on it(HeMo<3) . Because they’re good ; they don’t care i’m popular or my graphics gets millions of notes etc. LOVE YOU GUYS.

blakesheart - unholyquinntana - quinngron - overstreetchords - teddystinson - riverstreet - adore-agron

I saw everyone doing this, so this is just a small list of the amazing blogs that I have enjoyed on my dash this year. These people make the world a better place.

surprisinglysuavekoala - unholyquinntana - damnthatmotherchuckerr - colfertheninja - hysterical-blindness - live-it-out - felldowntherabbithole

if SOPA things happen i’ll miss ; Johara and Lisanne most. Then i’ll miss all my followers. But i won’t miss people who are pretending like they’re the best people on the world because of they have a lots of followers. 

quinnlopez  asked:


  • favorite male character: sam or kurt
  • favorite female character: rachel berry
  • least favorite character: blaine
  • prettiest character: quinn
  • funniest character: kurt (i love him okay)
  • favorite season: one
  • favorite episode: new york was good for me but there are so many
  • favorite romantic ship: faberry
  • favorite family ship: furt? idk
  • favorite friend ship: hummelberry
  • worst ship: klaine (just because i don’t like blaine lol)