unholy three

  • What she says: I'm okay.
  • What she's thinking: Junji Ito would've worked on Silent Hills. With Kojima and del Torro. Those three, the unholy trinity, could have made a game that would not have only completely revitalized the Silent Hill franchise but also revolutionize horror games, no, the entire gaming industry itself. Silent Hills could have been a masterpiece to last the ages, a true high point in gaming not see in years. And Konami, fucking shit Konami, decided to be petty little shits cutting all ties with Kojima and destroy the most beautiful thing that they've even begun to create in so long to make fucking pachinko machines instead. Pachinko machines. Instead of art. I'm crying and screaming and I will never be okay.

there always has been and always will be a special place in my heart for these three ladies. | #unholy trinity 


glitter-clams  asked:

Missed opportunity on MGM or Universal's part: A movie where Lon Chaney plays everyone. Everyone. No other actors. Just Lon. Man, women, adults, children, babies... All Lon. (Funny thing is I think he'd pull it off)

Honestly, after seeing The Unholy Three, I have literally no doubt in my mind that he could do it, no sweat. He was just that talented, he could’ve masqueraded as damn well anyone!